Neptune EURO OX от YINHE (Milkyway) – обзор длинных шипов, великолепных в защите

Neptune EURO OX от YINHE (Milkyway) – обзор длинных шипов, великолепных в защите

We have just tried Neptune
EURO OX on Off- carbon blade, which is called Ultra Carbon. What may I say about blocks with Neptune EURO OX It is wonderful. Underspin is good either. Especially, if not to block,
but chop block, it’s quite heavy. At that, the ball is very low,
aggressive, the return is in high tempo. After jumping off the ball doesn’t
stop, but move forward, and has low trajectory, so the block is quite disruptive for the opponent. At that, it has very high control. So, we have tried blocks on
Neptune Euro OX on different blades, and this rubber with this
element shows itself quite well. Surprisingly, though the pips
have the high friction, and you may even add the backspin while chopping no-spin balls usually long pips with such strong friction are
not excellent at blocks near the table. But Neptune Euro, despite all these,
is quite good at blocks near the table. Even on fast blades. Even on Off+. This rubber is good on such blades at blocks. As for chops with Neptune
Euro OX on blade Long 8S. I may say that chops are very aggressive. Underspin is very strong, superheavy one. They mostly fly toward
the edge of the table, but not the middle of the table,
what makes the opponent’s attack more difficult to do. I’m good at loops, so I can
attack such chops over again, It’s easy for me to attack once more in diagonal, when I know where the ball will hit. But in the real game, considering chaos
on the table, it will be kind of more difficult. Besides the chops are usually so heavy,
that for me, with my technique, it’s more difficult to push
them than to play loop. So during pushes I made lots of
mistakes, as the ball was low, there was heavy underspin, and I directed
the ball in the net or away from the table. So the combination Neptune Euro OX with
Long 8S is quite potential for far zone defense. But, of course, we will keep testing As usual all the links of the used
stuff is in the description below. And if to follow the links,
there is detailed description and all the purchase information,
so you may buy it at once. If you want to support us, buy in our shop. We are always glad to help.

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  1. Подписка на наш канал не только улучшает топспин и подрезку, но и способствует лучшему пониманию тонкостей настольного тенниса!

  2. Уважаемый TT-Maximum! Обзоры у Вас хорошие! Мой дружеский совет, для развития канала и увеличения подписчиков, один раз в неделю проводить розыгрыш ( оснований, накладок, готовых ракеток, аксессуаров и т.д).Удачи Вам!! Вы молодцы!!!

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