I love meetings because of the awkward eye contact [shut] up Guys, I’m afraid [I] have some bad news [it] appears [our] company [cream] The dream machine the only machine that steams ice cream is going under we only have 90 days until where shutdown Unless we cut the budget. So if anyone has any [ideas], raise your hand right now Stephanie, well I reckon we should get rid of the food stock within the building I know. I personally could bring my own lunch from home if it meant saving the company. great idea great idea Stephanie’s idea big Circle, okay Kimberly HmM Hello, everyone. I’m sure you all know [who] I am and I’m sure you all know me by [my] birth name Kimberly I Would like to be known as kimber from here on out Mm-hmm Okay, I’m not sure how that’s gonna save us money. [I’m] sorry. I didn’t know it was your turn [I] was just about to get to that um you see I am doing a great service by shortening my name I am not only reducing space on documents when people are typing my name But by also reducing ink spent per letter or word when spelling my name Okay, thank you for [your] suggestion Kimberly, Kimber Kimber. I’m sure will help greatly steph. you’re welcome Stephanie. well I noticed that we are running on very old systems here I have this brother-in-law Tony he works at a tech supply company I’m sure he could come [right] on over here and upgrade our systems were very cheap. It’ll save [us] not only on Manpower, but also Electrical power that is a Brilliant idea That is an absolutely little old me fabulous Um I don’t think everyone understood my idea, and I deduced that because you didn’t write Nor Circle it on the whiteboard I would like to be known as Kimber from now on therefore shortening a word typed very often in this office, I Suggest that we implement this discovery to its fullest and do the same to other words typed Kimberly We. Kimber [I] Think you have a great idea, but it’s not quite what we’re looking for unfortunately unfortunat. It’s not what we’re looking for Unfortunat you see how I shortened the word fine everyone stop using suffixes. Suffix. Suffix Thank you very much Kimber your you [very] Steph. you’re welcome Stephanie Mmm. Well I reckon we should get rid [of] that old carriage those coffee pods cost a lot of money and also contribute extra waste To our landfills. We should keep the keurig machine Because coffee pods of happiness really helps some of us get through the day well I reckon that some of us should get rid of our luxuries in order to save this your company. Compan Clear some peps aren’t understand the benefif of impan my strat Let’s have a vote raise your hand if you want to get rid of the keurig Sorry Kimber, but the Keurig goes i have sho nuff but Dig and rest up until this point But I’m gonna be on I [am] work my butt off, and I [don’t] think I’m being shown the prop rest all I want to do is suck I Want to suck with each and every [one] [of] you if I suck we all suck [I] want to suck all day until this whole place suck excuse me Kimber But that language is highly unacceptable, and I’m sorry that I have to do this, but you’re fired Sor, I don’t understa oh my God Kim your fi Oh my God oh [won’t] [you] look at that. It looks like without her on the payroll. We just saved the company $100,000 a year [the] business is safe. [oh] Well, thank you so much for subscribing click the video on the left to watch bloopers from this video and thais your story Click to be on the right to watch our newest video about Anthony’s Emo hair Whatever the hell that means [let’s] show these punks. I don’t really do this [oh] You’re on [touch] [screen] device all the links are down below, honey

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