New Couples Play a Lie Detector Drinking Game | Filipino | Rec•Create

New Couples Play a Lie Detector Drinking Game | Filipino | Rec•Create

Aww this one stings. I’ll pour you a shot now because
I already know what you’re going to say. He’s my uncle but we’re together.
Just kidding! We’ve been together for just a month. It was only back in
December 11, 2019 when we made it official Oh well he’s a dancer on TikTok… …So I retweeted his post and he slide into my DMs. We met through email actually. Mostly because
we aren’t allowed to use phones in our office. Actually we were really just friends because
we were blockmates in college. And I actually liked other
girls in our class She was the girl who I
confided to at that time. I guess our relationship just developed
and I fell for her. I know about all the girls
he liked but I guess he just fell for me in the end. We met on July 20. -Didn’t we? Did I remember wrong?
-No. We met on August 20. Rock, Paper, Scissors per round. What’s the point in lying?
Ofcourse I do. I’m shaking. It shocked you! I really do check out
other people! I have a lot of screenshots
of the people I have a crush on. Then you just say “Noted.” It’s okay, I know. I also do it.
Just kidding! -Good thing I didn’t get that question.
-Mom. Why not? Why did it shock me?! Unfair! I won’t explain any further
because my Twitter feed is already full of porn. For me, watching porn doesn’t make you a pervert! Sometimes you’re just curious. I guess I see some porn
on my Twitter feed? I’m just not interested I guess. Let’s just change the question:
Are you after my money? Kidding! Oh no! Okay fine. I will not get shocked! I guess I learned something about myself. …you know the people who
claim they don’t do that, they’re liars! I was fresh from a breakup
when she came into my life. Like how soon was it? -Around 2 weeks after, right?
-Haha yeah that was fast. -I guess I compared your looks and attitudes.
-I’m the prettiest one compared to them! Yeah you’re the best overall. -Hey I’m the prettiest one!
-Yeah ofcourse! That’s a given. You’re the prettiest one! Yey, you really let me win. Yes ofcourse. Not if you do it again and again.
Maybe… Only if you deserve a second chance. I’m really weak. Kidding! Staff: So can he cheat on you once? -Hey you asshole!
-Yeah I get one! Really? You’d forgive me if
I cheated on you? I guess I would but
it wouldn’t be that easy. I really can’t tolerate cheating. I feel like this thing is transphobic! Aww this stings. Why does it feel like the
questions are the things we fight about I’ll pour you a shot now because I know because I already know what you’re going to say. Hey! -No
-He thought about it! Oh my god! That took so long! You look so funny
when you get electrocuted. I guess I doubt sometimes? Like you said sometimes
you compare me to your ex. I feel like that’s where
the doubting stems from. I have thoughts like, do I deserve you? I feel like we can’t help
to have doubts about each other. I’m sure if you had to answer this questions
you’d also say yes. So are you sure you have doubts? I guess I really do have doubts. Freestyle Freestyle Freestyle Freestyle. What? Why is there a freestyle round?! Did you take a shower today? Okay here.
Do you really have a crush on Ivana Alawi? I’m annoyed at the fact that she’s
Top Fan on Ivana Alawi’s Facebook Page! It’s a Yes or No question! Watch yourself! Oh so it’s not just a crush.
You love her then? Hi Ivana. If you’re watching this.
My Nude Photography rate is pretty cheap. I just want her to be my model
to put into my portfolio. Are you truly happy with the
9 months we’ve been together so far? -The lie detector can’t hear you.
-Yes! -Say it louder!
-Yes!! I guess I’ll take the shot! I don’t really know how to say that I’m happy
because I see happiness as a temporary thing. Maybe if you asked if I was content
I would’ve given a different answer. Ah yeah.
Can we go again? I guess I only asked that because
we’re only just getting to know each other. None! No I don’t! I don’t wanna do this anymore! You know what this is false! Are we going to fight about this?
I knew it! Kidding! You good? When we were just a week into our
relationship, did you still think of your ex? Hold on! Nope. Why do you keep asking about my ex?
Don’t you want to know other things? You’re really a liar, aren’t you? So what were you thinking about? What? No that’s not true! Thank God I won! Thank you Lord
I guess you really exist. -Say it!
-Yes. Yes. -What was it?
-Yes! This game sucks! Tune into the next video where we’ll discuss:
Breakups! I guess we’re just the type of people
who’d really try and work things out and find a way. I’m not in it for the fake stuff. I’m here to be real with you and each other. Don’t you agree? Remember I told you… …I’m not getting any younger. I need someone. Need? I kind of prefer “I want to be with someone”
rather than “I need to be with someone.” He was the first guy who I felt
comfortable about introducing him to my family. So guys, you know what to do!
No I’m just kidding! -You asshole!
-I’m just kidding! -You know I love you…
-But??? -I love you!
-Aww I love you too. Happy 9th Month my love!
I love you so much!

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