New Apple App Store Games #4

New Apple App Store Games #4

– [Narrator] It’s that
time of the week again, welcome to my next episode of
New App Store Games Episode 4. This week we have a new Apple Arcade game, a highly anticipated free MMORPG, and a classic game which
is now available on mobile as a remastered version. At the end of the video, I’ll also go over two games
latest content updates. Number one is Black Desert Mobile There was a lot of hype for
this free-to-play MMORPG, brought to you by Pearl Abyss. This was mainly due to its
promised high-end graphics for mobile, that are reminiscent
of games like The Witcher 3 or Divinity Original Sin, Black Desert Mobile features
five unique classes, heaps of quests to go on,
and fairly decent combat. I found the game incredibly boring though, for the first 30 minutes or so. It wasn’t until I reached level 12, that I started to actually enjoy myself. At this point, enemies become
quite challenging and unique, plus you unlock more abilities, and there wasn’t an annoying tutorial telling you how to play. It’s also crazy fun to
play with a controller, I feel as though the combat is significantly better this way, compared to using the touchscreen, that said, controller support
is limited to gameplay only, it doesn’t work for menu interaction. The game has some
performance issues right now, mainly on iPhone. The frame rate can drop
in challenging scenarios, the visual render quality is reduced on iPhone compared to iPads and sometimes the game is far too dark. But yeah I’m interested to see what you guys actually think of this game. (dramatic music) Number two we have
Ultimate Rivals: The Rink. If you were watching the Game Awards 2019, you may have seen this
game revealed at the event. It was also at this time that Apple officially launched it on Apple Arcade. It is a new sports game franchise, that brings together athletes
from games such as hockey, basketball, football, baseball and soccer, and now they are playing in an officially licensed video game which according to Apple is
a first in sports and gaming. I’m not sure how true that is though. Players will go into offline and online two-on-two hockey matches
and can use crazy abilities to gain an advantage. All this is set in futuristic
and stylized environments, that look really pretty. Phil Schiller recently said, and I quote “With Apple Arcade, we are
committed to delivering “a curated catalog where every
title offers players a new, “innovative experience
that pushes the boundaries “of what a game can be. “The Ultimate Rivals
franchise does just that”. The game is supposed to
play at 60 frames per second on all Apple devices,
however, right now on Apple TV the frame rate seems to be quite low. Hopefully this is fixed ASAP. (upbeat music)
(electronic blasting) Number three is THE
LAST REMNANT Remastered. Well this is a surprise,
Remastered to iPhone and iPad. This remastered version,
brings enhanced graphics compared to the original 2008 version. This is all possible thanks
to an updated game engine powered by Unreal Engine. THE LAST REMNANT is a really big RPG game, with 60-200 hours of gameplay
depending on how you play. It features a really
distinct battle system too; some love it and some hate it. When you come in contact with enemies, it will trigger battles. From here you decide
on what commands to use for your players, before
a battle commences. The game is quite high-end, and it’s best played on recent devices. It runs fine on my iPhone XR for example, but some users with an SE or iPad Mini 4, may come across performance issues. It is also not optimised
for 2018 iPad Pro screens, which is weird. I’m not sure why it was released
this way, so please fix. Come on. Anyway, the game goes for $19.99, which is expensive, but remember, this is the same version
found on any other platform. (dramatic music) Number four we have
Rima: The Story Begins. Rima: The Story Begins
is a platform-adventure, metroidvania videogame, that is set in a really stunning world. You’ll explore a vast forest environment and will discover hidden
paths on your journey. You’ll also unlock abilities as you play and will engage in combat with enemies. I have two issues with the game though. First, it’s supposed
to support controllers, but with a controller in my hand, there is no button to jump. And the game isn’t
optimised for iPad displays. How is this overlooked
before releasing your games on the App Store guys, I mean come on. Other than that, I really enjoyed playing this one on my iPhone. Yes, UP Entertainment have made a game that is clearly inspired by
Ori and the Blind Forest. Probably too much. But despite that it’s
still a fun platformer, that has HDR quality, good level design, lots of different enemies to
encounter, characters to meet, and a charming little story
of survival and bravery. Rima: The Story Begins costs
$4.99 USD on the App Store. (dramatic music) Number five we have Two Spies. Here we have a turn-based spy board game, that is actually based on a lost cold war spy training program. You will face off against
the AI or a friend, and will need to sneak around,
attempt to control cities, and in the end reveal the
location of your enemy and strike them down to win. You can play via a local
wireless connection, or via pass and play with
a friend next to you, or via an online internet connection. I have one suggestion for the developer, which is Royal Pixel Service. On iPhone can you allow us
to play in landscape mode as well, as right now it’s
locked to a vertical orientation. I find some of the text and
UI a little hard to read here. The game is definitely
best played on an iPad, especially if you’re playing
with someone next to you. Two Spies is free to download and has no consumable in-app purchases. The only thing that you can
buy is skins for your PIN. Alrighty, here are those bonus games with a big software update. On the 12 December,
Another Eden was updated to version 2.0.200. This is the game biggest
content update yet. It brings the Persona 5 crossover story. Now we have new characters, encounters, and a few bugs have been
fixed too for good measure. You’ll need to complete chapter two to complete the prologue
for this adventure, and you’ll need to have reached chapter 13 to finish the rest of the crossover story. Another Eden is
free-to-download and skips out on things like energy
timers, limited-time events, or pay-to-win pressure, so it’s a lot friendlier than
most free-to-play titles. On the 9th December,
the Elder Scrolls Blades was updated to version 1.5. Again, this is a massive content drop. Players can now fight other
players in the new Arena mode. I actually met with
Bethesda earlier in 2019, and they teased me about this idea so I’m happy to see they
finally decided to put it in. But that’s not all that’s new, there are no more chest timers, yippee! You can now join a guild, trade materials, visit other towns, you
can collect more loot from objects and enemies,
abilities have been powered up, and the town now is covered in snow. Blades had a rocky start in early 2019, with pay to win elements,
let’s not lie about that, but I think now, Bethesda are
fixing some of the complaints and listening to feedback. (grunting)
(swords clanging) – [Narrator] Crew and artist of the arena. – [Narrator] Which game are you most excited about this week? And what do you think of
the new Apple Arcade game? Anyway, leave a like if
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