Not Wearing a Bra for a Week with Big Boobs! | Hannah Witton

Not Wearing a Bra for a Week with Big Boobs! | Hannah Witton

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  1. "and they make clothes,,, with,,,, pOckEeEeEtTSsSs"

  2. This video gave me cancer.

  3. the problem with the no bra challenge is that its not possible unless you have small boobs or no boobs
    because you attract far to much attention already & far more sweat covers you breasts making the shirt basically pointless & you boobs visible to the whole world!!!!

  4. its not to rube for you

  5. Nothing wrong with no bra just as theres nothing qrong with wearing a bra. Boob do not look better with a bra on or worse with a bra off. It is only controversial because it is portrays a different image to the fake ideologies potrayed in high profile media, magazines etc. Also plastic surgery is horrible in my opinion. Putting your bra back on should not be a failure or a return to conformity. Also there is a mis conception with vunerability. The reality is very simple. Equality.

  6. Your boyfriend is a lucky man!

  7. You are a trophy woman! I would marry you in a heartbeat!

  8. in egypt we have an arabic proverb like this " God gifts earrings for earless people" sorry if my translation is not precise but I guess you will get it

  9. wait what is your height if you are really tall

  10. Don't wear a shirt and a bra today when you go to my house

  11. xd your body is too rude for YouTube lol

  12. 3:24 Also sex is most search but i do not see it in tv…

    Real world vs TV…

  13. Wow….gorgeous and sexy accent….the boobs are just a bonus.

  14. I dont think theres 1 single man here that disliked this video???

  15. I find it funny you put deodorant under your boobs as if it is like your armpits lol

  16. I think medium sized boobs are better for us girls

  17. Day 1! Why!! They were covered and everything you could have left that in! ?

  18. Really your boobs is beautiful

  19. Its not to rude for the tube

  20. Stop talking and show us your boobs

  21. How rude of me PLEASE!!!!!

  22. Sorry…but you don't have BIG boobs…
    Get over yourself…

  23. best intro I've ever heard.
    "I'm Hannah WItton, I have MASSIVE BOOBS"

  24. I love the boobs in no bra in fact it's my favorite look. ?❤

  25. I'm on the large side and I don't wear bras. I find them uncomfortable & painful and my boobs slip out of them even when they are properly fitted, so I just dont. I'm happy and so is my bank account. 🙂

  26. Too rude for youtube

  27. pls god forgive me

  28. I like Hanna Witton???

  29. I want a video is see the boobs

  30. big boobs? what?

  31. I have never understood the mindset that natural boobs must be “restrained”. I get the comfort thing, but natural boob hang is beautiful. What’s NOT beautiful, is fake boobs that just sit there, with a wide space between them and no movement whatsoever.

  32. sorry to break it to you, but you're not slim, Andreja Pejic (for example) is slim, you're more within the normal range

  33. This video makes me feel glad that I was born a boy.

  34. Sorry but you arn't massive… are just above average…..

  35. Where can we see those boobs

  36. day 2 the dress looks amazing

  37. You have nice breasts with or without a bra

  38. How do you have such a massive boobs ??

  39. Erm, no celebrities with big boobs? They’re either plus size or fat? Are you for real?

    Sofia Vergara
    Christina Hendricks
    Salma Hayek
    Kat Dennings

    To name a few. And many many more who are not plus size or fat. Don’t be ignorant.

  40. Well I'm totally opposite tho I have massive boobs, I love not wearing a bra in summers they just get more air to breath feels goods. But I can totally wear a bra on winter feels okay but summers= no bra

  41. Actually, I googled big boobs, for research and what not, and your video came up in the results. 2 things: Your tits are amazing.

    Can I see them and play with them…?

  42. Why are you uploading stuff like this?

  43. so gorgeous no matter what you have on

  44. Paused the video to go to Poche Posh, found the dress, found a photo of Hannah wearing the dress, realised it's a screenshot from the video at pretty much the exact spot I paused it. ?

  45. Sure, she's a looker. But, I'm more horny than desperate. Desperate for me is to get into a relationship, get married, and have five kids. I'm far from desperate, trust me.

  46. What I am desperate for is for my cousin, Stephenie, to stop harassing me to have kids so soon. I'm more desperate to make more money than anything else back in Ottawa, hence why I'm back in school rather than back in a relationship.

  47. Will you make a video about all the videos that have been demonitized (and your theories on why)? That would be really interesting!

  48. You are not skinny

  49. You look great honestly ???

  50. I don't get why people think girls with small boobs don't have to wear bras! You still gotta worry about the nipple, man.

  51. 4:07 you should check out playboy then, or other categories

  52. Miss Hannah you are a very beautiful woman and think you for the channel

  53. Hi Hannah, 1st time viewer, my comment is, if your body doesn't cause you pain / discomfort, andif your body excites your partner, then that's all you need to know. Btw, thank you for giving an old guy a small moment of happiness 🙂 <3

  54. What all of us did thru this whole video 8:16

  55. OMG. You are fit as can be. A true babe.

  56. Im not gonna lie, I thoroughly enjoyed that even as a guy. Ill admit , I even got a little aroused at around 7:25…

  57. My oh my, such a posh nosh…

  58. Kat Dennings is a celebrity with big boobs! And she is skinny! I can't think of anyone else though…


  60. I wear a bra only when I go out, at home always braless 🙂

  61. I love your boobs Hannah

  62. Marry me sexy boobs

  63. never knew you were this saggy !!!

  64. I want to see without no chlothes

  65. seeing all the gross men in this comment section is astounding and disgusting. especially people saying they were watching like car or video game videos and then this got recommended to them? youtube algorithm, you okay?

  66. My sister had the same problem, but not any more! Unfortunately she died, I'm sorry to report!

  67. She is girlfriend of Jonny sins

  68. 3:15 that whole "rant" is retarded… it's because of gay men in fashion and feminism…

  69. You understand me! I have huge boobs and everyone says they want them and I'm just like hell no you don't.

  70. Try uploading a video of yourself not wearing socks for a I wonder why..

  71. it’s so strange but this makes me so happy that this gives me hope as being 15 with H boobs SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS ME AT LAST ??

  72. You are so brave! I have a similar body type as you and I never leave the house without a bra. I love the rant! Yes, girl!

  73. I pray for the teens…

  74. Im a guy but I know it's healthier without ?

  75. Bruh i watch Nba 2k videos and this pops up on my recommended ….

  76. Looking good and yes you have big boobs. Keep the bra on most of the day or your going to ruin them. Fun experiment

  77. That was a great idea! You look more attractive and cute without bra!

  78. On the topic of not seeing women like yourself on tv or in movies, that is unfortunately a side effect of America's puritan origins. Large chests are basically associated with sin and cleavage was all but forbidden, so when casting, in order to not offend people, chestier women for the longest time got passed up or were in niche rolls.

    This even applied to animation as well. Have you ever watched an animated show and noticed how massively hippy some female characters were? Its called hartman hips. When they wanted to draw a busty character, but were stopped by the censors, they instead drew them with overly large hips, since the censors didn't bat an eye at anything but the boob.

    Its slowly turning around, but there's still a generalization in hollywood that busty women shouldn't be main stream, though the few that have made it are generally celebrated (Christina Hendricks, Alexandra Daddario, etc.) So things are improving, but there's still a lot of stereotypes and the like to get through.

  79. I think i just failed NNN…

  80. I like hanging knockers

  81. Subscribed the moment you got excited about a dress with pocketsX)

  82. For the record, if you care what guys think, I think you are very attractive, despite who Hollywood employs. Just sayin

  83. Girls are so lucky

  84. Too rude for the tube yet still did it and post it anyway. U shouldve just cut the part instead. ??

  85. As a medium-sized boobed person, I have to say I am so glad I do not have the struggles of having such heavy boobs that are potentially painful. I only wear bralettes for comfort reasons or nothing if I am lazy (except in summer I do wear bras with some tops): I fully get your struggle with not having perky boobs like portrayed in the media but most of them are either plastic or full of body tape to get them up so we should not compare our natural bodies to unrealistic beauty 'ideals'!

  86. Bra so useful to keep normal shape of your breast and also helping skin to don't straching when holding your Breast so many benefits and protection from cold

  87. Do a no bra and no top

  88. I will admit you have great boobs

  89. I had to play a concert in a big venue and I had a solo and was running back and forth, and I had forgotten to put a bra on (I have titchy tiddies but niPPLES) and had to wear a thin tshirt…it was an interesting experience (I felt so exposed lmao it was so weird), especially as I had been wearing a tank top under the tshirt and then changed out of it, realising my nipples were just on show through the tshirt the whole time lmao, especially as I had to run back and forth back stage (a 100m long stage) and it was uncomfortable even for me, someone who finds AA roomy! But it was also strangely empowering lmao

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