NINTENDO LABO BOX FORT!! ?? Mario Kart, Table Tennis, Swords & More!

NINTENDO LABO BOX FORT!! ?? Mario Kart, Table Tennis, Swords & More!

gee oh gee what are you doing looking
out front I was trying to cryogenically freeze myself you stopped it I was just
about to fall asleep what what is it Jake it’s it’s Friday it’s today in
January Janey movie no no no no it’s it’s supposed to be February lovely ruin
everything I wanted sleep until February okay later be longer and you froze
myself then I wake up on magical day what are you talking about
Volken nintendo labels it’s coming out in February
I saw the launch trailer and I knew I had to happen but I couldn’t wait I
couldn’t wait till then so I decided to freeze myself in a cryopod Jake that’s
crazy why would you do that just so you can wake up on the day of a game look
and it’s more than just a game it’s an interactive building kit that allows him
to build and play at the same time Jake you realize we do that every day we
have so much cardboard and we can pretty much build whatever you want we don’t
even need to buy that thing we can just build it ourselves
that might be the single-handedly smartest thing you’ve ever said in your
life you’re right we don’t need to wait till Nintendo labels kids out will you
build it ourselves I say we build our very own Nintendo labels box forth out
of cardboard with all the cool features a racing chair a sore fighting arena a
table tennis real table tennis sticks grab as much
cardboard as you can I’ll grab the switch we’re doing a Nintendo labels box
for you what’s going on guys this Bobby J cube property baby and we are back
with a brand new video and today guys we are doing a very awesome box for buzz
forth that I was gonna go to sleep and wake up in February to do which I now
think about lowing that wouldn’t make sense cuz then I’d be gone for like a
month if it then I could make the ultimate prank that’s but what no no I
do not want to leave you for combust alone that would be a dare
but guys we are back in today we’re doing a Nintendo labels box for or is it
la voz la BOS lab OHS alright you know we’re gonna call it labels cuz it sounds
cool but nonetheless guys i saw the trailer
for nintendo labels and i was like yo this is really cool and then they
actually dawn on me we do this every single day why don’t we just try and
make it ourselves now I know you’re thinking yes Papa Jake they are gonna
come out with some like attachments board and stuff so you play the piano
and you can fish but until it does come out we thought it’d be cool to do our
very own Nintendo labels box board with the games that we have and with the
supplies that we have mainly our awesome box for downstairs in a bunch of
cardboard so that’s exactly what we’re gonna do today guys I’ve got a few
different games that I want to try and make one of them’s gonna be a racing
game one is give me a sword fighting game and I also want to try and do table
tennis which I think gonna be really cool of course guys if you are new to
the channel do not forget to hit the like button down below as well as smash
the subscribe button caspere’s so close like so close Logan show how close we
are like this close this whispering close is that how you say it and if you
do subscribe don’t forget to hit the little Bell buttons right down there and
if you guys think that we should do a full Nintendo labels box for when it
actually comes out smack the like button down below and we will do a Nintendo
labels box work when it’s released at the end of February let’s try and go for
40,000 likes because we’re almost at 4 million subscribers let’s grab our gear
and head downstairs oh you’re now back inside our arcade you
guys probably remember this when we did our arcade box for video and as you see
you’ve got all this stuff in here it’s a nice open space we got lights
we got cool TV over here and we’ve got a bunch of building material we thought
because we’re doing the intend ol avos box for we might as well build it in the
arcade and make like a really cool Nintendo label section because it’s a
little secret boat we might be doing a billionaire box board so it would be a
really cool addition to a billionaire box for it we got the switch Logan which
is gonna be our main thing that we use to build everything so because we’re
building different Nintendo labels accessories we not only have to make
sure that they’re like awesome and we can use them but we also to make sure
that we can switch them out easily so if we want to
play sword fighting we got to be able to take out the controllers put them in the
sword fighting and then if we decide to play table tennis do the same thing I’m
kind of feeling like building the Nintendo lay Bo’s Mario Kart section
we’re also using mostly just household cardboard that you can find from
packaging as well as like Amazon boxes and stuff like that to show you guys
that really all you need is a few things like that maybe some extra rubber bands
and you two can make yourself a Nintendo labels box for it for my Nintendo labels
Mario Cart I’m gonna be building it over here and what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna
make like a race car that you can actually sit in and drive we’re gonna
need the steering wheel which is gonna be the main thing I use to actually
control the car and I’m gonna need pedals which is gonna be really awesome
so I can go forward and backwards and really just like driving a real car it’s
gonna be awesome so I’m thinking of this area over here it looks like a good spot
to kind of start and build onto and the main thing like I said is gonna be the
steering wheel and I’m gonna show you guys a really cool way to build this not
only can you use this for your Nintendo labels but it’s actually a cool build
you can do with your iPhone if you got racing games or really anything that
uses motion now this is done I’m gonna start working
on the steering wheel and I kind of want to put some lighting in here they could
be really cool to like light it with some LED strips so now that we have the
a Nintendo switch Mario Kart pretty much maybe we still gotta work on the pedals
and some lighting I’m gonna work on the most important part which is the actual
steering wheel this is what we’re gonna use to control the game and instead of
using the switch you know normally like this we’re gonna make something that
looks and feels like a real racecar steering wheel the cool thing about this
though guys is not only can you do this to your Nintendo switch but you could
also do this to your smartphone really anything that uses motion controls you
can make yourself a working steering wheel so I’m gonna show you guys how to
do that and we’re gonna get started with this card board and our switch half the outline of the Nintendo switch
ready so this is basically gonna be what you hold when you’re controlling it like
a real racecar now I gotta tape it all together with some cool Nintendo
switches dean tape but so far this is coming together it’s looking awesome
once we add this to our Mario Kart system downstairs it’s gonna be even
cooler well Jake’s working on the car I’m gonna start working on the ping pong
table so far we have the table here I’m
working on some nice LED lighting and then I’m gonna wrap this thing in red
and blue tape and there we go the steering wheel is complete check
this out so now all we have to do is put that into our Mario Kart downstairs so
when you do want to play the switch all you have to do is simply insert it into
here and it should just pop in like so and
there you go now you have yourself a racing wheel which you can attach to
anything and like I said guys the cool thing about this is that you’ve not only
can use this with your Nintendo switch but you can use the same method with
this with your iPhone and all it is is as you saw me cut out all the cardboard
pieces a bunch of layers so you can fit your iPhone in here and you can make any
design you want but now that this is done let’s bring it back downstairs and
see what Logan’s been up to so the ping pong table is now finished along with
some nice LED lights now I’m gonna make the ping pong paddles while Luke is
working downstairs on the ping pong table I’m gonna be working on the sword
so I went ahead and I grabbed some of these they’re just like basic cardboard
packing stuff again you can use whatever you want for this but it’s really just
the concept of how Nintendo labels works its surrounding the controllers of the
Nintendo switch with stuff to make it more immersive and more realistic so in
this case we’re gonna be making swords I’m gonna use this as the kind of
outline for where we can actually hold the controller so you kind of hold the
controllers in here and then we can have our sword battle like this and then I’m
gonna extend on top of this using cardboard and actual sword it’s gonna be
really cool so check it out just finished up the very first sword so
as you can see here we got our controller and we have our sword here but if you wanted to I mean you could
make this a battle ax of mace or even though even bigger sword but once you
have it relatively made all you have to do after that is grab your Nintendo
controllers set up the sword game and then you can just slide it right into
the little container here and then you’re ready to fight so I’m gonna make
another one for Logan and we’re gonna test them out on the battlefield the
cool thing is instead of just using the controllers and feeling the vibration we
can actually sword battle each other which is gonna be awesome
oh also guys I made a different version because I know some of you are probably
thinking Papa Jake if you put the switch controller inside you’re not gonna be
able to use it and I do know that some switch games actually require you to use
like the joystick if you’re like blocking or something like that
so I came up with a secondary design where all you need to do is slide it in
the top of this like so it just kind of locks in here and then we’re gonna
extend the sword up on top so you still access to the trigger so you can block
move around and it is a little bit easier to just kind of whip out if you
need to but how sweet is this we’ve got ourselves another sword I went for kind
of like a samurai sword which I think looks really awesome this thing is huge
it’s really fast and it’s got the cool new design so you can actually block
with it which is pretty sweet your imagination is the only limit of what
you can do with this so I’m pretty excited let’s head back downstairs see
what Logan’s doing but I think it’s about time to start actually playing
with this stuff I’m pretty excited let’s head downstairs so we’re back in the box
for now and it is looking amazing check this out we’ve got our Mario Kart kart
here we have our ping pong table over there we’ve got both of our swords here
we got the spiky one the really cool samurai sword and then Logan made these
ping pong paddles which look amazing check this out so on the back here you
have an input for where you put the Nintendo switch controller and then you
hold it like this and we can play ping pong now if you guys haven’t seen some
of the games that we’re talking about like sword fighting or ping pong don’t
worry we’re gonna show them off but I’ve been so excited looking I’m thinking we
start with Mario Kart I don’t know about you
is probably the biggest piece that we built here and basically as you can see
you sit inside your little Mario Kart cockpit here and the cool thing is we
have not only the steering wheel which you can use to race but we also have the
pedals which go up and down really cool all we did was use elastic bands and we
have an engine start and stop switch over here so let’s turn on the switch
and see what happens so here we go we’re loaded up so it’s about time to test the
car make sure the pedals are working steering wheel is working well alright
here we go flower Cup let’s turn the car on start
our engines and we’re ready to roll this is tricky this is so sweet it’s like I’m
really driving to Mario Kart I think the other thing that we can add to this to
make it even more immersive is if we had like a fan in front of this that’d be so
cool just like wind blowing in your face you feel like you’re actually driving
now obviously the pedals don’t work right now they’re more for aesthetics
but when Nintendo lados does get released they will have working pedals
which i think is really sweet alright guys so next up we’re playing ping pong
if you guys haven’t played the ones who switch ping pong it’s really cool and
really realistic healing alright guys we’ve got Table Tennis set up here so
we’re gonna take the switch and we’re gonna put it at the side of our table
tennis table like so and then me and Logan are going to attach our joy Khan’s
into our table tennis paddles so I guess blue will go in the blue and the red
will go in the red dude I’m ready I’m like a table tennis master what chair
when you hit the ball two joysticks rattles and it feels that you actually
hit a yeah I love it it’s like really cool looks like I’m up first alright
guys so imma serve it oh nice the backhand
dude it’s like really cool using real table tennis tables
Oh Oh what’s this game is so hard oh my gosh dude I thought I had that ah got
you here we go here we go I’m in the zone now all right here we go oh dude
I’m getting the pro so I’m sorry guys you gonna listen for the tap
it’s like tap tap tap oh come on dude I was a good rap that was the longest
rally we’ve had yeah who’s really good Oh too slow buddy is it matched for those oh no it’s all tight looks like Logan’s
the winner come on I heard it like I heard it bounced off the table I was
like oh I won and it was like no it’s still going dude that is sick he’s
actually really right it’s so cool and I love visualizing the table here yeah cuz
normally when you played this game it’s like you’re just standing in front of a
TV but with the table you can kind of visualize that and after a while you you
can hear it and it’s like playing real table tennis you feel the ball yeah it’s
awesome ulis yeah it feels exactly like hitting
a real table tennis ball so that was sweet guys but I think it’s time to move
on and try out sword fighting this is by far my favorite sword you guys can make
whatever you want I mean this could be a battle axe you could turn it into like a
spear if you really want to so we’re now ready to try sword fighting so as you
can see we’ve have it here on the screen so basically the way that this game
works is it’s like real sword fighting you can do a side strike a vertical
strike and you can also block it by holding down the trigger and blocking
the opponent now normally you play this with just controllers and you can’t
visualize anything but for this well we have real swords oh here we go the last
attempt ended in a bit of a draw because Logan’s sword started to flop around so
it does kind of mean that you have to think about how you actually make the
sword so we went back to the drawing board remade Logan sword it’s nice and
it’s it’s ready for battle so let’s uh let’s do this you ready – I’m ready do that Oh let’s say to shout how are you oh dude
looks like Papa Jake won the sword match you might have taken table tennis pop
Jake it’s true sword with that bro the cool thing guys is that when you want
choose games all you do is you just pop open this grab your switch controller
take it out and go back to table tennis or put it back in the switch and go play
Mario Kart but I think guys this is where we’re gonna wrap up this box for
it for today I really hope you guys enjoyed it if you want to see us do more
Nintendo labels obviously when it comes out we’ll use the real thing when we can
actually get it but until then if you want to see us build some more of our
own DIY Nintendo labels and play some of the other cool games that there are on
the switch let us know by hitting the like button and leave a comment down
below with your suggestions but guys this has been Papa Jake and Loki from
Team 15e and we’ll see you guys next time
for another awesome video hey guys guess what’s coming billionaire box

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