Ozzy Man Reviews: Best of Ping Pong 2016

Ozzy Man Reviews: Best of Ping Pong 2016

Let’s have a look over some of the greatest ping pong moments last year. Here we have England vs Japan. They are giving that ball a fair dinkum solid whacking. This is no casual game in the caravan park activity room. This is next level shit. The Englishman is giving it all he’s got. He wants his opponent to fuck up and there it is! That’s a big win. He does a victory lap around the stadium. The sheilas are going fucken nuts. This Englishman is as pumped as Arnie Schwarzenegger in his prime. Let’s cross over to the Korea Open. There’s a cheeky lob, it hits the side of the table. But the lady in pink does not panic what so ever. These women are stuck in a… “nah fuck you, nah fuck you, nah fuck you” deadlock of the highest quality. Is one of them gonna fuck up? There it is! Here we have Germany vs China. I think these fellas need a tennis court. This little table is taking a pounding. The table is like “no worries, I can handle it, look at my strong legs, I never skip leg day.” Oh I think China has fucked it. Gee, he had the German bloke running around… he’s having to sprint 1-3 metres, so I thought China had it. Unfortunately, the fucken net ruined the party. Now strap yourself in for this high octane adrenaline fuelled thrill ride. This rally almost made me shit myself. True story. Mitzy from Japan is attacking Apo from Portugal. There’s more to this than just a regular “nah fuck you, nah fuck you, nah fuck you” deadlock. Both of these blokes are stubborn to the point… where it’s probably a mental health issue. Portugal is stopping everything. Ohhh I thought Mitzy was gonna go under the legs there. . He keeps doing an under the legs fake out. I probably would’ve fallen for that trick the first time. Apo is a lot smarter than me. Oh he has to stretch for that one! Mitzy has him running, there’s a big dive! ! Some delicate returns, another smasher, there’s a lot going in psychologically here. Mitzy says “get fucked!” Apo refuses to get fucked. Mitzy says “get fucked again!” And Apo gets fucked. Let’s see if we get another rally… oh no it’s over. What the fuck happened? No one knows what’s going on. Let’s have a look at the replay. Everything appears to be in order with the serve. The Frenchman does a petite return but the Chinese fella sneaks the ball back onto the table. Everyone is like “is that allowed? What are the rules?” But then the Frenchman goes “oh ok you fucken got me.” And he’s like “Yeah, I fucken got ya!”

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  1. When I figured out how to do a slam, I thought I was a ping pong master. Watching this video, clearly I’m not.

  2. Is that Chop Suey in the background.?

  3. I majored in ping-pong… true story.

  4. wait so on a serve you can bounce on your side of the net first. why?

  5. keep the good vibe going

  6. i thought it was my spotify in the background

  7. Why is chop sue playing in the background

  8. haaahaaahhaaaahaaaha..

  9. You need to commentate the Thai women's red light ping pong championships. There's some real nasty cunts in the match ????

  10. Love that song in the end from "system of down"

  11. I was waiting for the nah fuck you part..

  12. I accidentally read his name as, "Wanker S" ?

  13. 19:35 83% 17th septembee 2018

  14. I fucking love the French guy's smile at the end!

  15. How do you not have 10 mil???

  16. He just called Jun Mizutani "mitzy" haha

  17. Holy shit, that English guy came from my town, what are the odds

  18. ' I think these fellas need a tennis court ' ?????

  19. Wait! An Asian loosing a ping pong match

  20. Chop suey in the back tho?

  21. Apo gets FUCKED!!

  22. Fuck you! Nah fuck you! Nah fuck you!

  23. Wake up! Grab a brush and put a little make up!

  24. Chop Suey, by S.O.A.D., this guy is a fucking genious! Hahahaha

  25. Portugal won the heart ♥

  26. The last one was savage as fuck

  27. "Get fucked"
    "No u"

  28. Great video. But I loved the SOAD ending

  29. Having choupsuey while watching Ozzyman

  30. Haven't lived until you've watched an epic Ping pong showdown to the musical style of system of a down. Words I never thought i'd post

  31. These were all table tennis

  32. The like to dislike ratio on your videos is incredible!

  33. I knew he'd bring out the "fuck you! No, fuck you! No, fuck you"-meme in this one

  34. Love the SOAD in the backround

  35. Wow. That was way more intense than I expected ??✌??

  36. These ping pong balls are defying the fucking laws of physics. They are like..' yeah na yeah!.. fuck you physics, gravity's all distorted for me. I can beat the gravity and swing in any direction I want and you can't do shit about it. '

  37. That was exciting

  38. Mitsy vs Appo is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

  39. Whats the background music

  40. I’m fucking dying !!!

  41. 2:20 If this was a football the player would be rolling around on the floor shuting foul 😛

  42. System of a down at the end

  43. Plz do more longer ping pong commentary plz

  44. I thought you said mitsy that's my cats name ?

  45. Idk how many water u drink during this video?

  46. 0:27 Ani shwatzn*gga?

  47. i really like the fuk you fuk you and destination fuked commentary

  48. The best thing I've seen this year

  49. For some reason that retort between the frenchman and the chinese guy made me smile big time.
    "You fucking got me"
    "Oh yeh, i fucking got ya"

  50. This could just be because I’m stoned but that was riveting ?

  51. Chop suey , how fitting ??

  52. Nice one OZ side splitting as usual

  53. Forest Gump would of won it all

  54. Arny is in his fucked prime. 2019 is his fucking fucked prime ! Fuck a Fuck !

  55. Caravan park activity room? I'm dead

  56. "He keeps doing an 'under the arm' fake out" ?

  57. Mental health issues

  58. it would be great if u could broadcast a live commentary of thurman vs pacqiao this july.. the typical comentators are bias and dickhead

  59. Na fuck you na fuck you na fuck you na fuck you!! ????? That never gets old!!!

  60. wrg, p1gskn s inferiox, no such thing as beatx or cheerx or not, cepitx ,do ,be any nmw and any s ok

  61. From a table tennis player: that was amazing, more table tennis commentary please!!!

  62. SHIT ! This Was Intense !


  64. we need another ping pong game

  65. Fuck there fuck here fuck everywhere hahaha love this guy ????

  66. Mitzy says, "Get fucked!", Apo refuses to get fucked, Mitzy says, "Get fucked!" again, and Apo gets fucked!

  67. Is one of them going to fuck up? OH there it is!
    this guy kills me.

  68. "You fucki'n got me" ?

  69. Hilarious commentary! LOL!

  70. Unfortunately fucking net ruined the party?????

  71. I get it now. "Ping pong" is Chinese for "fuck you."

  72. Lmao tuhs was hilarious ??

  73. "Nahfuckyounahfuckyounahfuckyou!"

    ???? I CAN'T BREATHE!!!

  74. Bro they go hard af

  75. Yya i fuckin" got Yah.!

  76. When the game is going fast but the commentary is even faster.

    Meanwhile I, oh my eyes! my ears!

  77. A fokken tennis court, lmfao

  78. Such a relief to watch.

  79. The rally at 1:11 is INCREDIBLE!!!

  80. The professional ping pong commentator is not this funny. Thank aussie.

  81. Kanjra ki tarrr tar lagi v hai tunay bharway

  82. Why was the last point at 2:16 allowed, when it went under the net? I thought it had to go over the net to be a legal shot.

  83. The guy says, "Get fucked", but the other guy's like, "No, I won't get fucked". ?

  84. I'm sorry man, I didn't hear a word you said over the ChopSuey in the background

  85. System of a down wooo000!!!!

  86. I want to see Ozzy commentating on porn.

  87. It’s actually pretty satisfying to watch

  88. Again, thank you OzzyMan for your brilliant commentary! Every time I watch one of these my day gets better!

  89. playing a bit of soad aye

  90. He predicted the 9 legend in apex

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