Online vs. offline games? – Hiroshi Q&A Episode 20

Online vs. offline games? – Hiroshi Q&A Episode 20

Hi everyone, this is Matsuyama, president of CyberConnect2. Here’s our question: Given the current changes in the market, what does CC2 think about offline single player games in the future? Are there any plans for more of these games? As you said, the industry has been shifting with time in the world, Right now, the majority of games are online games. Actually, the current production we are working on, Fuga: Melodies of Steel, and other projects, are in fact offline single player games. Currently, well, including indie games, titles with smaller scale and lower price that are cleared within a short period of time are already increasing. For the games to be published in-house, we, too, want to increase the making of such easy-to-buy titles. Well, we already have plans to do so. We will, of course, continue developing large-scale projects with online features, but at the same time, we will be working on more and more games that are easy for players to pick up.

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  1. Storm 4= Bugs, Bugs, Bugs ?????

  2. Offline siempre <3

  3. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Wars is coming!!! LOL

  4. I like more singleplayer games, thats why i'm hyped for dragon ball kakarot and I enyojed .hack, asura wrath and story in naruto games very well

  5. It can be both tbh as long as it's a BLEACH GAME :D!!

  6. As someone with poor internet, thank you for don't forgetting us single player gamers! <3

  7. Bleach game online or offline, can be both

  8. Offline for story and Online for PVP

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