Ninja Teaches Mark Hamill The Ways of Fortnite

Ninja Teaches Mark Hamill The Ways of Fortnite

[XBOX SOUND] – I wanna go first, first elimination! Get ‘im, nice! – Ooh, I just nailed that guy! 10,000 points! – 10,000 points, that’s what you’ve won! (warm synth music) What’s goin’ on, everyone? I’m here with the legend, Mark Hamill. Do you have any amazing,
interesting upcoming projects? – You know what the problem is? Everything’s NDA these days. – I knew it. – The things I can talk about
are charities I’m doing, and most important is the Neighborhood Academic Initiative, which empowers lower income
students to get college tuition. And the success rate is enormous. Since 2000, 100% graduation rate, and that’s one of the
greatest fringe benefits of celebrity is that you
feel like you can give back because I’ve been so lucky. – I definitely agree, and
actually, as a streamer, a lot streamers across
all of the platforms, they do a lot of charity work and actually raise a lot
of money for charities. (warm electronic music) So I understand that you
also have a couple of kids. Do you ever game with them? Or have you ever gamed with them? – Well, that’s the whole thing. For me, gaming was a bonding experience when they were young. And I’m talkin’ like
four, five, six, okay? So we were entry-level, I think the first system
we bought was Odyssey 2. – Okay. – The next thing we got was Atari. And it went on and on. The hilarious thing was,
within six to eight months, they were far more
accomplished than I was. I really recommend it for young parents because you always try and
find things that you all like, and they loved it. – That’s awesome, that’s
exactly what happened with me and my dad and my brothers. We thought that he bought them for us, apparently, he bought
the system for himself– – There you go.
– So he would like, sneak out at like 10, out
of, you know, his room, and actually go and play
when we were all in bed. – Yeah, I hear that a lot. (laughs) I’ve done a lot of voice work, I’ve acted in a lot of these video games. – How is it? That’s gotta be so cool. – Oh, it’s great, well, the thing is, it’s unlike anything else you do because if you’re doing a television show or a movie or a movie, it’s a finite, linear script in three acts. With video games, as you know, there’s alternates,
there’s a neutral reaction, a negative reaction, a positive reaction, so the scripts are like
double phone books. – Yeah. – This is schizophrenic. – [Ninja] Right. – I mean, you go in, this guy comes in, brings in an idea of the neutral is a, thanks, I’ll take a look
at it when I have time. The positive, this is brilliant, we’ll put it into operation immediately. The negative is this is foolish, why are you wasting my time? Get out! I mean, you’re giving them puzzle pieces, the players get the puzzle pieces, they get to assemble
the puzzle as they like, but for the actor, it’s mind boggling ’cause you know, you go, who am I? – I’m gonna be teaching you
guys the ways of the road, do you guys have any questions? Feel free. – All right. – To just ask away, but
this is also my first time playing the, like, snow
update, the Christmas update, so we’re gonna be goin’,
we’re kinda gettin’ in this together a little bit. – And this is my first
time playing video games in (muffling) years. – [Ninja] Yeah, we’re all readied up, look at that, she’s
shaking the snow globe. – Oh yeah, are you doing that, Simby? – Yeah. – So yeah– – Oh my God, you’re showing off, doing jumping jacks now. – So click on, click on the
analog stick right here. – Yeah, yeah, okay. – [Ninja] And then you can pretty much just kind of go around and– – [Simby] So you can click the sticks. – And pick what we want. – And then just hit A on
whatever the emote is. So right now, look at ‘im, I’m a snowman. – I think I’m gonna pick that– – The power roar. So there’s already a couple
versions of her before, and now this is obviously the snow one. I’m the little fish guy, and he’s obviously snowed out. So already clicked in!
– That’s right. – [Mark] I believed you would. – So, right now, if you walk, just hit your right trigger,
it’s right here, boom. – Oh, okay. – Click on that, you
guy will start screaming if you run in front of somebody, you can actually hit them
for 20 points of damage with your pickaxe. So you’re loading the map
with a hundred people, and the goal is to just
be the last one standing in your squad or team, so, the best part is, you don’t have to play against one another, you can play with– Oh, there’s a guy right in front of you! Block that and melee him, melee him! Oh, right trigger! – [Mark] Right trigger. – Oh, first, first elimination! Get him! Nice! (laughing) – Ooh, I just nailed that guy! 10,000 points! – 10,000 points, that’s what you’ve won. Look at that, you’ve already
outlasted two players. Now just keep smackin’ him
on the ground ’til he’s dead! – Now, is no one I meet
going to be friendly? Everyone– – Everyone is trying to kill you. – Oh. – [Ninja] Listen, look how
terrifying your guy looks, though, man.
– I know. – [Ninja] I’m thinkin’ no
one’s gonna mess with you. – If only I had a
competent gamer to help me. I mean, you were on my side
until we started playing opposite one another. – [Ninja] I apologize. – Oh, here we are! Ladies and gentlemen, Nathan Hamill.
– About right here. – [Mark] The two of them used to mock me for playing the “Little Mermaid” game. They beat it in like two hours! I was up all night for a week
trying to beat that game. – Remember, Sky Kid? – Sky Kid was good, and
what was the other one that? The Lucky Dime, was that Scrooge McDuck? That was about my speed. And Griffin, how did you
switch over to my character? – Because when he gets eliminated, it’s a spectating thing, so it’ll spectate your team. – So his character got eliminated. – Yeah, he was actually
the first one down, so you actually outlasted him. – Wow! Who’s laughin’ at “The
Little Mermaid” now? (laughing) What have you got against
mom and pop stores? – No, no, there’s no
one here, there’s never, there’s no NPCs or
anything like that, so– – Why are you destroying this stuff? – [Ninja] It’s because I, you know, this is actually, a lot of
people really just enjoy it. – Am I dead?
– Yeah. – Oh, okay. – Don’t worry, we’re gonna
get you guys back up. – That’s all right, I’m good. Being a spectator is underrated. – That’s a good point. – [Mark] Okay, so now
we’re just observing you. – Anthony, I’m going to save you. – Lemme know when you have his cart. So they added this function now where once your health hits zero, you’ll have a cart, your reboot cart. And we can grab it and then
we can boot you back up again. (electronic pulsing) – Look how festive candy
cane outfit she’s got. – [Ninja] I know, right? – Take that from here. (laughing) – It’s perfect for the season. – [Ninja] And now I need you
to run away from the stone. – This is a waveline, if you fell– – [Mark] This, my controller vibrating. – You get, you just gotta go like this. – Is that a good thing? – Yup. – Well, so far, I see no weapons. And we’re in a parking lot, which is littered with ammo and weapons. – [Ninja] She eliminated some of the– (gunfire) And then when they do, they
drop all their goodies. – Oh, I gotcha, okay. You don’t have to attack
any of these bushes, do you? – [Ninja] Well, you
can hide in the bushes, but I wouldn’t recommend attacking them. – Looks great, right?
– The graphics are astonishing. – Oh yeah, the graphics
are actually incredible. And just wait, the new
next generation consoles come out in a year, 2020, holiday. The Xbox Series X. All right, so Simby, what
are your top tips and tricks when you’re playing? – I would say just definitely build. – Build what? – All right, so ready? This is, we’re literally showing you probably 20% of what
Fortnite is right now. You can switch to this, build, and you can really– – Oh. – You can build whatever you want, you can edit this thing, I can edit it and flip it, and confirm and then it flips, and I can build walls. So if someone starts
shooting at you, right? Boom. I just start building walls. And then I can build a little ramp, and now I’m protected
from the left and right. – I had an axe, you’ve
got a Christmas tree, pal, that’s just what I thought. – [Simby] You can customize it. – [Mark] Yeah, it does
as much damage as an axe. – [Ninja] Some people
think that, you know– – That gives me an advantage,
but it doesn’t, right? – It doesn’t, I don’t think so. – [Mark] Can you just use your
axe to get through the bush? – You have to harvest those to– – [Mark] Oh, wow. He just something, whatever that was. – [Ninja] 15 wood. (chuckling) – Yeah, do your Beavis and Butthead line. I’m so proud, son. – Oh. – So they just added this new mechanic at the beginning of Fortnite chapter two, it’s called fishing. Now obviously, we know
fishing’s in our life, we do not fish in Fortnite, so all you have to do I
just hold X to pick it up. Just move that–
– X is the top one? – Left one.
– Left one. – Oh, there’s someone on your
time sheet, I’ll shot at that. Hold on.
(gunfire) – All right, and then follow me? – Dead. – Where is she? – [Simby] Right here, your
left, your left. (laughing) – [Ninja] If you use it, it’s sorta like, now get closer and boom, one more time, and boom, now you’re fishing. – [Simby] If you wanna,
like, stand up here, like on the dock. – Down that way–
– You can fish in there, yeah, you can fish in the water. – Yeah, I mean, okay– – That’s probably gonna be a
little bit easier to fish with. Oh, let’s go, we got it, all right, so you just pulled 30 wood, so you just keep doing that
and you can pull out sardines, weapons, ammunition, you
name it, you can pull it out. – So Tyler, what do you
think about the new update? – I mean, it was obviously a lot of fun. I love snow, so snow being on the map and all these really
awesome creative skins, it’s just really exciting and more content for me to
stream and upload videos. Mark, do you like the video? – Well, I was afraid of
something that now has come true, which is now that I’ve played this, I wanna play more. – Oh boy. – And I don’t have enough time. – Hey, welcome to the club. Welcome to the club. – How it starts. – I also like fishing. That’s something I can understand. – Fishing is relatable. – I’m not a fan of
confrontational parts, so, fishing is, that’s a nice
passing thing that I am, luckily, I didn’t meet many people, so I didn’t have to use my axe at all. – There you go.
– Yeah. – We also did get an
elimination, first game ever, as well, with your pickaxe. – Yeah, although, they
should give you a feature where if you go to the convenience store, you can get snacks
rather than destroy ’em. That’s my suggestion.
– Wow. All right, well, there you
go, there you guys have it. Guys, I really hope you
enjoyed this incredible content with Mark, his family,
and Simby and myself. If you guys have not downloaded
Fortnite on the Xbox, you guys can play all this new
incredible content right now. Thank you guys for watchin’. – Hamill out. ♪ Holiday Music ♪ [Camera beep] [cat screech] [XBOX SOUND]

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