New Apple Arcade Games #7

New Apple Arcade Games #7

– [Narrator] Welcome to my seventh episode of new Apple Arcade games. This video is a little bit weird. It includes two games released in November and two from this December. Apple have stopped
releasing games each week, so I think I’ll be uploading these videos once we get at least four new games, so don’t expect these
videos on a weekly basis anymore is what I’m trying to get at. At the end of this video, I’ll be updating you on two upcoming games and three other current games
that have big content updates. Number one, we have
LEGO Builder’s Journey. Light Brick in collaboration with LEGO have released another LEGO
game onto Apple Arcade. Formerly, I believe it
was called LEGO Arthouse, but for whatever reason, it’s been changed to
LEGO Builder’s Journey. This one is completely
different to LEGO Brawls. It’s nothing alike, so this time, it is a one-player
puzzle-adventure experience. Many are calling it a LEGO
version of Monument Valley and in many ways, I can
see the resemblance here. This game, looks to tell
the story of a child and a parent going on a
big adventure together. In each level, you have to connect the pair together to move
on to the next stage. I only played for about 45 minutes today, but to connect them, you
have to build LEGO formations and once you complete this LEGO formation, you will then move on to the next stage. The controls are also quite weird. I found it hard to play
with a controller in hand as, sometimes, placing
bricks was awkward this way. It was most enjoyable with either a mouse and keyboard, or really
amazing on a iPhone due to haptic feedback vibrations. You can almost feel the
impacts of the bricks making contact and
connecting with each other. It’s really cool and it’s hard to explain if you don’t have it your hands, yeah. Number two, we have
Ultimate Rivals: The Rink. So Ultimate Rivals: The
Rink was officially revealed on stage at The Game Awards 2019. It was really cool to
see an Apple Arcade game shown at such a big gaming event. The game brings famous athletes from almost every sport game out there and now, they are facing
off in a hockey showdown, featuring crazy special abilities. The gameplay is super smooth and good looking,
especially on a Mac computer or an iPad Pro with their
stunning Retina displays and their more powerful graphics cards. In fact, this game supports
60 FPS on all Apple platforms and has custom graphics options
if you’re on a Mac computer. It has also been confirmed,
that in spring 2020, an NBA-licensed basketball game,
Ultimate Rivals: The Court, will be coming to Apple Arcade. Ben Freidlin, the CEO and founder of Bit Fry Game
Studios, the dev for this title, recently talked about this new game, and I quote, “We are ripping up “the sports video game rule book “and rewriting it for a new generation. “We’re starting with the gamer first “and empowering their
imagination to create “the ultimate team of
athletes across sports “in a way only they can envision.” Number three is Steven
Universe: Unleash the Light. Originally announced as
coming to Apple Arcade in September, in very late
November, this action RPG known as Unleash the Light
finally saw the light of day. This latest game turns this
RPG series into a trilogy because when you have
three games in one series, it becomes known as a trilogy. Unleash the Light was in
the works for quite a while. Rebecca Sugar is the creator of the Steven Universe world and show, and actually cowrote
the story for this game. According to her, the core crew from the Steven Universe
group worked very closely with Grumpyface studios
at the concept stage to tell a brand-new story. They also brought all
the Steven Universe cast for the voiceovers and special guest, Christine Baranski, also came to do some voiceover. She is known from “Mamma
Mia” or “Chicago”, if you’ve seen those films. There are six playable characters here, two new gems, fusion time, and you can customize
your teams from choosing which gems are in your party,
unlocking new abilities, and equipping alternate costumes. The visuals make it look
like a children’s game, but I think for anyone
who is into RPG games, you’ll have a lot of fun here. Number four, we have Rosie’s Reality. Rosie’s Reality is another puzzle game a part of Apple Arcade. It designed to be played together with your family or friends. This is because the gameplay
encourages cooperation and communication to get a little robot to the end of each level. You have to place blocks down
so the robot can pass through, but you need to avoid obstacles
and not to fall off the map. The game features an AR
mode for iPhone and iPad, and I think it’s a really cool
way to experience the game, but there is also a four-player on-screen co-op mode
for Apple TV and Macs. According to the developer, and I quote, “While
designing Rosie’s Reality, “we focused on simplicity to
create delightful characters “and experiences for kids and adults. “To make sure that drawings
and 3D models are easily read “and understood, we based
our design on three shapes; “square, circle, and triangle.” For me, it’s not a game
that personally I see myself playing alone, but if you
have a group of friends or if you have some children or teenagers, it’s great for them and
to play with other people. Okay, here are some bonus games. The Artful Escape, an upcoming
atmospheric platformer, was first shown at PAX East in March 2017 and then, in early 2019, it was announced as
coming to Apple Arcade. However, it was a no-show
when the service launched. Recently, at the Microsoft’s
press conference, it was revealed that the game has been delayed until sometime in 2020. It’s the first game being
developed by Beethoven & Dinosaur and will be published to Apple Arcade and other platforms by
Annapurna Interactive. (mellow music) Okay, remember Fantasion? I was unsure what was happening with the development of this game, but good news, it’s still going ahead. Yes. It’s a game made by Mistwalker Corporation and features real sets
that are photographed and then, they add in 3D
characters for the gameplay. Tim Cook from Apple recently visited the studio for a sneak peak of the game. From here, you can see some
images shared from this day and all the new sets
that have been designed. I’m not sure when the game is coming. It’s most definitely next
year, but I have no dates. But I’m really looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to it. Konami recently announced
on their website that, “A new two-player co-op
mode will soon be added “to Frogger in Toy Town.” This is really cool because I think this is just a perfect game for co-op. I don’t know when it’s coming, probably next year, sometime very early on because they originally said
it would come in December, but that’s probably not gonna happen, so probably early in January maybe. I don’t know. On the 19th of December, Gameloft updated Ballistic Baseball to
version 1.0.9, so what’s new? We have significant online,
AI, and gameplay fixes and improvements, a new
career mode is here, new emotes in PVP games can be used, and heaps of general
improvements and fixes. The career mode is definitely
the highlight of this update. So many people have been
asking for it, including myself You can play the career mode
online or versus the AI. You can start in semi-pro
league, earn training points, train your team your
way, manage your team, and make your way to the big leagues. Okay, and last on the 20th of December, Things that Go Bump was
updated to version 1.2.0. This brought a new bedroom, new spirits, new enchanted objects, new weapons, and new friendly house
spirits and leaderboards. So this is a weird game that
involves everyday objects coming to life and battling
it out during the night. You can play online with
up to four other players or offline in the survival mode. It’s a pretty underrated game, so give it a go and let me
know what you think of it. This is my last video of
2019, so I wanted to say a quick thank you for all
the support on these videos. I hope not only you, but the developers of these creative games found my Apple Arcade videos helpful. Anyway, whoever you are
watching this video, have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and I will see you in 2020. Thank you.

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