Someone help me…where’s Tommy? Wait, why am I hiding here? Why am I so scared? Oh, I remember it’s the world of Lifeafter I Don’t know what’s happening anymore, but freaked out! Nerf Gun War 7 Tommy…All I want is for everyone to clear the house for 1 hour. So I can play that new mobile game LifeAfter Is that too much to ask for? You hear me dOOCHE? Kids have gone out all I need for you to get the hell out as well or else Don’t make Nerf KING PROMETHEUS come looking for you I don’t take orders from nOObs This is not what I need today This is exactly what you need. Maybe I can flush him out another way Guys click like for this nerf rival grenade What a noob Wait! Hold up! Hold on man. Guys that was a close call But I managed to finally clear the house Oh Tommy but Tommy’s not gonna be happy when he respawns So make sure to subscribe to see what happens in the next episode and hey click like my epic nerf rival Prometheus check this out extended hopper 2000 rounds! You got a click like right now to that and if you want to see the video where I mod this thing Click this video link right up here Go check out our big boy toy vlog. And if you want to see more pictures of it go check me out at INSTAGRAM @MachineGunDanny And ahh, that’s it for now Nerf Gun War 7 – The End

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  2. Who else watched these people when we were growing up?

  3. hey ive been subscribed for a long time and i would like to enter the giveaway nice win wih the gernade.

  4. Danny gun shoots great

  5. عير ينام ب معاك

  6. I Love Nerf Guns

  7. Or fak hahahahahah sajim se

  8. Ankit Kumar Gupta

  9. What’s your birthday

  10. I want you right now all your videos I like your videos so much I gave it a thumbs up and I do you make that is easy to make

  11. Dude Danny I have been subscribed for SOOOO long like for 9 years if anyone deserves that x box it is me

  12. Big gun!!!!!,,!!,,,,!

  13. Very nice video my friend

  14. You ARE the besr

  15. That Xbox still up for grabs? You reached 5 mil

  16. Danny gun wins again!!! Eat shit tommy

  17. Should of check the blinds before opening the door

  18. Whooooo! What a beautiful blaster.

  19. Whooooo! What a beautiful blaster.

  20. 3:07(Danny Gun: Wait. Hold up. Hold up man)??

  21. Nice going Danny the NOOB


  23. Tommy is the zombie

  24. I love your big a*** Nerf guns

  25. No tenes balas porque…con ese cartucho para que un Ejército no?jaja??

  26. Im one of your fan from philippines and i really want to have that nerf gun plssss.

  27. armas de brinquedo kkkk

  28. I like to get a xbox one x

  29. So cool can you give me some nerf

  30. Oh ma god you ste croatia

  31. Press number 1 key on your keyboard while watching this vid…

  32. Pleace give me this


  34. Wait is that real rival granada

  35. Hey dude those grenades are sick where can I get some

  36. U basically made the bouncing betty from cod3

  37. You have pubg games please now ???❤

  38. คนไทยขอไลค์?

  39. Lo feo es q no disparan

  40. that twinshock mod is worthless weight though..

  41. Did the gun shoots

  42. 0:41 fallout 4 with weird mods

  43. Assallammualaikum saya orang indonesia bang boleh minta satu ngga? klo ngga boleh ngga apapa

  44. Oye creo que no salen las pelotitas rival

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  48. My mom and subletting keep being mean to me

  49. Man…. I wanna have fun.

  50. Esta padre el vidio

  51. Why you very angry

  52. At first i thought he was unspecable gaming

  53. Dude don't add effect on the gun

  54. Más falso que mi pinche cola :F

  55. Man you work to hard with speacal affects

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  58. i love your videos

  59. Do you play brawl stars if you play 'it do a vidéo

  60. I want to get like that

  61. I'm your gun please

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