Ngobrol-Ngobrol Santai Soal Sepatu Badminton

Ngobrol-Ngobrol Santai Soal Sepatu Badminton

Hey Badminton Lovers, this time we will just talk a little bit about badminton shoes Perhaps there are many Badminton Lovers out there who puzzled to choose badminton shoes or lack of information about shoes that are special for badminton Together with me Yafie and my friend Gio (Gio: Hello!) This time we will give you pointers or Information about shoes that are special for badminton Yafie: Why do we have to wear adminton hoes? Although like how badminton lovers know it, out there, there are also people playing badminton without special badminton shoes Gio: Yes, futsal shoes Yafie: futsal shoes.. Gio: Volleyball Shoes Yafie: Tennis Gio: Running Shoes! Yafie: whatever they want .. Gio: yeah, whatever just however they want Yafie: Freely.. Gio: Winter boots! Yafie: exactly Yafie: But does it seems dangerous? for legs? from the game’s perspective Gio: Wah! Actually, it’s really dangerous it could be when we are playing badminton wearing shoes that are too high, for example: Winter boots, or running shoes we roll over our feet, and hurt the ankle Wah, it is really dangerous Yafie: So maybe badminton shoe has been designed Gio: Right!
Yafie: with such form Yafie: to protect your feet when performing movements in a badminton game with fast maneuvers Because as we know it The world’s fastest sports in the world is badminton. Gio: Yes, the fastest is badminton
Yafie: Right isn’t it? Faster than Formula 1 Yafie: Yeah, the speed is about .. well 🙂 Gio: Hundreds of kilometers / hour But how is it according to you About the advantage when we wear special shoes for badminton Gio: Yeah, so the badminton shoes are usually designed so that the front of them are flexible but have hard heels Yafie: Why? Flexible fronts? And hard heels? and different from other shoes Gio: Since we usually need to, when moving, to land in front of the feet and the feet’s positions are always ready like this Yafie: Ah, right, the movement is like that Gio: Then we landed so that the ankle landed like this the ankle is locked by the shoes (cannot move) so that they, remain stable during games Yafie: Because Badminton also need fast movements Forward, backward Gio: And jumping, right? Yafie: One wrong step Gio: Well .. Finito Yafie: Inailahi ya .. Yafie: According to you, Which brands of badminton shoes are there; Maybe badmintonlovers also need to know Gio: Well, yeah As we see here Our collection, by chance are all Yonex But out there are also Victor from China (Chinese Teipei) Yafie: True the company also sponsors.. well Victor are sponsors official sponsors of South Korea Gio: Yes!
Yafie: now also Malaysia Gio: Then we also have Li-Ning, of course, Chinese national team sponsor Then there are local brands of Indonesia for example Flypower Yafie: Oh that is from one of our badminton legend. Together: Hariyanto Arbi Gio: Smash 100 Watt Yafie: Yeah Right, well .. you may…. also not our generation, Maybe other generations Maybe Grandparents must know Hariyanto Arbi
Gio: Definitely Yafie: He was famous for his jumping 100 Watt smashes He was the All England champion (1993 & 1994) And also do not forget ASTEC Well ASTEC..
Gio: who is owned by Susi Susanti and Alan Budikusuma Yafie: Yes, probably Badmintonlovers know that Alan-Susi were the only ones who entered the World Record as a spouse that win Badminton Gold medal Gio: in Olympic … as the Firsts And also ASTEC comes from their name, a combination of their name Alan Susi Technology Yafie: Well .. that if we are not mistaken just chit-chats Gio: We just talk whatever we want.. Yafie: Then, how many brands are there? Gio: Yes … there are quite some more… less popular probably for example from asics was Onisuka Tiger Then .. Mizuno
Yafie: asics also have badminton shoes? Kawasaki Much more Yafie: Yes Kawasaki not only a brand for motorcycles they also have badminton stuff Yafie: And Mizuno possibly.. well If badmintonlovers know it Mizuno shoes often worn by Japanese players And the Mizuno was the official sponsor for Japanese players for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro They all wear Mizuno shoes Gio: uniform light blue colour Yafie: And remember that Mizuno designs shoes specifically for Badminton and the colours are pretty And, Okay.. Are these all Gio’s shoes?? Gio: What the.. that one is yours! Come on…! Yafie: Which one ?? oh yes yes Yafie: Please explain, the collections, and what do you have here Gio: So here, there is SHB-02 LTD, Limited was worn by Lee Chong Wei and also Lin Dan Yafie: Ohh, Lin Dan use this? Gio: Had! only at that time the Yonex brand was hidden because he is still sponsored by Li-Ning Yafie: Oh these have many generations, right? Gio: last generation was SHB 01 yes we do not have it here by chance Yafie: Incidentally, maybe later… In the next or other reviews… may later here or here.. Gio: here?? Yafie: Well here, here, here, here Gio: Well what is it that is here??? Yes.. and SHB 02 also have a version for woman SHB-02L Yafie: Ah! Gio: And SHB-02m which is the norm the light blue coloured one Blue and white Yafie: So it exists for separetely for man and woman? not unisex? or special only for girls? Gio: Well for the woman’s version it’s a bit little longer and its size is only up to 42 (EU) Yafie: Because the legs of the woman’s are normally smaller Except that Indian athlete (Pusarla Venkata) Sindhu Gio: she is very outstanding Yafie: Big huh? Tall.. Well her body is big Gio: Then the series is continued by our shoes in front SHB-03 Yafie: Wooh, cool ya This is new huh? Gio: It is new. Yafie: I’m not sure when this show is out….
Gio: 2017 Announced in 2017 The athlete who wears it for example the Malaysian badminton player the Malaysian legend Lee Chong Wei Yafie: Aaah! Yes! Lee Chong Wei, correct me if i’m wrong, was the champion.. of All England 2017 wearing these shoes Gio: Yes, he was along the years never changes his shoes And finally replaced his shoes with these. Yafie: And if you look… this shoes have unique designs because the shoes does not have.. what is it called? Tongue? Gio: Yeah these don’t have Shoe tongues Yafie: True, there’s no shoe tongues … no shoe tongues… Gio: And the design is similar to the mercurial futsal shoes, huh? Yafie: It’s what is it? What’s the function? Gio: So it was …. designed in such a way that Yafie: Hmm these shoes are cool Gio: your feets hmm, how to explain.. so that it feels like wearing socks Yafie: Oooh i see.. it’s like those recent shoe designs like those sneakers! Gio: so, it is also designed with various range of Power Cushion and .. here with a carbon plating. So that the shoe remains stable Yafie: Stable? What for? What advantages? Gio: Well
Yafie: Compared to this maybe? Gio: One example we can see if we look closer the plastic material cover the entire surface of the shoe on the other shoe there are still synthetic parts there are still parts made out of synthetic leather Here, all the surface are protected with plastic to keep it stable so shoes are not … crooked and bent when worn Excessively on specific badminton movements Yafie: but this is a bit heavy huh? Gio: Slightly heavier Yafie: But comfort? Gio: Comfort is adequate the level of comfort is medium Yafie: what series is this? Gio: 03 ZM Yafie: ZM Yafie: Well, Z is for the version with no shoe tongue.. Gio: No tongue, there is also normal 03 version made with this orange color and also white color and green like the one used by Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo Yafie: OK, OK So badmintonlovers, so if you all want to have a shoes like this which do not have tongues you have to pick this version: SHB 03 Z
Gio: Exactly .. Yafie: then you get the right one This year there are several color variants We are not endorsed (by Yonex) but yes we just…. Have to buy them too 🙂 Yafie: Then what about this one? Gio: that is .. Yonex’s or perhaps, overall, the most lightweight badminton shoes now Yafie: this one? Gio: Yes Yafie: it feels so Gio: The difference is clear enough I forget how many grams.. approximately 400 grams Almost like flip-flops! Swallow Flip-flops! (a brand from Indonesia) So there were also Aerus shoes at first It’s name is only Aerus with Bright orange colour Yafie: This is the second version? Yes, it is the second version This is the second iteration, Aerus 2 Yafie: That first Aerus was thinner, yes? Gio: Quite so, but It is also now a thinner ,it’s even semi-transparent, compared with other shoes Yes, very light but it excels in that, The entire top have a light material but then It has enough protection sufficient Power Cushion at the Bottom, at the heel section and the front Yafie: If I remember correctly.. Christian Adcock
Gio: Chris Adcock Yafie: Yes Chris Adcock
Gio: And also Gabrielle Adcock an XD couple from the UK Yafie: For Indonesian Players.. it was used by Ricky Karanda Suwardi and Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo also he wore this at the All England 2017 Yafie: Ooh! he wore it too?
Gio: well with another colour Yafie: Aaa! that Green color Gio: Bright green!
Yafie: bright green yes// Yafie: Fluorescent green.. So,this Aerus 2 for men there are 2 versions? Gio: Yes Yafie: What is this colour called? Gio: Blue Navy maybe? Yafie: Navy Blue and with.. fluorescent green also Yafie:Then how ’bout this? Gio: Well this one.. the shoes that maybe.. the most popular model from Yonex (SHB-65) First SHB-86, First used by Taufik Hidayat Yafie: Right, yes. Gio: the shape looks similar.. and then SHB-87
Yafie: Yes! First SHB-87 Gio: SHB-86, then SHB-87 Which also used by wide variety of players, like Muhammad Ahsan for example and now the most recent iteration Just came out in 2016 With the new colours Yafie: Yes .. this one is way cooler
Gio: true.. cooler huh? Yafie: These shoes also have 2 colours Gio: Even three Gio: Three, yes Black white yellow colour
(Background: badminton commentator) Then there is this color, that.. Orange-silver colour Yafie: Orange-Silver, Oooh but that is the new one Gio: That is the most recent one.. Yafie: In It’s early days.. in 2016, there were only 2 colours only 2… and now it was newly launched It is very cool the sides are silver the other side orange Then there is also Blue color, the wide one So it’s not purple like this but blue, shinier blue Gio: that shiny blue color! The 65 Wide So the size of the shoes on the front section is slightly wider for us that have rather flat-wide foot Ah those kind of legs.. Gio: Yeah the ones that like to walk bare foot, maybe.. Yafie: Barefooted, hence the wider foot.. it’s good to buy SHB 65 Wide Gio: Then for a short time there was also SHB 65 alpha alpha version was worn by Lee Yong Dae only for a few months SHB 65 alpha is not that… Yafie: yeah not that popular This (SHB 65) was worn by Gideon, right? as the All England champion right? also 2017 Gio: And also when he won at Indian Open when he took 3 (superseries) titles Yafie: The ‘Dämpf’ is located more here, yes? Gio: Dämpfung is located in Yafie: Oh, sorry ..
Gio: Oh, Dämpfung is German sorry we’re in Germany Dämpfung is cushioning shoe cushioning it is more emphasised at the heel area Because it really is a support type shoe and also very thick Thicker than it’s 3 ‘siblings’ here 3 Yonex siblings So this shoe is indeed … indeed special for All-Around play for All-Around player Players who may have a bit more injuries Yafie: Slightly more injuries Or maybe have stocky figures As an example (Marcus Fernaldi) Gideon Yafie: Praveen (Jordan) Or players that are tall and have the risk of knee injuries Like Viktor Axelsen, for example, Yafie: So the cushion is here in this area? But, is it also in these 2 areas? or.. Gio: actually all over the bottom of the shoes The difference is the size the thickness, i mean We can see
Yafie: The difference Gio: the diameter and also the thickness Yafie: Can u guys see? There’s a difference, right? Yafie: maybe not there 🙂 Yo .. the last one, the yellow one the black and yellow one Gio: This shoe is a bit special (SHBSC6LDEX) limited edition We can see that the symbol here is not only Yonex’s symbol there is a strange symbol here That emblem Yafie: Here, what is it? Gio: the symbol of Lin Dan! because this was designed for Lin Dan. Well, so this shoe is very thick Different than it’s friends This shoe is thicker on whole parts of the shoe the Power Cushion or in German: Dämpfung It is thick allover the shoe the body of the shoe is also rigider tend to be rigider than it’s friends And To be clear; As we can compare with this one even the innards are thicker and softer So, it is designed with comfort in mind Yafie: the inside is foamy yes?
Gio: True it is foamy Gio: compared to, there are not too much foam (SHB 03) .. And this shoe is covered with foam (SHBSC6LDEX) Yafie: And these shoes are also slightly controversial, right? Gio: That’s right Yafie: Because these shoes were banned by the China national team well because if Badminton lovers know, China’s national team is sponsored by Li-Ning Gio: Yes, the sponsor must be Li-Ning from top to bottom. Yafie: and.. Lin Dan, he was the only Chinese player Gio: in Chinese national team, Yafie: that the shoe and the racket is sponsored by Yonex Gio: Yes
Yafie: But with his own symbol Because he had Emblem …
Gio: Yonex Emblem Yafie: But he was immediately reprimanded by Chinese national team he was told to change or hide, that yonex symbol, he might violate some contracts Gio: He even, for some time, because he was still confused, and still looking for emblem and sponsor, at that time, he used only ‘LD’ on his racket! Yafie: Yes, yes, that is true! Gio: It was hideous
Yafie: Yeah it was hideous Yafie: So that was before this symbol is designed This symbol was designed by Yonex Yafie: And this …. Gio: probably for his trademark Yafie: his unique branding Lee Yong Dae’s Brand Maybe if ….. Gio: Hey it’s Lin Dan.. it’s Lin Dan .. Yafie: Yeah Lin Dan if it is in basketball world He would be Jordan That Jordan, Air Jordan 1 red it was banned by the NBA And Lin Dan’s for badminton banned by Chinese national team Yafie: If Badmintonlovers know too.. indeed Lin Dan wears Yonex but there are no Yonex symbol at all He wears only this new LD symbol this cool one of a kind emblem And he’s got a lot of stars here there are 1..2..3 4 5 it’s his world champion achievements Gio: from his tatoo Yafie: true from his tatoo It’s true Gio: well This shoe is really designed for the needs of his game If we go back again to our two legends Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan These shoes show their style of play nowadays Lee Chong Wei is still playing his fast game But because he is a little older now, he needs support Lin Dan .. Indeed … his game is now a bit slower than before And he is more prone to injury That’s why he wears these shoes Yafie: And yes .. so some pointers or information that … we can give now with our basic knowledge probably with a bit of ‘know it all’ attitude as freely as we can tell you Gio: with many digressions Just let it be.. The most important thing is At least you guys now know a bit which ones are badminton shoes And maybe the main message we can give: Choose badminton shoes to play badminton!
Gio: True! Don’t wear other shoes because you will be more injury prone Gio: Definitely prone to injury The second thing is: indeed very often that the field also requires special shoes for indoor plays Yafie: That is all from us KEEP CALM AND SMASH HARDER Gio: Keep playing badminton Yafie: keep playing badminton and DO NOT PLAY YOUR COCK ALONE 🙂

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