Nicola Sturgeon filmed celebrating Jo Swinson’s defeat to SNP’s Amy Callaghan

Nicola Sturgeon filmed celebrating Jo Swinson’s defeat to SNP’s Amy Callaghan

Well, she joins me now live. Nicola Sturgeon, I take it you were
pleased about that result. Didn’t look very magnanimous though,
did it, your reaction? Look, I’m delighted for Amy Callahan. She’s one of the bright young stars
of this election and I predict great things ahead for her. But can I say notwithstanding that
understandably excited reaction, commiserations to Jo Swinson. I understand more than most the pressures
and the challenges of leadership. And to lose her seat today, which has led
her party through this campaign, it will be a bitter blow for her. On a personal level, I really do feel for
her. But of course, I can’t help but be delighted
by the performance of my party this evening.

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  2. She's not the only one. All the Lib Dems achieved in this election was sabotaging the tactical vote. Serves her right, Tory in disguise.

  3. Excellent. ?????????????????????

  4. Come on Nicola do readers wives now

  5. Amazing. Love the passion wee Nick

  6. I thought this was Jimmy Krankie.

  7. Haha ? Commies and the mainstream media rejected again!!!!!!????????????????????????????❤️❤️❤️❤️ ??????????????????????❤️❤️❤️. Identity politics and intersectionality are evil and people know it!!!! ❤️❤️

  8. Can't wait for Brexit!! Soon I'll be able to watch little England tear itself apart. Live on TV, better get the popcorn ready ?


  10. More jaw jaw from a separatist !.

  11. I'm delighted for Amy Callaghan's win ?

  12. SNP are a bunch of thugs not a political party.

  13. Give wee Krankie her vote again,they'll lose again anyway. Then the SNP can be put to bed permanently like Liebour and the Lib dumbs.

  14. Nicola yer a stoater!

  15. Screw the left. Self indulgent sycophants destroying the West with their culture of virtue signaling. Don't let children destroy what our ancestors built!

  16. She’s celebrating Boris’s victory and I’m Scottish before you say anything bring on brexit

  17. Suck a tailpipe, Murnaghan. The Union is finished!

  18. English voters voted against colonisation ,contra Corbynism etc,not for Boris Buffoon.
    NHS may well go down the drain soon.

  19. Brutal! The reality check needed by the liberals, not liberal democrats, of this country and throughout Europe. The country was divided by a populist English Nationalist far-right and Scottish Socialist Nationalists and also Socialists of England and Wales. Middle ground does not work, the voters of middle ground do not care about poverty or NHS.

  20. Absolute legend Nicola. I live in East Dunbartonshire and it was a brilliant moment. Independence next.

  21. Real nice Nicola. '" the people of Scotland" really need you?!? I would be very careful what i wish for. Too many people in Scotland still want to stay in the Union.

  22. Wrong! This is how she reacts to a young snp candidate winning her first ever election

  23. Nicola still doesn't a majority of voters for her party. It falls well short of 50per cent.

  24. a new Internet meme in 3, 2, 1 …

  25. Wasnt she once in that act THE KRANKIES??? WEE WULLY KRANKY

  26. That would be my reaction ?

  27. wee cranky to rule scotland….

  28. To any foreigners wondering, in a nutshell she would have been happy if Labour won but not conservatives. She wants mass immigration into Scotland because she is a globalist. Scotland will unfortunately have to learn as England has. Not until the mass rapes happen will Scotland change it's opinions on who to vote for.

  29. So England loosing Scotland

  30. Congratulations from Australia. When you achieve independence in the near future, I'd like to apply for citizenship. Like England, Australia has failed itself.

  31. Haha you love to see it

  32. Get it right up ye, Swinson.

  33. Forgive me but that was my reaction also. She was celebrating Amys win.

  34. The FM should have doubled down and not given her sympathies ?. The ‘uncle Tam’ Swinson got exactly what she deserved. Does anyone else find it “surprising” that the libDems started to capitulate when Swinson was elected leader. I guess no matter how much this cretin sucked up to the English electorate she had an accent that they just couldn’t tolerate ?

  35. Crankie acting nasty showing her true colours and wants to break up the union

  36. Magnanimous? What an imbecile, wagging his finger like a Victorian schoolma'am.

  37. Every right to celebrate

  38. When Scotland wins the world cup…..

  39. One of the few happy moments of this shitshow of an election. Swinson pretty much destroyed the remain cause. At least she got immediate payback.

  40. This was exactly the same reaction she had when the Krankies got a 3 year TV deal with the BBC in 1984.
    If you can read her lips she actually says Fan Dabbi Dozey!


  42. Here is what the psycho babble logic of Scotland looks like. Scotland wants
    to be sovereign: in defiance of Britain, just like Britain wants to be sovereign:
    in defiance of the European Union. SCOTLAND finds itself in a contradiction
    with BRITAIN, as BRITAIN finds itself in a contradiction with the European Union.

    Brexit means Britain becoming a sovereign nation again. The psycho babbling
    Scotts want to remain in the European Union. Scotland does not want to play
    second fiddle to Britain but is 'fine' playing second fiddle to the European Union.

    Scotland wants to have its union with Britain and to eat it too.

  43. We did the same but with Champagne ?


  45. lol go on the sturgeonator ???????

  46. Word play. Stop it.

  47. I think she was cheering for Amy Callaghan more than for Jo Swindon’s defeat

  48. Those two male ghosts are having a great time. ?

  49. Look at him crying about her celebrating

  50. Off you pop then…

  51. Not the behaviour expected of a senior politician. Needs to show some respect.

  52. Damn, both Conservative and Labour voters would have reacted the same. Perhaps we’re not as divided as we thought.

  53. who runs barter town?

  54. Relax peepz she is celebrating as an SNP won. People would do the same if they are a Tory or Labour and see their candidate win.

  55. It was something to celebrate.

  56. But Jo said she would be the PM lol.

  57. I think the Conservatives should help SNP have another referendum about as much they helped UK get it's Independence …
    NOT AT ALL !!!

  58. Sturgeon: I am very happy for Amy, she's one of Britain's young rising stars…

    Translation: We have crushed the Lib Dems and thank goodness for that.

  59. Pure class. What a shame she doesn't have the bottle to take a seat in the uK parliament

  60. As much as I dislike Sturgeon, I'm with her on this one.

  61. Nicola Sturgein shows her standard.

  62. the briefest and most obnoxious of political careers

  63. one less baby killing feminist in our lives

  64. I remember this happening when her old boss'the rapist Alec salmon lost his seat'. The S. N P have only gained 1%.scotland has 5 million inhabitants. London has 10 million. Do the maths.

  65. She just found a 20 bag of smack on the floor …..yeeeehaaaarrrr…

  66. Here we go! once again another Scottish referendum for independence!

  67. She can't wait to be independent of the U.K so she can be dependent on the EU.

  68. How about change the title to she celebrates Amys victory you fucks

  69. straight jacket for the poison dwarf please

  70. I love the fact Wee Jimmy turns around to celebrate and there is no one there. It’s like “Who’s with me ? …..Lads?”

  71. This woman will ruin scotland

  72. Not something you see very often …. a happy ginger


  74. Time to burn this skank.

  75. Out of the frying pan…

  76. SNP lost BIG TIME in England though.

  77. Why is she getting heat for this this? Why not celebrate a massive win?

  78. A very human response from one of my least favourite MPs. Makes her more likeable.

  79. Free Scotland ???????

  80. Nae Liz the Twa, nae Lilibet the One
    Nae Liz will ever dae
    We'll mak' oor land Republican
    In a Scottish breakaway

    Noo Scotland hasnae got a King
    And she hasnae got a Queen
    How can ye hae the Second Liz
    When the First yin's never been

  81. This was a nasty reaction. I had thought a lot of Nicola Sturgeon hitherto, but this showed a lack of any humility in victory. Really bad.

  82. Jimmy Krankie sure knows how to celebrate!

  83. i kinda had the same reaction to poor jo loosing ye haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ha ha ha i so felt for her also not

  84. I sincerely hope Scottish people vote for independence and this country falls into ruin. It's what Britain deserves for electing Boris Johnson.

  85. So Kelts against Celts, I can hear the Romans laughing from their graves. She dont understand heritage or history, lets divide our Keltik nations even more. Keltik is bigger than British , lets stay united not divided, thats exactly wat the Romans did to us.

  86. What’s the big deal ffs

  87. Great reaction from the boss

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