“NEW MARVEL’S AVENGERS GAME” | Two Major Villains Revealed?!? | Gameplay Details

“NEW MARVEL’S AVENGERS GAME” | Two Major Villains Revealed?!? | Gameplay Details

(Epic Music) What’s going on Marvel enthusiasts? RBG here bringing you more coverage on Marvel’s Avengers. I’ve been reviewing these tie-in comics for you guys to try to put certain pieces together of what might unfold in the game’s story. And the reception has been somewhat warm. Which is understandable because outside of these comics there hasn’t been much to talk about. I didn’t get to mention this in my last update since the video was made a day before the news came out but Marvel’s Avengers released date has now been pushed back to September 4th. Which is 4 months later than they originally intended to have it out. And I honestly can say I’m not surprised, like I just knew that it wasn’t gonna be polished upon arrival. There were so many noticeable issues I’ve noticed just by looking at the some of the trailers. Like the bad frame rate. This has been a glaring blemish since the big A Day mission where you notice bad frame drops during some of the more chaotic moments. Other noticeable scenes would have to be when you see Tony walking in the helicarrier. And this other moment where Iron Man is shooting his laser at 1 of AIM’s Dreadbots. I don’t mind that the highest this game is gonna run is at 30fps because it gives it a more cinematic look. Especially considering that Marvel’s Spider-Man ran at the same. But when the visuals in this game drops to 14 frames during the big action sequences you just know the devs have a lot of work to do to make sure the game runs smoothly. Something else I think they might be working on are the characters designs. Because that’s obviously been their Achilles heel and the biggest gripe about the game. So I wouldn’t be surprised if the developers are spending some of that time to tweak the looks for the Avengers. Like we’ve already seen them make minor adjustments to characters like Thor and Black Widow. And this isn’t something new to Marvel games. It’s easy to forget that Marvel’s Spider-Man underwent a similar instance. The serious noir look you saw in the first trailer got changed to a more richer color palette. And if you noticed the texture patterns on Spidey’s suit was somewhat changed. But the overall aesthetic remained the same. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard me say that that these designs translate better in the comics than they do in the actual game. So I think Crystal Dynamics should ditch the more realistic take on the characters and sorta beef them up with a more. I’m just saying. But moving on I wanna dive into the latest issue of Marvel’s Avengers the comic. With the release of Avengers Iron Man in December and Thor in January, writer Jim Zub started to introduce readers to this world’s Avengers. They did a pretty decent job at giving us a feel for the characters while peppering in some epic action pieces. In this new issue Hulk includes more character development than the previous 2 issues. And in my personal opinion it has the best artwork with the illustrations being done by Ariel Olivetti instead of Paco Diaz or Robert Gill. The story kicks off at the SHIELD lab. The Hulk is rampaging in 1 of the containment rooms after being deliberately agitated. Monica, 1 of the scientists who specializes in genetics explains that she’s trying to understand the the gamma radiation that fuels the Hulk’s transformation. After chaotic observation she plays Hulk some classic music and enshrouds his room in numbing mist. When he reverts back to his normal form she lets Bruce out and tells him that she was able to obtain a lot of data but Bruce is concerned that he could hurt her. Lately he’s been losing more and more control and fears that the Jade giant could harm everyone that dear to him including Monica. Bruce and her have gotten in an romantic relationship and though he knows this is the last thing he should be doing, he enjoys not being ostracized because of his condition. He tells Monica that she should tone it down on her experiments with the Hulk. But she reassures him that the Hulk would never harm her due to the bond they’ve developed. She says it can all be remedied if they find a way to edit his gamma-mutated cells. And Bruce becomes abrasive and tells her that it’s pretty much pointless. No one can tame the Hulk and continuing these test will only result in more destruction. The two have a lengthy argument until Bruce leaves the room to refrain from transforming. While he’s leaving he bumps into George Tarleton. A SHIELD scientists who’s always trying to 1-UP Bruce with his smarts and is jealous of his relationship with Monica. George reminds Bruce of his idea to magnify energy. And Bruce shoots down the idea and tells him that it’s too dangerous. At this point he’s frustrated because it seems like everyone wants instant answers. And if there’s 1 thing that mentality has taught him, it’s when you rush things, you ultimately end up with the Hulk smashing them. So he tells George that they’ll have to finish their conversation another time. But that’s something George isn’t trying to hear. So he makes the decision of running his experiment by himself which leads to disaster. The magnifier explodes releasing energy that hits 2 guards causing them to merge into this electrically charged giant. The monster begins rampaging through the lab until it eventually comes in contact with Bruce and Monica. It gets a good shot at Bruce, knocking him back but thankfully Monica was able to trap in a container. At least for a split second. Unfortunately it’s not enough to keep the electric behemoth at bay. It breaks out, grabs Bruce’s head, and sends a huge jolt of energy throughout his body. In typical fashion Bruce transformed into the Hulk and instantly engaged the monster in an epic fisticuff. The battle found it’s way over to a lake. And The Hulk was able to stop the monster by spearing it into the water. After waking up in the hospital he see’s Tony sitting at his side. The two talk about the collateral damage Hulk and the monster causes with Bruce feeling guilty and Tony being the more optimistic 1. He asks Bruce if he remembers anything from the battle with the electrical giant and Bruce tells him that he can only remember minor moments. The gaps are getting worse and he continues to lose control of his green alter ego. Bruce fears that he may not even be able to revert back the next time he transforms. But Tony tells him not to worry and leaves as Monica walks in the room. As Tony is leaving the SHIELD facility he runs into our good ol’ boy George. And the begin talking about what happened with the big electrical creature. Tony says tells him that Nick Fury’s trying to figure out where it came from, but all the footage fried from the big explosion. And George plays it off acting like he doesn’t know who or what was the cause of the incident. The story ends with the two talking about George’s quote on quote models for a safe form of energy. Now I just gotta say this issue of the comics features a ton of meaty clues that we’ll mostly likely see in the game. Bruce Banner is obviously gonna be struggling with his control over the Hulk. Like this is gonna be a major part of his character arc that I’m so looking forward to. Another thing that became an instant eyebrow raiser was this Monica character and her relationship to Bruce. She seems to be very interested in learning how to control the Hulk as opposed to killing him completely. And considering the fact that this relationship was still going when this issue ended I think it’ll continue to play out in the game. And the biggest reason why this is an eyebrow raiser is the fact that this Monica character could be a potential villain who’s already well established in Marvel lore. While the comic doesn’t say her full name, I’m pretty sure that this character is the evil biochemist, Monica Rappaccini. In the comics she worked with Bruce Banner and the two developed a romantic relationship. Just like Bruce does with this Monica character. Except Monica Rappacina only got close to Bruce to steal as many secrets from him and used this knowledge to win a Nobel Prize for her work in antitoxins. I have a nagging suspicion that Marvel’s Avengers Monica is indeed the same character that screwed Bruce over. And she’s gonna do the same thing to him in the game or 1 of the future issues. Because both Monica’s have similar stories and skill sets. And the Monica from the classic Marvel comics is the head Scientist over the radical scientific group known as AIM. And we know that this group is gonna be the central antagonist in the game. So what’s not to say that Monica is playing with Bruce’s heart to get certain details about the way gamma energy works for an evil scheme she has cooked up? At first it seemed like Tony Stark was gonna be the main Avengers member responsible since information to his tech was leaked and we saw bad guys using it in the A-Day trailer. But it looks like he may not be the only member allowing important info to land in the wrong hands. Monica could do just like she did in the comics and use that info to gain her status which could then use to become the Scientist Supreme of AIM. I wouldn’t be surprised if her tests with The Hulk ends up creating his arch nemesis Abomination since he’s seen in the 1st trailer. I’m not saying that’s the case but it is something to take into account here. Something else that’ll most likely be a thing in Marvel’s Avengers is Modok. We’ve been mentioning him a lot especially since he’s considered AIM’s greatest creation but there wasn’t enough evidence to corroborate our theory that he existed in Marvel’s Avengers universe. But after 2 comic book tie-in issues we finally have our confirmation in the form of our boy George Tarleton who just so happens to be Modok’s original human form. Just like the 1 we see in this issue, George was a skilled technician who joined AIM. To further their studies on a cosmic cub, the evil organization used George as a guinea pig to create a mental organism designed only for computing. But what they got was a mental organism designed only for killing, in the form of Modok. Now I’m thinking that George will ultimately join AIM in the game since he doesn’t seem to be getting the respect he desires from SHIELD and Bruce. A way I think he’ll get in good with them is his studies of energy. Story writer for this particular comic seems to be hinting at the energy crisis the game world is dealing with. We see the Avengers protecting a new energy source in the form of a Terrigan reactor. And in this latest issue George mentions that the world is hurtling toward an energy crisis. So I’m thinking that this brief mentioning will be substantial to AIM essentially rebuilding San Francisco after the big A-Day event and eventually taking over. I also have a suspicion that his talk with Tony ultimately lead to them finding the Terrigan crystal used to power the Chimera helicarrier among other things. This’ll probably explain how Taskmaster and his goons knew that the crystal could cause a massive explosion. These are just theories but if they ultimately end up happening in the game I’ll be proud to say I called it. But as I always say we’ll just have to wait and see when the game is officially released to the world. It’s a shame that we have to wait another 7 months when we originally 3 months away. But as I said I would rather this title be completely polished upon arrival. So yeah. But I’m gonna bring this video to a close and leave it to you guys. What do you think about this issue of the tie-in comic? Did you like it? Do you think these 2 particular scientist will return as potential villains in the game? Lemme know down in the comments section below. As always I ask that you like or dislike the video. It doesn’t have to be a thumbs up, it can be a thumbs down. Any feedback is good feedback and will only help me improve on future videos. But if you really enjoyed the video it would help me out tremendously if you shared it with all your friends and followers on social media. Sharing really makes a difference. But once again this was your boy RBG signing out on another video. I’ll catch you guys later. Peace out. ♫ Gone ♫ ♫ cause you don’t know what you’ve got ♫ ♫ Oh you don’t know what you’ve got ♫ ♫ No you don’t know what you’ve got ♫ ♫ Until it’s gone ♫ “You wanna go back?” “Back to the heart of the war?!” (Mechanical Sounds)

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