Olympic Badminton Scandal

Olympic Badminton Scandal

collecting sports walked out everybody
that night with first ron producing the program why am i holding a bean bag football obviously it’s to talk about that you know i was in the end of the
olympics but here we are i believe the sixth day of the games and all of a
sudden i have an incredible interest in the olympics because the twenty twelve olympics at
least at this point are now defined by the badminton scam scandal uh… also this is uh… an opportunity
to freely use the word shuttle cock without offending anybody and get ready for some shuttle cock um… minority love shuttle cock ok
enough so here’s what happened match today between south korea and china it’s doubles badminton it seems that both of these teams had
qualified already for the quarterfinals so the loser of the skin was not olympic
eliminated from medal contention that’s important
understand that’s the key to the story earlier in the day a massive batman
upset denmark beats the other charities to
each other to trainees teams one lost in denmark but still qualifies for the
court of finals i was not jump to any other chinese tea
in the second chinese team and south korea well at some point it
appears it occurred to the chinese team that if they want this match they would
have to play the other chinese team the first chinese team in that apparently in
the history of bad and the rich the lustrous history of admin is something
the chinese try to avoid there’s been apparently some research done which is oppressive when it comes to
that didn’t and the chinese always making tremendous efforts not to play to
other somebody’ll get hurt people don’t show
up to the match dispatch had to happen is currently the
chinese very clearly what if we just don’t try lose on purpose we won’t have to play
the other chinese team in the next round while the south koreans a savvy people
they’ve realized the chinese are trying to lose again they do this ship all the
time will probably tried over swords two teams go against each other
each trying to lose and doing it so under artfully you know back in the eighties before the
n_b_a_ and the draft lottery teams would play games to get the number
one pick but like they do it by a not playing the stars britney didn’t do it by like
intentionally durable off there this was the equivalent of that they were hittin the ball parks they were in the shuttle cock into the
net they were headed out of balance the crowd was doing and booing in british
which is even worse they were admonished by the bench we got a link in here so
you can check it out for yourself they were admonished by the judges uh… and no but hammer has come down
the cold-hearted brutal badminton federation is lower than ever
and it was the international a declaration all teams involved in match during which
included for some reason an indonesian team and another sheltering do you make a
statement the attached to uh… i’ve been thrown out of the olympics
eight badminton urs bad smitten there’s ads babs mittens thrown out of the oldest so or because
we we have the opportunity to show you the video and again the link is provided
to bring rick here we’re gonna demonstrate using this football exactly
what will happen so greco come join me over here helped with the mic over in the sand so
this is the equivalent of admin at the olympics they match between south korea
and china as it was going on book here’s how would normally go i throw pass to
you and you throw it back baton that has been placed here’s what
happened with that china so here are thirty will work time get a sense right now we realize oh wait if we win that i advanced to play say gee i don’t
wanna play jack soriano report fair-haired alright that was the interstates tration with
pic admit which struck by thanks very much i love the olympics

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  1. Grow up, Mankiewicz! These guys are professional athletes who deserve your respect, you son of a bitch! Badminton is a highly regarded spo – just screwing with ya'. Actually you're the first broadcaster to actually explain this thing in a way I can understand. (And I'm Canadian and we have the CBC!) Thanks. 🙂

  2. they still tank games to draft players.

  3. I hate you, and the scum from whence you came. Youtube is for videos not slideshows. I don't want to listen to your fuckface, I wanted to see actual footage.

  4. No you're just a sorry excuse for a human being. A person like you cannot possibly fathom actually WINNING a sport, so you'd be the first one trying to lose on purpose for a better shot! Real athletes that are competitors would never try to lose a match, no matter how trivial or advantageous.

  5. An attractive woman. Clearly yajstlez isn't one LOL.

  6. oh you are so great

  7. That's such a stupid agument. It may not be in the "good nature" of the Olympic games. But it does not say anywhere in the rules that you cannot lose on purpose. Throwing a match in the olympics is not ilegal; it only makes sense for the chinese to intenionally lose if it means they have a better chance at a medal. And who are you to decide what a "real" can or cant do; if your not an olympian you shouldnt have any say in the matter. My opinion is based on the fact that its not against the rules

  8. Chinese team suckssss…..Only a coward do like that. They dont have a real sport spirits at all.

  9. Actually the idea of losing the game won't be those athlete's idea since it never benefit them but damaging their image. However, just like the Chinese team, they have two pairs of athletes which are said to be the best among the eight pairs, which means they can get both gold and silver medals if they don't meet each other earlier, since one more medal can help their Chinese badminton team raise more money and their coach will gain more attention and money once they both perform well, therefor

  10. when Koreans are involved sports or competition always will be fucked up

  11. Lol your a pervert. You like sucking people heads. Eww

  12. a lot of sports are not anymore what they were in the beginning

  13. If you don't like it, don't watch it. Not that hard.

  14. you have to watch for like or dislike.. dumb..

  15. Americans are simply losers when it comes to badminton….. Just because you can't play, that doesn't give you the right humiliate badminton…. and what's so funny about the term' shuttle cock'?

  16. lol. americans and their fascination with cocks.

  17. :facepalm: In America WE DON'T SPEAK ENGLISH (as a first language), it is UNITED STATES, no AMERICA.

  18. In my life I never seen an American playing badminton.

  19. chinese & korean
    Shame of Asia

  20. when i watch stuff like this i feel bad for america

  21. are you kidding me, mate you speak english just because you spell colour differntly doesnt make it a different language you idiot, so facepalm for your idioticness

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  24. 'Booing in British'? What a fucking twat

  25. I think he said 'Booing, booing AND British, which is even worse'
    Still the guy is clearly a complete twat

  26. The only exercise his having is eating hamburgers….
    BTW….. we are booing at you

  27. Maybe they couldn't see well enough to play worth a shit.. Right?? Right?? Awwwwww too soon?

  28. Well there's a reason they DONT call it "Goodminton"!

  29. Pretty sure the reason why there is a comment section on youtube is for people to give their opinions on the video and this video essentially made me cringe… so calm down and take a walk

  30. Fuck the badminton federation, the referee and the bloody olympic moralists.
    Stuff like that happens all the time in every sport.
    The truth is that the OIC is a bunch of corrupted freaks. Go to hell, all of you!!!!

  31. what a useless and stupid video. it should be remove from youtube

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  33. i am still wondering…why do they film it outside, with that ugly ugly background?

  34. this video was pretty funny……….

  35. booing in British???????

  36. this video demonstates how STUPIID US TV is

  37. Wow…this guy doesn't have a life. Either shut up and let the actual sports programs deal with it, or try to get a job at one but please don't use youtube to try and force your way up to the big boys….that just won't work.

  38. noone wants to hear your bull-caca. No-one. FO back to the 80's (with your hairstyle)

  39. 中国の選手は反省をし


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  41. What's the point of reporting on a story when you don't know what the fuck is going on?

  42. condescending arrogant moron. can't even pronounce badminton correctly.

  43. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. This guy sucks shuttlecock

  45. This is not TV. This is youtube. Still American television is better than any other county's

  46. I don't believe it was ethical what these people were doing but the ruling organization should have known that competitors will do anything to win.

  47. Well that's a relief because we don't broadcast on TV.


  48. But he did pronounce shuttlecock correctly. That counts for something, no?


  49. Well, I don't know if that is accurate…


  50. Sounded like he did…


  51. Too bad Hendi. Woulda loved to have you.


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  53. Our regular, main show is on Current TV in the States.


  54. I don't know why but this reminded me of South Park..


  55. He considers his hairstyle top notch. I've come to appreciate it.


  56. He's already up there. He's been doing the regular Young Turks show for years.


  57. Your comment is incredibly flawed.


  58. Finally someone with a sense of humor. Thank you!


  59. Hey don't say that! The buildings will be offended!
    In all seriousness we film outside because the studio is usually occupied.


  60. Next time slam your head against the keyboard. You may come up with a better comment that way.


  61. Agree, but they should not use that to better themselves. It was totally unethical.


  62. That's the sport!


  63. The whole thing was incredibly childish and stupid.


  64. He was kidding.


  65. Ha that was a MAD comment, love it.


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    cheers sid

  67. Yea, well he didn't. Fuck you, and your shitty "news" network.

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  69. Who the fuck did the subtitles for this video? They are awful. So many mistakes.

  70. Ye man…never pay attention to subtitles on YouTube. Almost always off.


  71. So you criticise British people, yeah well at least we pronounce badminton correctly.

  72. Disqualify the entire country(CHina) next time

  73. Minority love shuttle cock…ok…HAHAHA

  74. 'Badminton scandal…' :DDDD

  75. Did someone actually pay this guy to stand in front of that camera and spew raw excrement from his mouth into that microphone?

  76. American's speak English. How do you boo?

  77. Trust me, anyone associated with TYT are idiots. Imagine something more idiotic than MTV trying to cover "news".

  78. To all the people dissing badminton here, its obvious you have never played at a high level. The level of stamina, speed, and agility required is amazing, top smash speeds are in excess of a 200 mph. I think the main problem is that it does not televise well. Its a sport just like base ball or American football and taken just a seriously by those who play it.

  79. Olympics And FIFA Enmeshed In Intolerance, Lies, Deception, Greed, Corruption And Human Rights Scandals Globally

  80. badminton is only for play for fun its not an intresting game like socce football,cricket or tennis its absolutely worst game ever fookish sport ever

  81. remove this china game from olypmc put introduce cricket rather

  82. Why is the guy talking into a BBC?

  83. BOOING in British…!?

    Oh gawsh!!!!!

  84. Doesn't the guy look a bit like Bradley Cooper?

  85. If there's multiple teams from a country and one of them is intentionally trying to sandbag, disqualify ALL teams from the country. That will put an end to that shit real quick.

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