Never Have I Ever with Pretty Little Liars

Never Have I Ever with Pretty Little Liars

[music playing] [dramatic music] We didn’t know you were 12. Do you want a job still? OK. Never have I ever hooked
up with someone on set. Wait, what do you mean? What do you mean, the scene. Well, there’s two ways
you could do that, right? Yeah. In a scene. On set? It’s a part A part
B. Part A in a scene. Obviously. Oh, yeah. Part B, not in a scene. Yeah, OK. On set? All the paddles flipped. OK. If those walls could
talk over there. OK. Never have I ever made
one of my assistants cry. The assistants are probably
some of the people sitting over there. Oh, (bleep) yeah! I mean, yeah, I
mean, in a good way. But a good cry. Everybody needs a good cry. I like your honesty. Oh yeah, there’s two ways you
can get someone to cry, right? Yes. In a good way,
cries of happiness. Yeah, right? You made her cry with
tears of sheer joy? Yes. Was it sheer joy? Is the assistant here. She’s here. It was not sheer joy. Do you want a job still? OK. She’s actually crying again. I’ll just make that note. Next question–
never have I ever had a crush on a
fellow cast member. OK How many of these cast
members are the same person? We have the same
crush on one of the– Yeah. I think was ours maybe
the same at one point? Can we say who it was? Ours was Nolan. Yeah, Troian’s dad. Troian’s dad. Was obsessed with my dad. Obsessed, obsessed. I’m not going to say mine. Leave it for the people
on YouTube to try and figure it out. Will you give us initials? Whispers. That work? Oh, whatever, it was Ian. There we go. Ian Harding season one. This is the good stuff. Whatever, I was 20. 20. So. Fun crush. Here’s a good one. Never have I ever
lied about my age. Do you want to go a little
farther and tell us why? No, just to get into clubs. How about you lied to all of us
at the beginning of the show? I didn’t lie to anyone. No. I promise I never
would have found out. We didn’t know you were 12. I didn’t say anything. You didn’t ask. You didn’t ask the
right question. Technically, it wasn’t a
lie if she didn’t tell you something that wasn’t true. I’m pretty sure I asked
somebody and I heard 14. OK, never have I ever
had to cover up a hickey. Was it for work? Or was it to not
have a parent know? Both, actually. Yeah. No one ever found out? I’ve got very
sensitive skin, so. Never have I ever lied
while playing this game. See a bunch of pretty
little honest people. Honest. That’s how you play never have
I ever with the cast of Pretty Little Liars. Thank you, ladies, so much
for spending the time– Thank you. Thank you. –to be here today. Thank you. Thanks, YouTube. Bye, guys. Thank you, internets.

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  1. The girl that played Hannah is a little more chubbier

  2. Ezria and Lucian IS BACK!!! maybe

  3. pretty little truthers

  4. OMG I’m gonna cry Apia gonna cry omg I I I love you guys so so so so much?❤️❤️❤️❤️?

  5. The start Is wierd

  6. Sasha is sooo pretty

  7. Wait I'm really confused. Sasha was 12 while filming PLL??

  8. “Thank you internets”

  9. Yeah I like Ian Harding

  10. 0:39 TREEGAN!!!!!!!!!???

  11. Honestly aria is my fav character

  12. When sasha and troian were arguing about sashas age for season 1 and shay just sits back and sips tea

  13. We didn’t know you were 12!!!!! OMG Troain

  14. Spencer’s dad is fine

  15. This is so cute can we have more

  16. Sasha was 12 wtf that is news to me

  17. Honestly they should have ordered them differently. Kind of in order of relashionship on and off screen like logically. I think a logical way to order them is. Lucy,Troian,Sasha,Shay,Ashley. Reasoning: Lucy and Troian just because, Troian is always including w Sasha, Shay bet to Sasha cuz Emison, Ashley next to Shay cuz they’re best friends

  18. Lucy and Drew did it for sure

  19. Wait if you have hooked up with someone on and off set then why'd they flip to blue at first ????

  20. Anybody get the feeling that Troian was really pissed that Sasha didn't tell her 'correct' age XD

  21. Sasha's hair is so gorgeous here omg

  22. Shay i love You ??

  23. Does Lucy has beef Ian ? And I would’ve loved to have been an extra for the shoe. Still such a good show

  24. 2:34 he missed the perfect opportunity to say “pretty little truthers” smh

  25. “WE DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE 12” ?

  26. “It was not”
    “Do you want a job still? Haha…..okay”
    ??? LOL

  27. “ ∂σ уσυ ωαит α ʝσв ѕтιℓℓ‟

  28. Omg they all hooked up with someone on set

  29. There name in the show are aria Hanna Alison Emily and spencer

  30. my fav part is when shay tells sammi if she still wants a job.

  31. All them knew Shay made Sammy cry??….2019✋?

  32. when lucy said she had a crush on ian my heart melted ahhh so cute haha

  33. Ashley is so innocent in real life but bot on PLL

  34. “Thanks YouTube, thank you internets” ??

  35. Hook up on set. Wow that tells you all about show biz. Nobody now in these day's have self respect and dignity.

  36. Omg I reallyyyyyyy love Pretty little LIARS mostly Hannah and Spencer

  37. I loved how when the question 'Never have I ever made my assistant cry' everyone looked at Shay ??? Then when she said 'It was happy tears' Troian looked at her like yeah right ??? I miss this cast???

  38. XD Lol Shay: "Do You wAnt A Job Still?"

  39. No whAt Will hAppen To The Benzo And Shay Ship

  40. I wish this was longer! ??

  41. omg Sasha’s hair is so fricken long in this

  42. There's different meanings to 'hooked up' so interviewers need to he more specific with that question

  43. 1:12-1-16 that was rude it wasn’t even funny…..

  44. 2:06 shay is god

  45. Oof Troian. She waited to see everybodys answers until she raised up her panel. Smh ??


  47. Do you want a job still?

  48. my name is sasha like sasha pieterse but i look like shay mitchell

  49. Does anyone want to subscribe to each other?? If so then comment

  50. Crying on a cool way

  51. Just came from the pll the perfectionists interviews and you can already tell that Sasha’s more comfortable with the other cast instead of this one. Shes more open and happy, here’s shes just still and quiet maybe it’s because they’re much older than her idk I mean I always thought that the og cast didn’t want to hang out with her just cuz she’s younger than them but whatever god thank you so much for making my baby happy she deserved it

  52. Lucy’s crush is actually Drew

  53. Spencer though on 2:06??

  54. “Do you wanna have a job still?” ??

  55. I love that when Lucy put up 'I HAVE' first then she was like, hold up yoo!

  56. Nah man there’s 8 seasons now

  57. Shay, throwing the Shay-ed love it!!!

  58. Omg Shay at 2:07 is me when there is dram
    Also such a mood
    Love pll so much and the cast ??

  59. I guess lucy lied about having crush on ian maybe she was hiding to have crush on drew at that time

  60. Lets all cross our legs and not tell Sasha

  61. omg Troian was like "thank you internet" hahahahha sksksk

  62. ashley: breathes

    me: ❤️??

  63. how did i know it was ian

  64. I mean OF COURSE Lucy had a crush on Ian like ??
    You’re telling me none of them had a crush on Keegan ?! ?

  65. Ian and Lucy will have make a great couple in real life. I’m I right???

  66. ??โสดครับชื่อด่องพี่ๆๆที่รัก?????

  67. I’m still confused about the 12 thing.

    Sasha was born Feb 17, 1996.

    They didn’t even start CASTING the show until October 2009, and the core 4 girls were cast first. Sasha wasn’t cast until early 2010, which makes her 13/14. And the filmed the pilot in March and April of 2010, which means she was 14. She may have been 13 when she was auditioning, but she was 14 when they filmed the pilot. NOT 12!

  68. Alison was TWELVE on the first season??? wtfskddjffnckvknckm

  69. Who's here after cara and Ashley got married


  71. I will do it will be a good time

  72. Omggggg Sasha was twelve when she started this show I'm mind blown!!!

  73. "Thank you internets" ??

  74. I have a for my mother

  75. They are an awesome cast I love them all especially Troian and Sasha.

  76. Shay was my favorite on the show and I'm glad that she has this kind of behavior ??? funny talkative and savage personality is my favorite and she has all ??????❤

  77. I love pretty little liars.If you don’t watch it shame on you ❤️❤️❤️

  78. Ashley is so pretty


  80. I did think that Sasha was younger then the rest of the cast in season 1, but 12 omg what?? I thought she was like 15 or 16.

  81. i love love love pretty little lair and i wish they can be morse seasons of it my favourite character is alison

  82. When Troian was arguing with Sasha, I felt like Spencer fighting Ali for some reason ??

  83. troian: hOw ABouT yoU LiED to uS at the beGInnING oF thE SHoW??!!!!!!!!

    sasha: I DIDnT LIE to anyonE! yOU neveR asKEd!

  84. I want more of this! I miss the PLL cast so much!!!!!

  85. ashley and shay having a crush on spencer dad yes lana del rey is proud

  86. Sasha at 12: Playing in Pretty Little Liars
    Me at 12: Closes fridge door slowly to see the turn off

  87. i miss them so much aaa?

  88. 'Lets all wear black shoes and not tell troian'

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