Outdoor Party Games for Kids – Team Building Games

Outdoor Party Games for Kids – Team Building Games

hey guys! Shawn here. In today’s video
we’ll be talking about outdoor party game ideas for kids team-building
edition. so if you are looking for party game ideas that will get your kids
communicating and team-building and cooperating together- working together-
then this video is for you. While you are here I would love for you to consider
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motherhood. As a mother, I’m always on the hunt for new games for my kids. Well
let’s get into today’s video. Game idea number one is called
lava. So you’re going to need two to three objects for this game that kids
can stand on. Everything else is the lava. so the only thing that is safe to stand
on are the two objects which are the rocks and kids will need to have a
beginning point and a finish line where they have to get from one end to the
other just by moving those two to three objects together. They have to work
together to avoid falling in the lava. Group game number two is called
armadillo. So you’re going to need a large tarp or shower curtain and you’re
going to need to cut a hole in the middle . Then you will need three to
four tennis balls. Kids will all grab an edge of the tarp, wave it up and down
like waves and the object is to keep the ball from going in the hole. You don’t
want the armadillos to go back down in their hole. So once the kids have
mastered one ball then you throw in two, three, four to increase the difficulty.
Group game number three is called group juggle. This is a great game to play
if kids do not know one another’s names. You have all the kids stand in a
circle and you’ll need a couple of squishy balls like this one right here.
this would make an excellent ball for this game. One kid will toss the ball to
the other kid and has to say the name of the kid that they are tossing the ball
to. So the ball goes back and forth and hopefully everyone will get to know each
other names. Now to increase the difficulty level you want to toss in
more balls so the kids have to focus on catching the ball and saying
others names. Group game number four is called human Not. Now I had fun playing this
game when I was a teenager in my youth group. Everybody stands in a circle and
grabs a hand of another person. You can’t grab the hand of the person to either
side of you. don’t do that and don’t grab your own -don’t hold your own hand.
Once everybody has a hand and all hands are held then you try to get out of the
human knot. And the goal is not to let go of any of the hands. It’s more difficult
than you think. Group game number five is called create a shape. You’re just gonna
need some rope for this game and all the kids hold on to one section of the rope.
And then the parent or another kid calls out a shape: circle, triangle, rectangle.
whatever shape you know what shapes are! I don’t need to explain this part. And
then the kids form the shape with the rope while holding onto the rope. So the
key here is they have to talk to one another and communicate with one another
to figure out how to make the shape. I hope that one of these ideas will be
useful at your next kid’s party. Make sure to leave me a comment down below. I
would love to hear which game you plan on using or which one you find
interesting. And I will see you in my next video. thanks for watching! bye!

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  1. Yes! As a parent of two small kids, this is such a great idea! Lava is a classic!

  2. Awesome ideas as usual. Thanks for sharing. God bless you and the family. Have a great day.

  3. Great ideas. And quite a few problem solving ones that are really good. I will try the juggle game at Sunday School tomorrow. Thanks Shawn!

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