New World: Developer Diary 1 Review and Analysis

New World: Developer Diary 1 Review and Analysis

What’s going on youtube, I’m Fryster and today
we have some exciting news. Amazon Game Studios has been fairly stingy
with putting out new gameplay or information about New World, but today they’ve released
the first episode of their Developer Diary in which we get to hear from some of the devs
and get some behind the scenes looks and information about whats changed in New World and what’s
to come. In this video i’ll be breaking down the new
video and showing you whats new and what it could mean for the game heading towards the
closed beta starting in April of 2020. While this does look like a cgi scene, we
have not heard anything yet about boats or the ability to sail. This scene shows someone on the ship and seemingly
crashing into the island. We know in this game as the player we are
discovering this new Island for the first time, or at least the first time that our
current socienty is visiting it, but we dont know what kind of features they’ve added and
it would be pretty cool to be able to sail around the island as an alternate means of
transportation and potentially open up an avenue for new lands in future DLC. The varrying landscapes in this video make
the game look absolutely beautiful and also show how simply changing the weather can make
a zone feel like a completely different world. While this game has not officially been toted
as a survival game, we see various landscapes including a desert and a snow biome. We know we’ll be able to inhabit many different
locations throughout the map and it would be interesting if having a more strategic
location in say a snow biome would require the player to wear more armor to survive. since we know this game will have professions
and the best armor will need to be crafted, this would give players a reason to invest
in making armor for weather protection and drive an in game economy. We also know the developers have stated they
will be adding more PVE content into the game. while no official details on this have been
announced yet such as dungeons or raids with bosses, We do know that the best materials
needed to craft the best armor and weapons will be in tougher zone with stronger enemies
defending them. Many of the ancient structures in this video
look like they could be set up as dungeons or at least deep caves having elaborate entrances
and lots of detail. We know the island contains this almost living
mineral called Azoth which seems to amplify anything it comes in contact with whether
it be good or bad. If Azoth itself can be harvested, it will
surely be in the most difficult of locations. this scene reminds me of one particular location
from another MMO, World of warcraft. Beside Blackrock mountain in the Burning steppes
lies the Altar of stormes. A place where orc warlocks in the second war
granted magical powers to their allies. In New World this area seems to hold a similar
meaning, with the glowing red indicating the corrupted abusing the power of azoth. The developers have stated they were going
to be upgrading the movement and combat systems in New World in order to make it feel more
fluid and meaningful. While we await more details and gameplay in
order to confirm this, in the video we can see players weilding a variety of weapons
such as one and two-handed axes, swords, staves, guns, and shields. As was mentioned in the pre-order bonuses,
there will be skins in New World. With such a variety of weapons, Collecting
or earing new skins will give players a reason to return to previous content and try new
and alternative builds in order to use different weapons for skins which they have collected
or bought. Most first person shooter games that incorporate
skins use an inspect feature in order to show them off and admire them. While this has not been stated anywhere, we
do know we will have emotes which may be the closest we will have to flaunting the powerful
armor and weapons we acquire. Previously in New World there were designated
building areas where players were free to build a city they would later defend from
the ground up. This detail seems to have changed a bit now
with what seems to be basic city structures scattered throughout the land which can still
be claimed and captured by guilds and then upgraded or added upon. while this may give players slightly less
freedom in building, it should allow more guilds to be successful in capturing and maintaining
a stronghold with less resources potentially being needed to get it up and running. Not only will players have to defend their
strongholds from other players and guilds, but from the announcement trailer it seems
that they will have to defend against groups of the Corrupted as well. We dont know how this aspect of the game will
work quite yet as many previously known aspects of the game will be undergoing construction
in order to improve them. While much more information should be revealed
in the coming months, I think it’s important that we all stay patient and trust that a
studio with a powerful backing and a need to have a successful flagship game will do
the right thing to create a fun game for everyone. Just want to thank you guys if you made it
this far in the video, if you enjoyed it make sure to leave a like and let me know in the
comments what youre excited for in new world! I’ll be covering all of the new world content
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  1. Lots of people are going crazy over the PVP.
    I feel like it this course of action was predictable.
    The hordes of trolls needed to be curved and something for the less hardcore people, strengthened.

  2. What aspect of New World are you most excited or looking forward to??

  3. Game looks amazing! I want to explore now

  4. drums drums drums drums. ready to do some looting and scooting

  5. Is there any info on how long you will be able to get the preorder bonus? I mean can i just wait till one month before closed beta launch and still get all benefits?
    Confirm Katana as a weapon and ill preorder asap ?

  6. nothing is revewed there only some lore

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