Next On Episode 12 | Ray Donovan | Season 6

Next On Episode 12 | Ray Donovan | Season 6

OWN GRAVE”] You and I have done a
lot of horrible things. Haven’t we, Ray? (SINGING) I tried to
stop, but I’m in too deep. [GRUNTING] (SINGING) The pain inside
don’t let me sleep. You know I got a
family just like you? If you pull that trigger,
what happens to them? What happens to you? Some things you can’t stop. (SINGING) Digging my own grave.

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  1. Oh sht the hype is real 59 mins

  2. Amazing! Did NOT see the bit with Mac coming. Interesting talk with Ray though. At least he was a stand up guy with Bridget. Sandy's comment about Ray as a toddler, and his mother Mary being most worried about him of all her kids. I could see that. But as a toddler holding his breath till he passed out! And hitting his head against the wall. Wow. That's a revelation.

  3. Did u just see Ep. 11? Un-fucking-believable. I've been watching TV since the 60's and the last 3 episodes (and the whole season) are hands down the best drama I've ever seen. The acting and writing are simply amazing.

  4. Essentially Sandy said that Ray was a stubborn sob even as a kid.

  5. I'm confused why Mac killed himself his life did not seem that bad he had a job as a unionized cop. He inherited his father's house on Long Island and drove a nice car. He also has a son. Was it the hair loss and the divorce that pushed him over the edge? It is ironic he saved Ray from committing suicide only to do it to himself by the end of the season. If he wanted to kill himself why not when the Samoan tried to extort him for cash or when Emerson Lake forced him to wear a wire? I feel bad for Bridget he basically poured all his problems on to her the short time they knew each other and then he killed himself. There is a lot of similarities to this and how she was in the car seat when Cookie Brown killed Marvin. Lol both times Ray shot the guy threatening his daughter lights out.

  6. I knew Mac was gonna die but not by his own hands. That was shocking. This season is just too good! Sad only one ep left.

  7. I absolutely loved the last episode…..
    I love when Ray goes full on beast mode and will do anything to get to Bridget………..

  8. La meilleure série de tous les temps .Du très grand cinéma. Des acteurs à un niveau absolument stratosphérique.

  9. this has been an amazing season but I do hope they move back to cali in season 7..NY is cool but there's just something about the sun, glitch and lifestyle of Hollywood that just "feels" Ray Donovan.

  10. Can Ray kill Winslow already ?

    She clearly betrayed Ray by leaking that audio

  11. Bet the Texan dies…… Payback..

  12. a Good Catholic family. example of how Mexico became so Corrupt. Why do the Spanish Catholics run away for a better life? Vatican corruption. mcg-truth

  13. Catholic Child Sex Abuse, the reason these people are so messed up. great show.

  14. Everyone on Ray Donovan is dumb exept Ray!

  15. What am I supposed to do after episode 12 I’ll have nothing to do

  16. Like this bad asssss ray donovan season 6

  17. Crime dramas aren't usually this beautiful, poetic and just. Damn! But Ray Donovan is so amazing I can't begin to describe what this season wrought. Woah! Good to see Bridget showing her breeding. Smitty stepping up even though he was obviously intimidated. One of my series-long hopes come true for Ray. Sam got her just desserts in just fashion. Lena got her revenge too, hopefully this will restore her relationship with Ray. It was nice to end on a note of hope. Anyone who's interested in chatting I started a Ray Donovan Chat on Youtube go to:

  18. Love this show. But this season was.. rough :/

  19. the song playing in the background. Anyone know the name of that song? Thanks

  20. did he kill her ?

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