Noire & Black Heart – Dialogue Lines | Azur Lane

Are you the commander? Hmm… Very well. I’m Noire. The CPU of Lastation. You can put your mind at ease now that I’m here. I’m Noire, the CPU of Lastation. I wonder if I’ll be able to make many friends in this new world… B-but more importantly! Give me a report on the current state of the war. Are you the commander? Hmm… Very well. I’m Noire. The CPU of Lastation. You can put your mind at ease now that I’m here. You’re fashionably late, I see. We have much to do today, so get ready. H-hey! What’re you looking at?! You’re not neglecting my maintenance are you? Of course equipment is important, but our motivation also affects our performance, so pay attention to it. The dresses these girls wear are quite cute. A-and I’m not just saying that because I want to try them out or anything. Hmhhmhmmn♪ Hmmhm♪… Huh? Since when did you get here…? Noir…! Keep your hands off me! L-listen here… If you don’t stop it right now then I will get angry. You should check for missions at regular intervals. If we get any rewards we can’t use then I’ll inform the higher-ups for you. It seems mail has arrived. Well done. I consider relaxation to be a legitimate training method. It seems a commission has finished… Thank goodness, looks like nobody’s been hurt. I’m going to set my sights higher. Watch and see what happens when I get serious! Hah, what child’s play. It’ll take more than this to satisfy me. I will never forget this defeat. And that is why I will grow stronger. Leave this to me! I’m fine, there’s nothing to worry about. Could you please just get out of my sight already? Ah, you came just in time. I was just about to make lunch. Wanna join me? A friend of mine would like to have lunch with you next time. You don’t mind, right? I’ll be there too, of course. I mean, someone has to be there to make sure you don’t get ahead of yourself and do anything weird. You need advice? Can’t you just ask someone else? Like that girl from the other day you seemed to be having such fun talking to? Was that all you wanted to say? Well then, good luck…… Sigh, I’m such an idiot… Hey… When I’m together with you, my heart feels like it’s gonna burst. How do you feel about me? …Actually, don’t tell me. I already know the answer… What?! This isn’t just a prank, is it…? This can’t be, I thought you hated me for sure… Why are you looking at me like that? That means my answer is: OK! You should be able to tell that on your own, idiot! Come on, Neptune! Pay attention so I don’t have to butt in all the time!
(Sortie with Neptune) I assume everyone’s ready for this?
(Sortie with 3 of the following ships: Neptune, Blanc, Vert) I’m the CPU of Lastation, Black Heart. I’ve rushed here all the way from Gamindustri to lend you my aid. Be grateful. I am Black Heart, the CPU and guardian of Lastation. Be sure to properly learn from my refined combat techniques. I’m the CPU of Lastation, Black Heart. I’ve rushed here all the way from Gamindustri to lend you my aid. Be grateful. I’ll show you how a CPU fights! I’m ready whenever you are. Hey… Don’t you think you’re a bit too close? Commander, isn’t that enough training? From now on, let me prove my worth in actual combat. I was just thinking… the ocean sure is beautiful, isn’t it? Why don’t we go for a swim to clear our minds? You sure are spaced out. I wouldn’t be opposed to helping lift your spirits, you know. W-wait… suddenly touching me like that… of course I’d be shocked! Even if you’re the commander… I won’t allow you to go any further. It seems that new missions have been posted. Let’s hurry up and knock these out. Seems that a mission has been completed. It’s only natural to get rewarded for one’s hard work. Looks like you have some new mail. If you’re busy, I wouldn’t object to getting it for you… I’ve safely returned to port. Now then, let’s report the battle results and begin debriefing. Looks like a commission’s been completed. Hurry and take a look. Don’t think that I’d be satisfied with just this achievement. Let’s give it our all from the very start! Is that all? How boring. So this is the bitterness of defeat? However…. next time, I’ll win for sure. I’ll end you with this! N-not bad… You should know what will happen if you try to get any closer. Hey… do you have any friends? Hmm… as a special service, I wouldn’t object to becoming your friend. Looks like you’ve been hard at work. Since I happen to be free right now, why don’t I help you out? It seems like we understand each other a lot better now. At first, I thought you’d give up halfway, but you’ve certainly changed a little. Let’s work hard together and continue to grow from now. Even though I’m often harsh with you, I don’t really mean it that way… But even then, I might have already hurt you. This time, though, I’d like you to scold me… If it’s you, I might be able to change for the better. Are you sure about choosing me? This is the only time you’ll get to change your mind… I see… so your answer is still the same. Well, it’s not like I particularly like you that much or anything, but if you’re this serious, I’ll have to give you an equally serious reply. But… if you’re going to cop out on me, I won’t forgive you! I won’t forgive you if you drag me down!
(Sortie with Purple Heart) Can you withstand this attack?
(Sortie with 3 Hyperdimension Neptunia ships) It’s good to take it easy and celebrate once in a while, but especially in moments like these, you can’t afford to let your guard down. Commander, why don’t we spar for a bit? Don’t even think about holding back – come at me!

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