what’s good fam my name is Krisppykim
and welcome back to my channel in today’s video what I have for you is the
solo workaround for a car to car merge glitch so yesterday rockstar games
patched the simple car to car merge glitch and we have a workaround for you
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thing is you have to make sure that you are an invite-only session and you need
to set your spawn location into the bunker you need to see your character
getting up from the bunkers bed and that’s what we want to happen we want to
spawn in a fresh session in an invite-only session now make your way to
arena and arena workshop garage you will need a server reus a modded servers just
like that and the car that you want to transfer the modification of servers
into and a faggio all right first thing you want to do is go ahead inside of the
faggio press write d-pad to go inside of the workshop you need to make sure that
you have snacks you know beer coca-cola or cigarettes in your inventory before
you do this because we need that now from here exit
the vehicle go down to inventory go down to snacks and go to the beer drink about
three beers and put it at the back tire of your faggio just like this about
three of them you can use the e Cola as well alright so whichever you prefer
we just need to knock the faggio over soon as you drop three bottles you just
go ahead and the opposite side of the faggio and smoke the cigarettes while
walking and pushing towards the other direction so the main goal here is we
need to knock the fag you over just like this soon as you did this you what you
wanted need to do is to push the faggio outside okay there will be white lines
over here we need to make sure that we position the faggio in the correct place
we need to make sure that it’s in the middle not in the right not in the left
but in the middle and we want the two tires the faggio outside of these lines
you know the black line over here we want to make sure that both tires are
outside of line now pick the fag you up and you
will notice that there will be press right to modify the vehicle and that’s
what we want now from here once you guys to go ahead inside of your modded
servers and press write d-pad okay press write d-pad so the servers will knock
the fag you were inside of the workshop okay I’ll show you what I mean so from
here just kindly wait for the server’s animation to finish okay as you can see
right here from the animation fag yo or the server is is pushing the fag you
inside and that’s what we want to happen go ahead and press triangle or Y to pick
up the fag yo and you will notice press right and press left that’s what we want
to get now from here I want you guys to return the faggot to its storage by
pressing left d-pad now over here and skip it a little bit because a1 the
server is to be in its original position so I led the faggot inside again and I
returned the server is in its original position now I pick up the fag ill with
the Fagor in the side again of the workshop I want you guys to go ahead and
enter the vehicle that you want the modification to transfer into now I want
it to the new think has Sugoi so I want it I want to mod the Dinka Sugoi okay so
I’m gonna press write d-pad and put it in a workshop exit the vehicle from here
get in the fag you mod and press left to return the fag you once again to its
storage now from here and want you guys to go ahead and enter the server’s press
write d-pad to enter the workshop and what we want to happen is we want the
Sugoi underneath that servers okay so as you can see it’s underneath the
main goal here is to be able to teleport inside of the Sugoi without the
animation okay as you can see right here but this is not good yet this is not the
very good position yet okay so what we want to happen is we want to make sure
that the Sugoi is at the very back part of the server who’s the back tire of the
server is so keep on doing that until you see that okay that’s the goal you
need to make sure that the Sugoi is in the very back tire of the server’s okay
because that’s the only position that this gosh works
so there you go I’m gonna put the Cerberus in and out of the workshop
until I achieve that part you know this is what we’re looking for
as you can see the Sequoia isn’t a very back tire of the servers and we’re still
able to teleport inside of the car without the animation and this is what
we are looking for by pressing triangle or Y you’re going to be able to teleport
straight inside without the animation of getting in the car now from here as soon
as you achieve that and the car is in the very back tire of the Cerberus what
you want to need to do is call see me on Martin or Gerald and request for a job
and we’re gonna do the posture cover here okay
the posture gets holding down the pause while hovering over except simians job
okay so some of you guys already know how to hit that so once you guys to
listen very carefully I’m gonna get in the car I’m gonna hover over except the
simians job and I’m gonna be with my mic hold on the pause except in the
background and that’s what we’re looking for the clicking noise in the background
if you hear that it means that you hit this part correctly now from here soon
as the pause menu is up and you accept the job in the background I want you
guys to go into the mission and select and start a tighten up a job it will
take you up in the sky and you will know if you hit it’s correctly if you see
that tighten up a job see me on Martin or zero okay not Leicester okay simply
back out of this screen except then spam triangle or Y and left d-pad all at the
same time and you will see that animation in the background it will take
you to another setting screen back out of the center screen and soon as you hit
the arena workshop BAM there you go the car change okay all the modification
of the server is transferred over to Sugoi so what we want to do is go ahead
and bring this back in the garage and change one thing about the car for it to
save okay and that’s what we want to happen and that’s done okay that’s how
you guys going to do the car to car merge glitch but you know what the main
questions for me here is how will you be able to transfer any mods to servers and
that will be a challenge and that’s for us to figure out okay soon as I know how
to do that that I’m gonna go ahead and post another video and give you an
with it okay so there you guys go if you have questions for me let me know down
in comment section or whatever questions you have in this car to car glitch this
is a little bit hard to hit compared to the last one but hey this is what we
have right now and we gotta leap for this one right here okay so there you go
shoot your questions down in the comment section and I will be happy to assist
each and every one if you that’s how you guys do it thank you so much for
dropping by the channel don’t forget to show love it’s Valentine’s Day by living
the like in the video subscribe and turn personification on thank you so much
guys hope you have a good day thank you I’ll see you guys in the next one bye

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