Nerf War: The Care Package

Kriss vecter giveaway thing Umm…I’m not even going to ask. PACKAGE BREADDDDDD RIP IN PEACE BREAD sharp things :O whoops Paul: I didn’t order this. RIP In peace glass and eggplant Coconut :O Whoa…k Too hot? SUSHI CHICKEN OH MEM GEE CAKE Wait, i don’t remember ordering any of this. FOOOOOOOOOOOOD another package? Paul sounds To pat… RIP In peace paul he noticed :O What? That can’t be right. NO It’s mine! Zzzz Up teh stairs Yo, Pat. Hello (idk what he said) Did you order a package, bro? Yeah, Sure did. Why? i’m not writing what they say i’m too lazy Well, Crap. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?! HEY THATS WHAT HE ORDERED 😮 HAH SANIC SPEEDS MLG skillz equiping montage thingey Sledgefire Wait… WHAT!? first person 😮 Why do you need a scope on a shotgun? MORE FOOOOOOOOODS Uh oh.. Even with a scope…You’re aim sucks. Noice scope HOW DID YOU MESS THAT UP?! uhhh…k Milk. I guess Tri-strike lel there pink WHY Didn’t you get the hyperfire? MORE ATTACHMENTS Pat and paul are good stormtroopers MINIGUN…i guess Why do you need that? Pro tip: Don’t text in a battle Vecter? EAT IT NOW 😮 A jolt? Welp, See ya RIP IN PEACE PAUL #2 D: he didn’t eat it.. Do that. that. that. And subscribe to Spartan 360434 Because….These things down here. HE HAS TOO!?

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