Nearly 3 Years Later, Nintendo Switch Has Officially Released In China

Nearly 3 Years Later, Nintendo Switch Has Officially Released In China

This video is brought to you by NordVPN – get
81% off via the link below. Yesterday finally saw the Nintendo Switch
officially released in China – marking the first time for a Nintendo console to release
in the region since China’s 10 year long ban on gaming consoles was lifted in 2014. To bring the console to the Chinese market,
Nintendo has partnered with China’s biggest game publisher Tencent to distribute the Switch
in the region. Tencent will handle the distribution and will
be bringing cloud services and servers for the Switch’s online platform. The Switch’s eShop store will also use Tencent’s
WeChat payment system. Tencent will also be localizing Nintendo’s
games into Simplified Chinese, although currently the Switch has gone on sale in China with
only one game available for purchase, this being New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe. A big barrier that publishers face in China
is needing to get games approved by the Chinese government before release and this is something
that Tencent will be working with the government on. The approval process is notorious for long
backlogs of games seeking approval and its strict censorship rules for game content. Tencent’s very own Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds
made headlines earlier in the year when it was released in China under the name Game
For Peace and featuring numerous changes from the overseas versions. Changes include the insertion of various Chinese
messages and themes and changing it so that instead of being the last player alive wins,
it’s instead just a friendly competition where nobody gets hurt and instead of dying,
defeated players will lay their weapons on the floor, sit down and wave in surrender. Despite these troubles, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
and Super Mario Odyssey are slated to be releasing over the next few weeks, with other titles,
such as Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, announced to be coming at a later date. There are also plans to work with popular
3rd party studies and have their games officially released in the region as well. The console is being launched at the US equivalent
price of 300 dollars and games priced at 42 dollars. What are your thoughts on the Switch launch
in China? As always, please let us know your thoughts
in the comments below and make sure to subscribe to see more videos on regional differences
in games. Until next time, thank you for watching.

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  1. This is extremely concerning. There's no way the CCP's censorship won't metastasize out into other regions

  2. China players are cheering the moment

  3. This means more games getting globally censored.

  4. Oh boy. Let's see the hilarious ways that the Chinese government will change these games.

  5. Would it be possible for Smash Ultimate to be released in China?

  6. so China is going to "pirate" Switch?

  7. Is China becoming less communist and dictator?

  8. Cappy was changed cause he was too scary for children

  9. China just banned all american technology…LOL nintedo and any other gaming company will fail. The chinese will pirate the games like always instead of getting censored versions. Nintedo needs to focus on online features. But in the end much like the Tokyo marage sessions game games from Nintendo will only get censored. This will cause many devs to go to another sony or even xbox. ..but probably sony since xbox wants all their games to be online mutiplayer experiences

  10. And when Nintendo goes Blizzard on our ass (or even remotely similar to Blizzard or even whatever Sony and Microsoft are doing in the west for little braindead snowflakes), i will gladly say good-bye to it.

  11. They will never allow katana ZERO lol

  12. Oof China just keeps showing its ugly head.

    Normally i want China to invade the AAA market to force crash but this wont help in the slightest.

    Probs after this you cant even count on Nintendo for Low Key uncensored content on switch(3rd games anyway….. Most of the time)

  13. They better not be boot licking

  14. China is awful with it's censorship… China finally got their Nintendo Switch

  15. Everyone change your tag to Tiannamin Square

  16. Now if only China can get some democracy they truly be happy ❤

  17. Hopefully this doesn't effect their games

  18. And god said “let anyone who lives in China suffer”

    Seriously though, I can’t believe there was such a long ban on video games in China.

  19. [This comment has been removed by TENCENT]

  20. Can’t wait for them to release a red one, so I can put some pretty yellow stars on it…

  21. The only reason Im happy it finally launched there is because of a larger install base overall

  22. Nintendo can expect the Chinese government to work with Tencent to help them reverse engineer the Switch and steal the software and other Nintendo R&D and then give it to a China based organization to create their own game consoles to help China. Great job Nintendo!

  23. Has it been 3 years already wow

  24. R.I.P. Nintendo if they go back to Wii U censorship levels for Nintendo Switch all because of China…

  25. Make sure you rack up those social credit points so you can purchase your Switch without any deductions!

  26. Fuuuuuuuck noooo i can see all the games getting censored to hell now. Give it a few months and a switch knockoff incoming

  27. Hardcore gamers in China won't really care for it; they're all PC gamers over there.

  28. China censorship of winnie the pooh in kh3 still hilarious

  29. Why do so many asians use the same orange hair dye?

  30. I don't know why but i'm happy for them…….. I'm jockin'. That's bad. Japan relly on Chinese market to sell their products. As they produce games for release in China in mind, they will censor more games.

  31. Next thing you know BOTW is banned in China for depicting a chosen hero rising up against a tyrannical leader.

  32. Taking a fruit off your boyfriend's plate ? – 10 points off your social credit.

  33. China: finely we dont need to make shitty knock off console now we now have the switch

  34. Now it will be the most selling console on the world

  35. America is about to be the new china bending the knee to sjws and shit

  36. Now game companies will censor and cripple games for the Chinese market and the world will suffer. Chinese companies will rip-off games. They all pirate everything anyways.

  37. Very concerned how Nintendo will bend to China governments will. The question is not whether or not the censorship will spill over, but much of it will.

  38. 3rd strike China theme niiiice

  39. I love how you make a point in under 1000000 minutes unlike other creators on this platform.

  40. I won't lie if somehow China get a more powerful switch first I will be a little bit more than pissed.

  41. Just don't let them influence content in games outside of china

  42. The market is going to explode with more games. No idea what genre, though. What do Chinese like ? Is there a general genre they enjoy ? Like Japanese and cutesy animesque JRPGs and Americans with their shooters (hey, not me who said it – Jokima did, blame him if you have a problem with this statement) ?

  43. China is boned if the world become zombie apocalypse.

  44. 3 Years later, Switch has China release… and it STILL isn't on sale.

  45. Game for Peace? yea sure

  46. I can't wait to see how China will hilariously censor these games (as much as I am glad that the Switch is finally released over there)! XD

  47. While I do believe that all companies should do business in whatever country they want, I'm not sure if selling consoles within China is in Nintendo's best interest. I'm not a business expert but Chinese companies are infamous for not respecting copyright or intellectual property. Maybe game companies see this as a way to reduce piracy if customers buy their goods but most Chinese consumers weren't offered any incentive to buy most video games officially. ESPECIALLY if the government censors the legal versions.

    Then there's the probability that Nintendo may or may not censor their own games globally to reduce cost. That's another can of worms.

  48. huzzah! more censorship for us gamers! /s

  49. Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild…really? Will Moblin skeletons be replaced with straw men?

  50. I read an article on my Nintendo news that this chinese switch console is region lock, and it's the first time I didn't know that.

  51. I see this product failing in China, similarly how the 3ds was released there, yet only two titles were released for the Ique 3ds.

  52. Well if people didn't think Switch would not sell 100 million units, this just increased the odds!

  53. Boonie Bears game on the way

  54. Well some exclusives are planeed somthing you forgot to mention and the thing has an weird region lock

  55. China is communist cancer, and this means Nintendo is supporting Cancer… ?????

  56. I want hellfire over China

  57. I can't help but be reminded of that south park episode again =/

    not really directly related but

  58. Do you think that the new Pokemon Morepeko will be censored due to it's resemblance to certain leader who already doesn't like being compared to Winnie the Pooh?

  59. China full of NPCs

  60. As long as nintendo doesn't bend over to make every game china-friendly outside of china… yeah, I'm waiting for the switch to drop to $120, nintendo is going to do exactly that. I hope I'm wrong.

  61. I been to china they been selling knock off switch handhelds that look just like the original for over 2 years now ?‍♂️ so this is gonna make probably more problems than good.

  62. Hmmm no. I like having variety and not something China censors. This is bullshit. Did we not learn anything from South Park. Hell no! I will not buy a single game when this shit happens to everyone

  63. I mean… Switches have been available for literally years in china. It's incredibly easy to get one and there are plenty games available from release. All this is, is downloaded versions of games being available and main retailers being able to sell them.

  64. RIP Nintendo Will Start Censoring games
    i wait smt v play it and then sell switch no trust nintendo

  65. They didn't miss much.

  66. I fail to see the point of bringing the Switch over to China if the Government restricts how much time you are even allowed to play video games.

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