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  1. Ya'll have been asking about night photography for a while! Hope some of these tips help! That water bottle tip though- Wooooo!!! Pumped on that!

  2. is that a James Coffee co. blanket ???

  3. Instead of using remote use 2 or 3 sec timer

  4. Hi, Peter. It been a long you upload videos on YouTube. What's going on?

  5. hahaha, yeah, great place to start ! Just tried this out. Thanks so much 🙂 You remind me of the guy who first got me standing on a surf board. He just made everything so simple, you couldn't really fail. ok, I didn't exactly make the world tour, but I did start having fun.

  6. That was a great intro

  7. you are my photography bible ! hahah

  8. Sorry I didn’t subscribe to you in till now. You’re one of my biggest inspirations. Keep on keeping on. Nice haircut btw.

  9. Would love to see an example of your editing process for night shots as well!

  10. The background music detracts from your overall interesting presentation.

  11. What about using a polarizer and ND filter like a #3 to increase your exposure time and maybe control flare? Also, instead of using high ISO using 100 ISO and forcing the camera to expose the image longer using the ND filter and or not the polarizer? Lastly, what about color lenses or sheets or prisms to really make subjects pop extraordinary than what most photographers would do?

  12. I am taking a 6-week photography course in Buffalo NY with Will Holten and he strongly suggested I invest in a tripod remote and a 24mm pancake lens so I invested in a nice Promaster tripod, a remote and the 24mmlens too. took some great waterfall shots at night and definitely had different public lights to work around

  13. Peter McKinnon your awesome man. The way you use your personality to teach others and the skill you have to back that all up is awesome. You are inspiring me to step out of my comfort zone and to do something I love. I can't get enough of your videos as they are all refreshing. Keep up the amazing work. It would be awesome to run into you some time.

  14. Watched your video today for the first time! You're not a man but a God of Light & Photography! Thank you for these videos.

  15. Thumbs up for putting in a lemon in you're water. Fun.

  16. Most of the time a remote can be easily replaced with 2 sec. self-timer. Enjoy ;).

  17. 我觉得他应该把题目改为三脚架重要性

  18. I like u but u talk a lot n I do not like that all ur video has lighting like this. Do regular lighting YouTuber videos sometimes with less filler talks

  19. that bgm thoo ??

  20. we can use our smartphone to take pictures remotely ?

  21. For a remote I use my tablet with an app I found on the play store. It needs infrared tho.

  22. Great content as always man. So quick question do you white balance your night time pics or you just go with the AWB?

  23. I do the 3 second photo delay timer before starting a long exposure night shot. Makes it easier to not move the camera.

  24. They need to make cubes like that but with RGB leds that you could dial into any hue you wanted… hmmmmmmmmm… I could probably build something like that with an arduino…. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  25. Remote is too important whether you use a camera or a camera phone and if you don't have a remote you can use your earphone
    it helped me a lot.

  26. well you're sure as hell good at night cinematography damn

  27. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious yo.

  28. Thanks for the vid. Night photography is what peaked my interest and got me started. I will have to try the water bottle tip.

  29. But how does he get soooooo good colors!!!

  30. Its funny cause, I started taking shots by doing Night Time Photography… 😉

  31. Night photography is the best wym

  32. Great video! Love your enthusiasm and energy!!! I added a couple of items to your list of must have items – a backpack for my gear, a tracksuit (for quick running), and a dozen eggs for cars as they drive by. Man! I can't wait to get out there and stir up some action photos! SPLAT!…….Click-Click!!

    just-kidding…..thanks for the video!

  33. i can get shots like that with my 500D and a 50mm 1.8

  34. What camera do u use? Can u tell us pls)

  35. Can u do a collab with mahalo my dude

  36. This guy talks too much, all his videos can be cut down in half if he waffled less

  37. What's the name of the music in the end of the video.. 11:16

  38. what was your ISO for these night shots? I always struggle with that

  39. Shooting long exposure I learned why I can't avoid a tripod

  40. Super cool video, maybe I'm a little late but, you don't need a remote conroller, to avoid image blur (7:11) you can just set the self timer to 2 seconds and you've a great shot too! Just a low budget tip 😉 Thank's for this cool video!

  41. this is awesome

  42. I don't use a remote for longexposures. I use the delayed shutter (2s).

  43. There's a really dope place for night photography at the waterfront near HTO park, they got these green color street lanterns plus you can see the tower and the Roger's center lit with purple – all giving a wild & mystic mix of colors.

  44. Great video. I love your enthusiasm! It's totally contagious.

  45. I know this video was ages ago but just watched it now and wanted to say a huge thank you! It's super helpful. Can you make one of how to take non blurred photos at night without cranking the ISO up so it turns out grainy?

  46. cries * thank you Pettttuuuuh

  47. I love to shoot nights and storms.

  48. Do some sport photos (baseball)

  49. 6:56 I use MagicLantern on my camera so I can set it to take a photo when the LCD sensor detects motion so I don't have to touch the camera. Works great.

  50. ⚠️ WARNING ⚠️ be careful if like me suffering with Epilepsy just ⚠️ BE CAREFUL ⚠️

  51. Thanks for the great tips your photography skills are really good

  52. so many thanks for this video Im gonna take a shot at night

  53. Me: Wants to take good photos
    Video: Tripod
    Me: *has no money
    Me: *cries

  54. You sir… Are like the opposite of a vampire ?

  55. I'm an Owl at nights ? ?
    And I shoot at nights
    In my beloved San Juan PR
    With Ambient light in B&W
    No problems with my two Fuji's
    X-A 1 and the XT-10 in M mode
    With Vintage lens

  56. what is your stabilizer on 9:10?

  57. You won’t believe how enlightening your videos are ??

  58. So are these shots non edited afterwards? Because I can't afford an editing software.

  59. Video is amazing as always but I liked for "woohoo fun" about the lemon in the water.

  60. 8:29 it doesn't matter tho

  61. Omg! Thank you

    With this video now i take better quality photos than ever!

  62. @ 8:59 in this video and @ 0:10 on JR Alli's "out of sight" video are in just about the exact same spot.

  63. Nice shots…Please include settings also 🙂

  64. how on earth did u compose that opening video !!!!!!!!!!!! goddddddd im going nutsssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  65. 5 ppl were killed in a pileup caused by a car skidding on ice, which was apparently made by some random jerk photographer looking to get a reflective 'wet' look in his pictures. Ha jk, u got great vids kid

  66. why to use a remote when u can use the 3 sec time…..

  67. what iso you ues?

  68. I’m just always scared to bump up the ISO for low light shots because of noise

  69. But do it matters what camera do I use because I use a Sony 30x

  70. You are my inspiration. I always watch your videos without getting bored.i subscribed your channel and also one of your Instagram follower.keep going love from bangladesh

  71. thank you so so much for teaching me how to take photos at night becaus ei never got the hang of it and my photos were always not clean and sometimes there were flares, than kyou very much!

  72. Awesome…..helpful video Bro

  73. Dude you made me wanna get out there right now although it's 9 am ??

  74. I really appreciate Peter's style and content

  75. …I know this is a needle in a haystack. but wanted to say that while I know you are modest as all get out in your videos, this little bit of info was enough for me to get a sample image on long exposure nailed down first try ever. Having never done it before. So thank you! Keep motivating.

  76. i'll do like you my hero. Night Photography.??

  77. Digital cameras have achieved such level in quality that nowadays it's truly hard to find any significant difference in quality between cheep and expensive gear. Here in Youtube have a lot of comparison videos "CHEEP GEAR VS EXPENSIVE GEAR", and when they are comparing a shots taken with a few hundred$ camera to the shots taken with a few thousand$ camera, it's hard to believe that the difference in quality is so little in nowadays cameras. But there is still one shooting situation where expensive gear beats out cheeper gear, and that's low light shooting. So, night shooting with a cheep gear gives you always more or less grainy pictures, so getting a great night photos, the first step is to invest for the proper gear.

  78. The real questions is what camera did you use to make that video at night?

  79. That long exposure. Toronto is so beautiful!

  80. More subtitles in Portuguese in others videos please! Great job men! I LIKED!

  81. It’s hard to watch and learn from you’re content when we have nothing in common your price range is beyond my league like all the b roll you did had to be with an L lens

  82. Did he use Brandon Woelfel's style in the thumbnail ?

  83. You talk too muuuuuchhh

  84. chapar chapar wat a boaring video shit

  85. One thing that should have been mentioned: Make sure to turn IS off on the lens before taking an LE to prevent looping which would make your shot blurry. Great channel though, working on watching all your videos to hear your take on things!

  86. "Pop your camera on you tripod", more like *spend 10 min trying to match the screw to the hole in the camera and then keep missing it*?

  87. Do night time video shooting!!

  88. Does anyone a nice lens for portraits at night for emount

  89. Thank you so much Pete for the advice ! I did my first night photography sesh last night and I was soo much fun! The results were amazing

    Wild___Adventure if any one would like to check it out !

  90. Look in the description as his “cheap” tripod lol. That’s not cheap to me

  91. I understood everything

  92. Wooow increíble video, gracias a la traducción pude entenderlo saludos desde México!

  93. WHATS name song please

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