News, Entertainment & Sport Headlines – Today 3rd march

News, Entertainment & Sport Headlines – Today 3rd march

NASA and SpaceX celebrated the
successful launch today of a new astronaut capsule on a week-long round
trip to the International Space Station in what has been described as a
critically important event in American history the launch is a key step towards
resuming manned space flights from US soil after an eight-year break the new
capsule run by billionaire Elon Musk blasted off aboard the Falcon 9 rocket
built by SpaceX from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral Florida at 2:49
a.m. o 749 GMT lighting up the coastline the only occupant on board
SpaceX’s crewed Dragon capsule was a dummy named Ripley in honor of the
character played by Sigourney Weaver in the alien movies but NASA plans to put
two astronauts aboard later this year it is fitted with monitors to test the
forces that future astronauts will be subjected to on takeoff and when they
return to the Earth’s atmosphere and then splashed down in the Atlantic 11
minutes after launch the confirmation came from SpaceX Mission Control dragon
separation confirmed the news caused jubilation at the firms headquarters and
at the Kennedy Space Center the capsule is scheduled to reach the ISS by Sunday
at around 1100 GMT with a return to Earth expected next Friday it will
splash down in the Atlantic Ocean from where it will be brought back to Cape
Canaveral in another success the Rockets first stage returned to earth landing on
a platform 500 kilometres 310 miles off the Florida coast in the Atlantic it
marks the 35th such recovery by SpaceX SpaceX chief Elon Musk who founded the
company in 2002 was at the Space Center for the occasion
this is a critically important event in American history the head of the US
Space Agency Jim Briton Steen told reporters on Friday with the rocket and
capsule visible behind him on the legendary launch pad where the Apollo
missions to the moon began we’re on the precipice of launching American
astronauts on American Rockets from American soil again for the first time
since the retirement of the space shuttles in 2011 the excitement was
palpable at Cape Canaveral from the space fan volunteers guiding
media on site to the tourists who came to
it’s been a long eight years the Kennedy Space Center’s director Bob Cabana a
former astronaut himself said his SpaceX employees milled around the rocket after
the shuttle program was shuttered in July 2011 following a 30-year run NASA
began outsourcing the logistics of its space missions
it pays Russia to get its people up to the ISS orbiting research facility at a
cost of 82 million dollars per head for a round-trip a beaming grande poses for
a tourist snap on her ice throne before being swept out to sea
dramatic photos show stunned Judith Strang floating off Iceland southern
shore after the photo-op quickly went from icy to dicey the American who is
holidaying on the volcanic island this week with her son rod needed to be
rescued after the Icelandic Coast Guard was scrambled Texan Judith told ABC News
it was shaped like an easy place to sit you can tell by looking at the shape of
it and I thought well it looks like fun when I got on it it started to totter
and a wave was coming in a very large wave came in and kind of made the throne
kind of rock and I could tell that I was slipping off Coast Guard rescue the
panicked grin was dragged out into the water while still sitting on her icy
perch luckily the captain of a nearby rescue boat spotted her Judith’s
granddaughter Catherine received the hilarious series of photos from dad Rob
showing how the drama unfolded the first shows her grinning granny posing on the
iceberg grown with the caption iceberg queen next sees Judith suddenly out in
the ocean saying lost her Kingdom when she drifted out to sea a third photo of
her even further from the shore was captioned no joke a coastguard rescuer
had to save her and bring her back to shore makeup artist Jeffrey star has accused
Jourdan woods of lying during her read Table Talk the model 21 appeared on
family friend Jada Pinkett Smith’s facebook chat show to tell her side of
the cheating scandal revealing that she did kiss NBA player
Tristan Thompson and apologizing publicly to Khloe however YouTube
celebrity Jeffery claimed her tearful interview was all a facade and
shockingly added that Kylie’s best pal had been poking up with Tristan for
months taking to social media to show appreciation for a tweet branding jordan
trash jeffery wrote amen my whole entire town knows they’ve been hooking up for
at least a few months the rest of the world is now being played by lies
nothing new Lal star went on to add I don’t need to say allegedly because I
only speak facts the internet sensation didn’t stop there either proceeding to
slam Cloe making it clear he wasn’t on her side either
he wrote learned to co-parent on a healthy level and stop acting like your
man isn’t trash either thank you now shut the fuck up the world star then
took to his Instagram story where he carried on his epic rant I just really
skipped through Jordan Woods’s read Table Talk it was so fucking fake and
phony yell all these people are actors for a living he moaned I live in LA I
have lived here my whole entire life and there’s things I have never said there
is some shit I wish I could say but I’m gonna say a few of them right now when
you live in this city you know more than the average person
you know makeup artists hair people nail techs massage people assistants everyone
runs their motherfucking mouth you think people care about NDA’s baby it’s rare
it’s fucking rare so I’m just gonna keep it gangster y’all can take this with a
grain of salt Tristan he’s a cheating lying piece of shit we already know that
right we already know that for some reason Chloe don’t really want to
acknowledge that you can’t blame everything on Jordan miss
but I do want to say something listen Jordan really just said that on the way
out of Tristan’s house he kissed her on the mouth that is a motherfucking lie he
added y’all have been hooking up for a month
or two the whole city of Calabasas knows it there’s eyes everywhere there’s
normal people that aren’t famous that are your neighbor’s bitch and everyone
sees everything y’all have been hooking up for a while
it finally came out you’re fucking shook that the truths out
and you’re trying to save your ass girl I’m so bored of these people and I’m
sorry that I’m even giving them an extra two minutes of my life but I feel like
we got event as people as a culture like there are so many more important things
to worry about and I’m like girl y’all fucked
y’all got caught now get over it this isn’t the first time Jordan and Tristan
have faced this accusation after Hollywood unlocked also claimed the pair
had been involved for a month when reports first surfaced when quizzed
about the allegations in her interview Jordan vehemently denied them Emma Bunton and Jade Jones announced
their engagement back in 2011 and now almost eight years on the pair are
finally said to be tying the knot and we couldn’t be more pleased for the couple
according to the mirror the spice girl was seen dashing into Enfield register
office North London to kick-start the nuptials documents obtained by the
publication show that the longtime couple have given their intent to marry
this means the pair have just 12 months to make things official it said that the
famous faces will be saying their vows at London’s old Marilu bone town hall
the same venue used by both Sir Elton John and Liam Gallagher both Emma and
Jade have been dating for more than 20 years after first getting together back
in 1998 despite calling it quits for a short time they soon reconciled their
relationship in 2004 and have been inseparable ever since
the famous pair shared two sons Bo 11 and Tate 7 together and it sounds like
emma is planning baby number three when chatting to the Daily Mail following
Myleene Klass pregnancy announcement the 43 year old said it’s another thing that
we’ve talked about I think it’s something that Jade would love he’s so
wonderful with the kids I think if we were lucky enough to you’ve got to take
that time and make sure with my two I left enough space that I could give them
that time but yeah we have talked about it having another child it’s on the
table she added but I’m not sure I’m getting fit for the tour I’ve got to do
the stadium so I’ve got to concentrate on one thing at a time Jose Mourinho has lauded Barcelona
midfielder Ivan racket as one of the best players in the world even though he
doesn’t have his bigger social media presences Paul Pogba
the axed Manchester United manager was back on punditry duty on Saturday as he
watched Barcelona triumph over Real Madrid in the classic Oh to go 12 points
clear of their rivals at the top of La Liga thanks to racket it’s a solitary
strike afterwards Mourinho was keen to point out how underappreciated he feels
the Croatian is and appeared to take a not-so-subtle swipe at Padma who he
often criticized for being too preoccupied with social media I’ve
wanted to say this for a long long time for me racket itch is one of the most
underrated players in the world Mourinho said on bein sports he’s a
fantastic player at every level he does the defensive work on the right side to
compensate for Tinley a lot Messi he runs miles in ball possession he’s
fantastic he’s simple he’s effective he’s one of the most underrated players
so I want to finish by saying that because normally we speak about the big
names and for me racket itch is at that level but he needs to improve his
Instagram and social media because in this moment this is very important this
is very important and he’s not very good on that but he’s very good on the pitch
Mourinho and pablor fell out several times during their time together at Old
Trafford and pabre was said to be particularly annoyed when his manager
suggested the world cup bubble and his lack of social media activity during
that time had accounted for his excellent form in Russia PRM recalled the may yang says he is
proud of his in Arsenal’s performance in the North London derby despite missing a
stoppage time penalty to win the game the Gunners were unlucky to leave
Wembley without all three points on Saturday taking the lead through Aaron
Ramsey before a spot kick from Harry Kane tied the game in the second half as
Tottenham pushed for a winner Arsenal created a host of chances on the
break and the clearest came when all the meringue was brought down inside the box
by Davidson Sanchez after picking himself up off the floor
the Gabon striker took the penalty but saw a team effort well saved by Hugo
Lloris while he was denied a second time by a stunning last-ditch block from Jan
Vertonghen usually quick to post on social media
after match it took all the may hang a while to
digest his miss which cost the side all three points and bragging rights but
says his son helped him get over it posting on Instagram he said my son was
wishing me to score in that game that was the opportunity I came home and he
told me no worries you’ll score in the next one feel sorry but at the same time
I feel proud of what the team did and I’m a team player since day one so let’s
go forward and keep the head up we never say enough thank you for the support
album a young looked inconsolable at full time as he applauded the Traveling
Arsenal support at Wembley and has already received plenty of messages of
support from his teammates notably Granite jacker

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