New Year’s Eve Party Games for Families

New Year’s Eve Party Games for Families

in today’s video I have three New Year’s
Eve party games for you because 2019 is coming 2018 is at an end
you already know that you’re looking for family fun party games as always I put
quick easy simple games on this channel because I’m a mother too I don’t have
time for complicated hi my name is Shawn welcome to prayerlights. if you are new I
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family fun party games like this one on this channel regularly twice a week
let’s get into today’s video because one of the games involves this weird
contraption yes I put a belt and clean up tissue box in a tissue box with a
ping-pong ball what am I thinking okay let’s get into these videos here we go I
found these really cool games on a website that I will link down below make
sure you check it out because it has a really awesome fun games so go after you
watch this watch another one of my videos but also check out the website
first game is called the kisses countdown you are going to need red
plastic cups twelve of them and twelve candy kisses Hershey Kisses like these
and you’re going to put stickers on both the cups and the kisses and number them
one through twelve then you line up your cups like a clock and set a timer for
one minute I used my new google hob because she just sets timers really well
and really fast hey Google for one minute sure one minute starting now and
we played this game so the object of the game is to get as many Hershey Kisses
under the cups as you can in one minute and every participant plays and then
whoever is the winner gets all of the Hershey Kisses of course you could
always share if you want you know that would be a nice thing to do
alright game number two this game is called drop around the clock you’re
going to need some straws preferably reusable ones I’m still going through my
disposable ones if you know of any good reusable straws please leave me of that
in the description box down below because I am looking for some reusable
straws anyway if you’re going to need or reusable straws
one for each player and some M&Ms or in this case I use those yummy
sixlets candies and then a paper plate so what you do beforehand is you make
your paper plate look like a clock and the object of the game is to use a straw
to pick up the candies and place them on the numbers around the clock using one
minute and whichever participant gets it done fast is in less than a minute or
under a minute is the winner and gets all of the candies if you liked this
video you may want to check out another video I will post a card right here you
might want to watch this one next game number three is called the ball drop yes
you’re going to need this weird-looking contraption right here using a belt so
you thread a belt through a empty tissue box and then you put said belt around
your waist and you shake your bottom and you circle
your bomb and you twist and you’ve been trying to get that ping-pong ball or
ornament basically you put whatever you want in it out of the box it’s actually
a lot more difficult than you I think here’s a really great footage of me
trying to get the ball out of the box I suggest for this game that you get belts
in different sizes especially if you were hosting this party and that way you
have like a kid size belt and different sizes that you can easily thread through
the tissue box and change per participant and I suggest you at either
line up everybody to go at once if you have enough supplies if you don’t just
take turns with the one box that you have and it’ll still be lots of fun and
just keep track of who gets the ball out of the box and though quickest all right
guys that is the end of 2018 and I will see you in the new year with some more
fun party games thanks for watching. bye!

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  1. Hi Shawn! Your non-mom fan here! These games look like fun. I'll bring them to the adult NYE party a friend is having. Glad to see you ending the year with another great video. I got on Twitter a few month's back. I'll retweet this so moms who follow me can benefit. Hope your holiday season has been connected and restful! ?

  2. You’re the cutest:) that ping pong game is hilarious ?

  3. I LOVE NYE party games!!!! Can’t wait to play games at NYE party we’re going to. Some of our favorites are Mafia, Empires and Consequences! – Est X

  4. we did it love the games!!!!!!!!!!

  5. amazing❤❤❤❤❤please see my chubby bunny challenge by tissa

  6. Definitely trying some of these !! Thanks for all the amazing suggestions!! EDIT: everyone loved all the games!! Thanks so much

  7. Oh my goodness, we do family games night each week and these are going to shake things up. LOVE THIS! Who doesn't love a game that consists of eating chooclate?

  8. Hi! Thank you for sharing this video. I might do the 1st and 2nd games. We also have a video about new year’s eve games on our channel.

  9. Did you find good straws

  10. So how do you play the first game?

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