Off to the Vet (Full Film in COLOUR) I A Simon’s Cat SPECIAL

Off to the Vet (Full Film in COLOUR) I A Simon’s Cat SPECIAL

[Birds tweeting] [Birds tweeting] Meow! [Bee buzzing] [Bee buzzing] [Ping! Bee sting] Meoooow!!!! [Sigh] Meow Meow [Belly rumbling] Meow Meow Meow. Meow Off! Meow. Meow. [Chuckles to himself] Meow? [Sucking noises] Get off… [Mumbles] Mew! Rarrgghhh! Eeeugh! Meow. Mew Meow. Go on! [Simon cheerily humming] Meow. Meow. Meow! Meow. [Simon casually whistling] [ Click! (cat flap lock)] [Kitten eating noisily] Meh! [Birds tweeting] [Birds tweeting] [BANG!] [Birds tweeting] [Foot steps] [Simon whistling] Wahheehe Mew? Mew! Mew. Mew!! Hmmm? Bye!! [Sigh!] Hmm… [DREADED CAT CARRIER DOOR SQUEAK!] IN! [Cat growl] Huh!? [Cat growling] Eesh! [Muffled cat growling] Hehehe! Hehey! Wooo! [Cat growling] Hehehe! Meooow. Meow. Meow. Meow. Meow!! Meh… Meow! Mew? [Drops magazine] Hah haaa!! Pbbttt. Pbbthh Naaahaa *smack* [Dog barks] Bad dog No No No Bad dog Aargh! ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪ Subtitles copied and extended by Daniel “3ICE” Berezvai
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  1. Check out our NEW film – ‘Staircase’

    'A mischievous cat takes a dangerous game with his owner a step too far’

  2. Remind me of my cat lol

  3. Black cat: hello! Im mew!
    White cat: hello P A T E T H I C C R E A T U R E

  4. So this animation is European? Well I'm north American. Anyways, nice video.



  7. The time you realize you pissed your pants 11:15

  8. Me encantan estos vídeos maquina

  9. I love your videos soooo much! So funny! ???

  10. Me and my family are taking our cat, Jeeves, to the vet today to get one of his eyes checked.

  11. Did not expect that vase to the head????

  12. Simons cat is the cutest show and funniest Red paw he probably. Hurt. Paw ?

  13. This show needs some prime time TV exposure. Not only is this extremely funny but also very educational for people especially children to understand cats and cat owners Characters !!!

  14. The best part is the surprise on Simon's face at 9:23 how easy going the vet is and how the cat is treated within a minute with no problems. This is so much ME going to the vet with my Cat. It is always amazing to see how calm my cat becomes on the Vets Table once the Vet takes over ….. !!! She is like a magician !!!

  15. Hi im a new subscriber 🙂

  16. This is beautifully animated. Good work!

  17. This should be on Cartoon Network, it’s a great animation love it

  18. I wish I had a smart cat like this.

  19. When bee sting bee dies..

  20. When Simon's cat said "Row."

    I felt that

  21. Love Simmon's cat

  22. Thank you for posting, this is the coolest video that I have seen in awhile.

  23. And thats how I pass all the days with my too cats jaja xdxd

  24. The ending is like every cat owner ever. ? (the ending where they're sitting on the chair lol)

  25. Sooo true down to the towel over the cat box ha ha lol ….Our vet visits are like military operations. This is the future in colour it crosses over beautifully please go “full on colour” I support you my cats support you, we all support you hoorahhhh!


  27. lol he didnt put the cat in the cage 6:57

  28. Still can't get over the level of detail in these cartoons, especially in the outdoor scenes…

  29. Stickers in messenger brought me here..

  30. When u wake up with a rat 11:13

  31. This guy looks like ross

  32. I feel bad for the grey smol cat

  33. so funny???????????????

  34. funny????????????????????????????????

  35. Its not funny…Its génious

  36. Fuck you piece of shit little gay asshole noob

  37. 6:25 Simon cat puts a vase on Simons head.
    How savage are ya kitty.

    Edit: Thanks for 12 likes!

  38. Did nobody notice the kitten falling down the stairs cause the other cat fell and pushed him down

  39. 0:32 OW ow ow owowow, ha HA TAKE THAT, UAAAAAAAAIH


  41. i wanna say this

  42. I rly think i'm gonna stop to lost in youtube .

  43. A shit here we go again

  44. If they switch the cats colors there exacts like my cats

  45. It's just sooo natural to cats daily activities I have more than 15cats and they're doing just like ?❤?

  46. That is how my cat wakes me up in the middle of the night

  47. 3:20 Domestic Violence

  48. I love Simons cat! ??

  49. Simons cat is just like my cat who mowed just like him a dozen times

  50. Sure hope Simon's cat is "fixed" …

  51. Roses are red
    Violets aren’t blue
    I love Simon’s videos
    And I’m sure you do to! :3

  52. Thats a game of Simons cat like candy crush

  53. I wish i had flesh colored hair

  54. Somehow this reminds me of those little story books I read as a kid

  55. I get why this has so many views, this is gold!

  56. That bump he drives over cracks me up every time. This is cartoon genius. The attention to detail is awesome. How can anyone not love Simons cat

  57. Has nobody noticed how the dog and owner have the same hair…lol

  58. I love this underrated masterpiece! Whoever animates this is a genius, i love all simon's cat videos 🙂

  59. First time I watched this. This was cute! Looks like he would hit it off with Garfield!???

  60. Кто русский?

  61. Прикольно.

  62. Is this created by the creators of regular show? It looks very similar

  63. nur so, aber genau so isses!

  64. bad dog! nou nou noo… bad dooooog >:V

  65. I love Simon …… : ) do i have to pay money, to watch this?

  66. Excellent in every detail 😀 😀 😀 Thanks !!

  67. That was pretty great^^

  68. Wow, chat is still active

  69. what the name of the little grey kitten?

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