Ozzy Man Reviews Best Gymnastics Routine AGAIN

Ozzy Man Reviews Best Gymnastics Routine AGAIN

Welcome back to UCLA for another gymnastics session with Katelyn Ohashi. She’s powering up. Gymnast activated. Here we go. Flippy one, flippy two, flippy three, four, five. FUCK YES! The dopamine richter scale is off the charts already. She rewards herself with vintage groovy disco moves. She refocuses, because she knows that with great flippy spinny power comes great responsibility. Haha, No wukkas what so ever. She made that look piss easy. There is a clappy clap, another clappy clap, some Uma Thurman Pulp Fiction moves. Here’s a general cartwheel, I can do that, a Booty Bounce! AND a Spready Slam! That is an elegant and effective crowd-pleasing combo. It’s like a Scotty Pippen lay-up followed by a Michael Jordan dunk. A fair dinkum fucken deadly combo. Now she’s like “Wicky wild, wicky wild, wicky wild wild west. She should copyright these dance moves before Fortnite steals them. I bloody love how her entourage gets involved. Whenever I start dancing in front of me mates they’re like “quit fucken dancing ya dickhead.” They don’t join me in doing the running man or the sprinkler or the lawn mower. Hah! I need better friends. Anyway, Sonya Blade high kick, twirl, Spready Slam. Oh what’s that!? Back the fuck up. It’s like a cross between a classic head bang and those bobble head thingies ma jiggies ya stick on ya dashboard. Okay, okay, yeah nah I can dig it. It’s time to stand up again. If that was me I would’ve pulled a hamstring, simply from standing. Here comes a graceful ballet spready, a switcheroo spready, and moves that are as fast as Grandmaster Ip Man. Crikey, I’m doing my best to not make any dick jokes. As we know, I’m a recovering stiffy joke-aholic. And I wanna try to be professional in 2019. I reckon it’s time, perhaps have a code of conduct. Yep, I can do it. Oh dear, are those imaginary whips. Is she pretending to whip someone? Wow. Haha… Ok, yeah nah nah nah yeah code of conduct! Here’s a big run up. Flippy one. Spinny two. Flippy SPINNY! And… BAAAAAAM! Fatality. Fuck me dead! What a golden artistic amalgamation of dance and sport. Creativity and athleticism. Absolute ripsnorter. She does not do anything half arsed. Even her celebrations are a series of high tens, not high fives. I reckon Aquaman needs a sister in the next movie, and it should be Katelyn Ohashi. She sparks more joy than Marie Kondo. Look at that, 10 outta 10, Bloody group hugs all over the place. She can’t get any better than that. She’s like “fuck yes ladies, yeah fuck yes, let’s go to the pub.”

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  1. Fuck yes Ohashi, fuck yes m8. Here's Katelyn's Instagram:

  2. If she can do this without spilling her husbands breakfast , she's a keeper !

  3. Women gymnast's are so HOT!!

  4. Gymnastics (and ballet) girls have the dopest bodies, with their awesome athletic physiques, especially such toned legs/butt. I dated a dancer when I was in my 20s, and she was by far the hottest girl I ever got with—even of anyone I ever did just once. My whole life. But, she had really big boobs too, not seen in ballet all the time, more often it’s the opposite. She was stupid gorgeous. Just like this Katlin girl—some ultra lucky dude is gonna be so blessed to even just see her naked, let alone make love to such an unbelievable beauty. Whoever he is, I hate the bastard with endless envy lol

  5. Do other Australians find you funny or is it just us Americans

  6. I'm going to give her a clappy clap

  7. "She rewards herself with vintage, groovy disco moves."
    "She refocuses because she knows that with great flippy, spinny power comes great responsibility." The commentary here is brilliant.

  8. I wonder how she used to have sex with her boyfrirnd.

  9. Due to diversity and political correctness laws the trophy went to someone else

  10. Gymnast dance routine girls just shot to the head of the line for most desirable gf ever.

  11. Is no one going to talk about the woman getting denied a high ten at 2:28?

  12. Not an ounce of cellulite in those legs!

  13. Omg thems are real thick tho

  14. Imagine her asshole how perfect it must be like the asshole of an angel

  15. Hey Ozzy, hope you can review this spinny shit also hahaha

    Cheers from Phillippines!

  16. I want you to narrate the Olympics!

  17. Donald Glover killing it out there

  18. So funny kick ass

  19. Impressive..amazing…10/10 is not enough…more thant perfect?gracious?

  20. Fine sexy thick talented sassy shit the best person yet to do it

  21. Monkey?Double Back Flips ?._CouchGregAdams

  22. That girl is T H I C C ???

  23. You know what every guy in the crowd is thinking…

  24. G-rated Kelsi Monroe, anybody who knows what I'm talking about……….

  25. G Y M N A S T A C T I V A T E D

  26. 2:05 now here is something guys wont do..had me clenching my thighs ?

    I need ozzy man review..

  28. Those legs!!! Oh my!

  29. Bitch is phat as fuck?

  30. Spready slam. Switcharoo spready a butt slam and a spready slam. Dying laughing

  31. "she sparks more joy than marie kondo", this is the shitiest thing I've ever heard in the last century!

  32. I like spreadie slams.

  33. ????? yoooo this dude????

  34. She would spin on your dick

  35. No wonder California has gone to shit they are focusing on sex moves rather than their state

  36. I need better friends after seeing this ??

  37. You kept it classy, I'm going to call you the Wizard of Oz from here on out!!

  38. For any foreigners watching, "no wuckas" means no worries. No wuckin furries (no f*ckin' worries) is a common saying here.

  39. What ever anyone say
    She is gorgeous
    Not sexy or anything
    She is gorgeous
    Not a slut or whore.

  40. I really dont understand gymnastics…

  41. Dude! Your commentary is hilarious..????

  42. When it comes to hockey I only watch all men's teams. When it comes to gymnastics I only watch the women.

  43. Id give her a baby ?

  44. Would love to bang this skank !

  45. Was that my ball bag that ripped

  46. "Bam! Fatality. Fuck me dead" ????

  47. الله يعطيك الصحة ??????????????⁦?️⁩?????

  48. After watching martial arts tricking comp videos, this routine just looks super ordinary.

  49. I wish i was that blue matt

  50. Spready slammimg bf's D. RIP

  51. Just like a scottie pippen lay up and followed by michael jordan dunk.. Lol

  52. I once farted so hard it actually hurt me

  53. Gawd image how good she looks naked

  54. God, that "spready slam" on my lap would be outstanding.

  55. Man…. Athletic indeed…

  56. I need better friends???

  57. The thots have ruined gymnastics

  58. Me dying watching her camel toes on video slow motion!

  59. I wouldn't do it, but i understand… (y'all know what i mean!)

  60. I would screw her big time

  61. I think 7.2 million views are from me…

    That ASSSSSSSSSSS though

  62. Flippy one flippy two. Fuck yeah ?

  63. A part of my biography :
    whenever I started dancing in front of my mates, they were like "quit dancing you dickhead"

  64. Makes me want to go to ucla

  65. I could stare at her for hours

  66. Baaaaaammmmm, fatality….??

  67. Your voice is legend m8.

  68. Very sexy. She gave good face

  69. 2:28 Ozzy how did you miss that bloody REJECTION!

  70. all to speak about psico power

  71. Shes hot sexy beautiful smart!!!

  72. Bam fatality! LMFAO

  73. One of the most professional people on youtube. No kidding.

  74. I just love her ?

  75. She needs to do a 1080 air to face sready slam

  76. This deserves a Ozzyman review.

  77. Me: "I can do this, No problem!"
    Me, waking up in hospital three weeks later, with broken bones by the score: "What the bloody hell possessed me to even so much as attempt that".

  78. Absolutely gorgeous

  79. The weird “dance” moves in between the flippy shit, seem a little… retarded. ??‍♂️

  80. Not "half-assed" at all.


  82. Nice legs holy cow

  83. Omg dude you fucking crap me up so damn hard. Trying to keep it together in the cubicle at work here!?

  84. ???❤❤❤❤❤❤???

  85. You really should take a look at women pole vaulting . You could make it a weekly series!

  86. Tangina mo HAAHHAAHHAHA

  87. Why am i cringing so Hard?? Shes kinda sexy but kinda not aswell

  88. Ok here we go again


  89. this is one video i love to rewatch – she's just so damn happy that she makes me feel better about being a friggin lump on the couch just so i can watch all the flippy, spinny shit.

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