Over The Hedge Walkthrough Part 1 (PS2, GCN, XBOX, PC) Mission 1 & 2 [100% Objectives]

Over The Hedge Walkthrough Part 1 (PS2, GCN, XBOX, PC) Mission 1 & 2 [100% Objectives]

maybe going inside a human’s house
wasn’t such a good idea I want I want food food is what you’ll get hamster
enough food to fill a bear cave hopefully okay everyone
pay attention oh look at the light you need to get through the next three yards
everyone knows your roles right Heather and I run along the front of the houses
and come in through the basement window at the first sign of trouble we we
resist the urge to faint so we can warn everyone right oh right
Lou honey you’ll meet us at the house just me penny you’ll stay home with the
little ones Oh jeepers I don’t want you by yourself in a human house there what
we do this together Hamilton where to go huh you and Stella meet us at the hole
in the fence in the third yard right right
there guy yep way comes after six right Stella
you’ll panty count to three got it and Verne and I will navigate the three
yards full of the most devious human traps imaginable sticking to the shadows
like creatures of the night sneaking past incredible dangers then sometime
before the Sun comes up would be good right everyone ready good luck everyone
and be careful Wow I have to say this doesn’t look so bad great let’s move out whoa I wouldn’t do that if I were you might
breathe that too but I meant stepping into the light looks like some kind of
amphibian what a turtle be less cliche let’s find ourselves a frog den how hard
could it be oh look we’ve been expected who’s up for
a snack uh them I predict what gives sheep who died and made you king of the
picnic tables poultry alert pan out oh look what these in the walk well how
they’re thinking just walking through this gate like a couple like gate won’t
sense you both have a lot to learn about birds don’t cha don’t cha you don’t want
a piece of meat we seriously you wouldn’t want to see my friend here
bluster and fume would you look Pippo I don’t make the rules you want into the
next yard you need my help sorry guys see ordinance we’re all
slaves to bureaucracy that’s what separates us from the humans yeah very
thought-provoking thank you what do we have to do to get past I got the key for
the gate hidden in one of those objects break them until you find it oh we get
to break stuff why didn’t you say so right the Lord’s come to those who deserve it Oh ah must keep cookies many burn freeze all this fuss over us I just
don’t get human priorities it’s the snipper the cranky ones paying
to deal with us although not that well based on the quality of these trap
designs what you think we are insects come on and stay low rewards come to those that he once more mushki cookies from Annie cheers I love
them yeah whoa ready Stella yeah but this better be one
stupid cat boy this kind of makes me want to get a
log with a higher roof and carpet amen now let’s disable the trap so we could
admire all this without that whole fear of death thing ah just with the
disarmament doctor ordered whoa I’m getting dizzy just looking at this
thing I’ll handle this pammi where’s my cookie
you just said cookie right either way where is it there’s plenty of cookies in
it for your hammy all you have to do is just follow the
bouncing light and push the buttons and cookies will rain down from the heavens
like birthday cakes wedding cakes but only if you hop to it guys we only have a few minutes until
the humans wake up so whatever we’re doing can we do it a few minutes faster
Heather’s right penny and Lou you take the front door
Pammy and Stella you’ve got the hallway burn me and you’ll cover the kitchen let’s come to those who deserve it Nick ah oh oh I have some up to you there in a
minute on where is that ridiculous exterminator
now – death reptile or should I say where’s no chase

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  2. lo jugaba de chica :"v aquellos tiempos

  3. Wow, this brings back memories!

  4. wow, you brought back the good times i had with this game!! sheesh that nostalgia!!!

  5. God this is my childhood.


  7. Used to play this on my DS then I threw it across the room and broke it so ?

  8. Despite all the bland/mixed reviews from gaming critics nowadays, this game will always be in the hearts of everyone and I who played one of the greatest and nostalgic childhood memories out there.

  9. I was only 8 when I first played this now am 20
    I got alotta memories about this game

  10. 0:53 This game was my childhood as well but come on that part of the video reminds me of hamilton the musical so much which Is the best thing ever! XD

  11. I loved the final boss

  12. Nostalgia! My Childhood!

  13. I am loving this nostalgia. I use to beat this game over and over again on the Xbox and still had fun each time

  14. my big bros used to play this.. nostalgia!

  15. u know u missed the hat right

  16. Honestly they should make a over the hedge 2 movie and game ? the game is too good for their to not be

  17. This was game I've been searching for so many days.. I played it when I was 10 or 11 in pc and now I wanna play it in ppsspp emulator but how!!I cannot know name ??now I am 15 I could remember game by name hedgehog I searched it everywhere at last I found it….i will download game soon

  18. I never played this game, but my older cousin did and I watched him play it. That was like eight years ago, but it's nostalgic for him and it's nostalgic for me. I came to see if I remembered anything.

  19. Ooooh, the blue lasers. These things terrified me when I played the game myself for the first time.

  20. Hnng, MEMORIES.

  21. Watched he’d the movie, played the game mindlessly, played the game when I’m older then get bored and now I’m watching someone doing a 100% walkthrough what next a sequel ( JK there won’t be a sequel)

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  23. I have this game on my PS2 it's fun

  24. I kinda enjoyed this game.

  25. So nostalgic.. I LOVED playing the demo derby gamemode with friends

  26. This was the first video game I ever played

  27. The ps2 had the best movie games

  28. My childhood in one vídeo OMG the feelings the memories it's awesome!!!!!

  29. Top 10 video games based on an Anime

  30. The best game I've played ever

  31. a actual great game of an amazing movie

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  35. I LOVE THIS VIDEO GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  37. I Have it On Gamecube

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  39. Somebody could help me? I downloaded the game for PC, but at the time of opening the game, it does not open, until now I'm still looking for solutions to play this game :c

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  43. My. Fucking. Childhood

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  45. They made a game of Over the Hedge. Did they make a game of every movie made by Dreamworks because it seems like it. Actually that’s just PS2 games when there was billions of games that were good but now we’re at PS4 where it’s only cod bo 4 and fortnite.

  46. If anyone is wondering if the game will play on the new Xbox 360 it might not

  47. I remember playing this game as a kid
    Though I always had a weird feeling inside me when I played it

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  50. This game was the shit

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  52. do you know the website for the pc game i use to own it for windows and want to play it again it would be a big help

  53. This game was the gold in my childhood.

  54. My childhood ?? just discovered this game had a movie so I'm watching but I really want to play this game again

  55. Finally managed to get a emulator running and I was finally going to play this game but my phone didn't have the processing power needed 🙁 Back to youtube!

  56. So I half of my childhood was spent on this game…. Wow the memories of coming home and booting up the Xbox and flipping on the old rca, I always picked Rj and Vern for some reason…. great memories

  57. Let's share the good, so .. let's give the congratulations to those who strive and do good things .. You deserve everything good and millions of likes and shares, you deserve to be recognized by everything and everyone in this world

  58. The time when graphics doesn't mattered

  59. Me amd my cousin played this for so long! One of my favourite games especially the demelition derby style mode with the golf carts

  60. I used to play this at my cousins house all the time. Memories

  61. I played it before when I was little on the GameCube but I sell for some money cause is old so I gave it to someone

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  63. Stella is my dog's name ??

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  66. I know this game was playable on XBOX360

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    these are my childhood lol

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  73. Heather is best character of anime

  74. What I’ve always liked about this game is that it practically gave us a sequel in a way and took place right after the movie! This was honestly one of the best co op games I’ve played in my childhood! Good times ???

  75. did u know there was a pirate hat in the 2nd garden if u brake the stuff near the steps

  76. I love over the heage

  77. Ah shit man this is nostalgia right here

  78. No esta para xbox one? 🙁

  79. my aunt took me to her friends house (back then when I had 9 people living in our house and like 3 rooms so basically no privacy also it was a small house so every other family seemed to be richer than us) my aunts name was alicia or elicia… I forgot but I KNOW it was pronounced the same. A(E)licia had 3 daughters. The only one I remember was Brittany. I was fond of Brittany only because of her name. She had a nerdier older sister who let me play 'Over the Hedge' on her DS. I played for what felt like hours because my aunt talked with A(E)licia for what felt like hours. Brittany and her nerdy older sister had a bunk bed in their pink room so I spent lots of time on the top with Brittany. I never knew the names of specific– anything(s) because I was like … 6. I don't think I could've so I didn't ever find out the name of this game (which I had grown so addicted to) until now. I always wanted to play but I just couldn't remember. I couldn't even remember my favorite character (Stella) but I had always played with her. ugh I wish google understood what I was saying when I typed "skunk fox turtle racoon game" into the search engine 45719847059495 times.

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