Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite Gaming Gift Guide 2019

Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite Gaming Gift Guide 2019

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  1. I'm watching this even though I already bought a Switch Lite as a gift ?

  2. i cant find the pokeball plus on sale am i crazy

  3. I thought you guys were Jewish I didn’t know you celebrated Christmas

  4. Just in time for the day after Black Friday weekend and Cyber Monday haha

  5. Imagine recommending pokemon over smash bros.

  6. Love you dude please marry me if you have time on you hand ✌?

  7. that switch lite looks so blue compared to mine lol

  8. your discount code doesnt work

  9. tried to use discount code and it didn't work, womp

  10. I got myself a Samsung 512gb sdxc Card on Monday yes 100% legit Samsung brand which I need $80 off from Harvey Norman in Australia was around $250 yes I know I paid a lot and yes I needed it but I’m not going to take a risk of bricking my switch for a cheap brand. But Nintendo and Sandisk I have noticed have made one too I noticed on EB Games/GameStop website last week while Black Friday shopping around same price but you can’t buy in store I’m glad that they have made the cards over 500gb now

  11. Personally I'd say getting the mario kart bundle with the old switch is totally fine if you're hardly ever gonna play in portable. I'm not upset with the switch I got near launch cause I very rarely play on the go.

  12. Or buy a memory sandisk memory card 256 gigabyte for 12 dollars at aliexpress

  13. I came here for my weekly dose of Bob.

  14. I don't know about you, but I'd love being gifted a cat.

  15. Satisfye grip is amazing I got the bundle w the small case and big case love it, can’t recommend it enough if you don’t have one.
    Pokémon sword is a lot of fun, but it wasn’t worth $60 still enjoy it tho

  16. Bob I Love My Nintendo Switch

  17. … unless they're buying it for a child or a person with small hands. I hate grips. They make the switch too clunky to hold, I can already just hold the cons. Still looking for silicone covers for the Joy-cons that doesn't come with a darn bump 😛

  18. What’s the game name 7:43

  19. Every time I try to use portable mode I end up just being a lazy piece of shit and popping the stand and holding the controller… then it’s like.. I might as well just dock this bitch lol

  20. I'm so curious about the Afterglow wireless controller for switch. I was going to get it for myself but I don't want to get just anything. It doesn't have the Wulff Den Stamp of approval.

  21. Still using my SN30 Pro+ from your first video, I love it too!

  22. Well I’ve been watching this channel loyally for more than a year. I feel old

  23. What is your age demographic?

  24. Your Satifye code doesn’t work

  25. Uhh.. why is this in my recommendation list?? is anyone here from December 3rd 5 hours later??

  26. I wonder if 8bitdo will ever make a replacement set of joycons? With a dpad on the left?

  27. Oughta just go full out and name the channel "Ninten Den" x)

  28. You singing it is better

  29. Do you know if the lets go eevee bundle comes with the newer switch?

  30. Actually I would have taken the switch if I had not any PS4 so I gonna take the lite

  31. he says that the holiday bundle is 57 dollars but for me its 67….?

  32. In my opinion the tom toc cases are the best its a hard case which comes in a compact slim version + a gratis sillicon case which also adds grip and an bigger one like the the satisfye one, or even a bigger case for your whole switch setup dock, pro controller…

  33. 4:00 smash bros ultimate?

  34. The original Switch model can also be hacked.

  35. Thank you for the video! Wanted to let you know though the promo code isn't working for some reason.

  36. I use my note 10 plus charger to charge my switch

  37. cool video. 2 of my friends have been trying to get a switch and i've been trying to explain the differences between the new model and the revision, but now i just sent them this video to break it down better. i didn't even know about the difference in battery life.

  38. What's the game at 7:39 ?

  39. Do you use a script for your videos. I'm just curious. You're pretty good.

  40. Maybe the lite is for someone with out a tv or your cheap

  41. Personally my favorite switch controller is the power A Pro controller

  42. 0:16 nope I just love listening to your wonderful voice

  43. First nintendo system I am apprehensive of buying. Had an og switch with 3 controllers that started drifting, sold it this spring and bought a ps4. Id love to get back into my switch library,.. but not if I get drift again. Ruined my gaming experience.

  44. If anyone is thinking of getting an ethernet adapter 11:10 get the UGREEN one. According to Reddit, the cord is longer than the Amazon basics one and it fits nicely with the dock. I bought the Amazon Basics adapter and it doesn't fit neatly in the Switch dock unless you remove the little cable gate or leave it open. Also the AB ethernet adapter works with the Switch out of the box but needs a driver if you use it with a Macbook (Mojave)

  45. I freaking love your videos man ???

  46. Is anybody able to use Wulff Den's code on Satisfye? Just keeps telling me I've enter an invalid code.

  47. we always get a crotch shot at the end lol

  48. Thanks for releasing this after Black Friday

  49. I don't see the point in you putting out this video AFTER black friday after the old bundle sold like hotcakes because people unknowingly bought the old bundle because Nintendo made sure to not advertise it as such. Me knowing that this bundle was offered last year and for a better deal as gamestop was offering $50 along with $30 eshop card with it. It is a slapped in a face that this year they offer it again with only $20 store credit. Nintendo is beyond greedy. And I'm not giving them credit for offering games like zelda and mario for half the price because after 2 years that is the price they should be. Same thing for the pokeball. It should have never been anything over $20. Nintendo is the only one who release exclusive they think should not to down in price.

  50. you samg it wrong ruining Vince Guaraldi leave bob insulted. i got a pokeball for $20 on black friday

  51. 5:01 "OnLy $250" ONLLLLY

  52. Do NOT get them an eshop card. Not everyone wants digital games. Give cash, NOT a gift card CASH. I don't know why people are reluctant to give people cash as a gift. I'll take cash any time of the year.

  53. i still don’t grasp how people use grips for switches..i’ve got through 4

  54. Playing the switch in portable hurts my weird too but not because of cramping but because I hold the switch over my chest as I lay down and the weight of holding it is heavy on my wrist.

  55. That holiday bundle is no longer $57.95 . It is $67. It is a no from me. I guess they saw you advertising it and decided to raise the price back up. Either that or you just filmed it late.

  56. You should make a video about some game recommendations.

  57. Can you review those wheels from the intro? I've seen them but haven't seen any reviews.

  58. The satisfye grip has really improved switch gaming on handheld. I play docked and handheld equally and noticed my palms and wrist hurting a lot in handheld.

    Looked for grips and found that satisfye asymmetric grip made the most sense.

    Highly recommend

  59. Thank you satisfye! Is it wrong to say I come to this channel for the humor ?

  60. Hey! i found out an amazing idea how to “dock” the switch lite So basically you record your gameplay on your switch via smartphone camera and connect Hdmi phone to tv (Sorry if it sounds wack but i think i explained the gist of it

  61. Will you give me one
    I live in Wisconsin lane Street .

  62. I work at gamestop and I know ALL of this but still here for the luls

  63. Oooh amazon business.

  64. It's too bad there're too many extra costs for the grip if you're not in the usa. Shipping cost (to Canada) almost doubles the price, without even taking into consideration currency conversion and then tax. If only satisfye grips were sold on amazon…

  65. I want to have that facial hair dudes

  66. Another great video. You rule!

  67. Your, your own special someone ? that's a good one ?

  68. Last week at Costco I saw a switch bundle that had the revised switch and it came with the storage card (2 hundred and something), screen protector, a case, and a family subscription. It was $ 350.

  69. 1:16 called out lmao

  70. Just got my switch lite ordered in the mail, it’ll be in my hands in 2 weeks. Videos like this really help me decide what to get

  71. I’m only ever going to dock it when it run’s out of battery, that’s just who I am.

  72. Highly recommend the charging stand as a gift I got one as a gift last year and it's really come in handy!!

  73. Why, I :AM: my own special someone!

  74. I'm so tired of people telling me zelda is a good game?
    I picked that game to get and I haven't even had it for a week and its soo boring and i have no idea where the game wants me to go because for some reason there is more than main quest on the pause screen
    When I went to one it took my right to the hyrule castle and I'm definitely not prepared my whole map is blacked out
    The game gives me no direction in what to do and everything is so spread out
    The game reminds me of fallout 76 in a way I can travel forever and not find anything to do
    In any mission I attempt to do whether it's a side quest or the main quest it doesnt actually tell me what to do
    The map is just to big and when it comes to mission it doesn't tell me where to go and describes vaguely on what to do

    It has not been a fun experience and it's pretty much my only game

  75. I bought from Satifye over the last couple of days 2x, Discount code did not work… wonder if it was due to Black Friday… Tried to put it in today, it worked… too late though.

  76. Bob, Baby keep doing what you're doing bro. Love the content


  78. Imagin having a normal switch with no extra battery life ??????? that’s me?

  79. I hate different it when the gray colors are cheaper and the other cool & great colors are expensive huh?

  80. I thought you were gonna say because of all those years… You know beating your m…

  81. ur real awesome Bob !!!! Please give us a full video on why it is you hate screen protectors ????

  82. Jeez Bob. Why you gotta go and make such wholesome content, huh?

  83. Can someone explain why cat5e or higher?

  84. I like these.

    My Insignia (Best Buy brand) Switch Lite case came with the cloth, wipes, screen shield, AND Switch grip. I’ll be looking for more elegant cases, but this is a great option, and LITERALLY the first thing I got the same day I got my Lite.

  85. 8:10
    And for gods sake, Bob, get a modern iPhone! The Xr is cheap, or spend a bit more and go for the iPhone 11. It’s like……..whatever you get for 2 ad reads worth on this channel…..

  86. I have that power a switch lite case and the screen protector sucks. Do yourself a favor and buy the tempered glass ones on amazon for around $8

  87. Wanted to get one this year….. but did horrible in my exams so … next year it is..?

  88. Thanks for not directing the viewers to your other Switch case videos when talking about cases for the Switch (even though I've watched those videos :D). Btw the subtitles go off-sync at 8:27. Lastly, what's the deal with CAT-5 Ethernet cables?

  89. Doesn't recommend a 57 hour game because commitment. Proceeds to recommend Breath of the Wild.

  90. I would enter the giveaway….

    Buy I don't have a switch ?
    Yea I'm poor

  91. What about a portable charger? I know some aren't compatible.

  92. What game is being played at 7:38?

  93. My left stick is having weird responsive movement when I turn it left 🙁

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