Ozzy Man Reviews: Mongoose vs Lions

Ozzy Man Reviews: Mongoose vs Lions

Here’s a mongoose that’s been surrounded by fucking lions and dodgy-ass vultures It yells like a maniac and retreats Evil Simba chases it and steps on its tail The mongoose says: “Get fucked, mate!” “You used to be a good bloke” “You’ve turned into a shit cunt” It scurries into a safety house The lions are like: “What a rude mongoose” “Excuse me?! Are you talking about me, ya shit cunt?” “Can you please stop calling me that? It’s a disgusting combination of words” “Is it, ya shit cunt?” Evil Simba needs a hug He’s like: “This mongoose is bullying me” “HA! I’m bullying you?” “That is some top-notch post truth bullshit” “You should start a Facebook news page, fair dinkum” “You can’t step on my tail and act surprised when I lash out” “Unless you’re a shit cunt” Look at how the lion reacts It wants the human to jump in and censor the words It is a very offended lion But the mongoose doesn’t give a toss In fact, it doubles down It leaves the safety house and continues shredding the lion using the power of nasty language It’s like: “Your mother was a fucknuckle” “Your father was a dick” “You come from a long line of cowardly wankers” “You’re genetically designed to take down zebras, yet you’re picking on a fucking mongoose, mate!” “You’re turning yourself into a laughing stock, a joke” “The whole animal kingdom thinks you’re a pussy” Oh, this is brutal to watch to be honest The mongoose is about to win via a verbal knockout The lion is totally on the backfoot Now the mongoose is just yelling “The power of shit cunts compels you!” The power of shit cunts COMPELS YOU!” “The power of SHIT CUNTS COMPELS YOU!” Surely Surely the lion is about to collapse due to mental exhaustion Words are weapons They are the deadliest weap- OHHH! Ouch! The mongoose got his on the head That gotta hurt Yeah nah, I think it’s a little rattled Yep, it’s going back to the safety house Smart move! Smart move [Outro Music]

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  2. One of your best!

  3. This is good with the volume turned off.

  4. Am I the only one noticing one of the lions is half leopard? Look at the spots on its lower half

  5. That lioness looked so triggered! ??

  6. I couldn't film this. Instead of helping the mongoose.

  7. Shit Cunts rule.

  8. Pathetic ozzy twat

  9. After 3 bottles you can win against lions too

  10. Omgggg to funny,??????????

  11. Lions really aren’t very good hunters, or defenders.

  12. Post truth bullshit. !!! Hahahaha

  13. watch the language – you fail to impress

  14. Git FFFFFACKED, ya shitcunt!

  15. Holy fucking cuntsnacks!

  16. Mate. This upload made me cry.. Laughing. New sub ?

  17. The narrative fits the American Left Perfect!


  19. He got a bitch slap ;; that's all folks;;;;;?

  20. Well thats some HuMonggoose balls he got right there…

  21. These lions aren't hungry. Trust me.

  22. Ozzy Man
    Ozzy Man
    Ozzy Man
    Ozzy Man
    Ozzy Man
    There… that should help me remember never to click on this sick pervert's channel again.

  23. Get fucked mate ???? wanker

  24. Wahhhhnnnnnsinn! Ein Mungo welcher Löwen verarscht. Heute bin ich ein Mungo und werde dem Kreuz vermaledeiten König der Löwen mal ordentlich einheizen. Huhuhuhuuuuuu.

  25. You gonna upset my stomach that’s why I’m not gonna eat

  26. Mongooses don't play around

  27. Sean connery- sooo you thought to bring a lion in a mongoose fight?

  28. “Word are weapons!”

  29. Bradley Cooper my nuts, this dude should have been that talking animal in Guardians of The Galaxy, I forgot its name, the one that takes care of Groot. Yea, should have been amazing.

  30. Shit cunt BRILLIANT ???

  31. Feminists in animal kingdom lol ???

  32. Jajajajaja what a guy.. I reckon his a comedian mate.

  33. One of my favorite videos on the internet LMAO

  34. Why u use Vulgar words?? So disgusting…

  35. They were cub lions
    Young and unsure

  36. The mongoose has just used up its 20% strength

  37. Que gonorrea de narrador imbecil catrehijueputa se cree chistoso el noventa hijueputa….???

  38. Zangoose use Fury Swipes now!

  39. Shit mate u got me busting an ozzy over here ????

  40. O pequeno bixo acha que e serpente

  41. Alguém manda esse babaca calar a boca

  42. Im crying laughing so hard

  43. Dude your vids are hilarious, good job.

  44. What’s up with the one that has spots? Is it a hybrid?

  45. Those are leopard-lions

  46. Those lions are big pussies! ?

  47. Shut the fuck up you stupid neck

  48. I luv mangoose its so clever ?

  49. en mi casa tengo mangostas y no
    son así

  50. Лучше смотреть без перевода, чтобы не читать плохие слова.

  51. Probabilmente i leoni si erano appena sbafati un paio di zebre, con troppa maionese.
    Ma sei il re, perbacco: non puoi fare queste figure!

  52. One lion was actually a half lion and half leopard

  53. The mongoose was thinking..if were able to dismantle a venomous black mamba which can easily kill you…so what does that make me then? I'm invincible…i killed a ton of cobra and black mamba which caused half of your death.

  54. Those lions are inexperienced

  55. Is that a liger?

  56. That Mongoose have big cojones… (guevos grandes)…

  57. You talking stuppid

  58. I love how lions can kill bigger animals, but in the face of angry small animals, they were like "???" and seemed to lose their instinct to fight back. The never even use their claws, proof they're just confused af.

  59. "Jump in and cencor the words"??

  60. 3 women fear a mouse

  61. Mangoose DESTROYS lions with FACTS and ARGUMENTS

  62. BLA BLA BLA ……..

  63. Львы какие то не настоящщие , ссыкливые …

  64. The Lions clearly were not hungry and were just playing around being curious. Which obviously the Mongoose was legit telling them to fuck off. Any signs of them attempting to actually kill him he backed off into his home.

    The fact that one lion came up to the other and started playing while the Mongoose was raging is proof. Mongooses are the enemy to Snakes not lions. Mongoose have nothing in their arsenal to hurt a lion

  65. I've seen the actual video on discovery. Those were teenage lions (you can tell by the spots on their legs) they were still pretty naive and got absolutely stumped when such a small creature challenged them and they didn't know how to react. The females were out hunting and their father the alpha male was actually sleeping nearby lol? I saw the whole documentary

  66. Your mother was a fuckknucle and your father was a dick!

    I will use that.

  67. They are observing him..they are like excuse me,I'm not built for I have to figure it out how to deal with it. Who knows it could be poisonous.there instinct and moral campus is not working for this little guy.

  68. The Mongoose suffers from multiple personality disorder, right now it thinks its an elephant

  69. Lions are afriad of poisionous snakes and mongooses kill and eat snakes … so who is the boss, lions or mongooses … you be the judge.

  70. One of them is a liger

  71. A Hungary lion wouldn’t even waste time playing

  72. those are lady lions men have the crown and don't hunt

  73. Courageous work wins life

  74. "your mother was a fuck knuckle" LOL

  75. I thought the lions were going to start playing WAC-A-MOLE…

  76. That lioness has a tiger stripes and leopard spots though…

  77. Imagine a wolvarine and honey badger there than lions will run for their lives

  78. There's no king against a shit cunts

  79. Wait why didn't those Lions tear that Mongoose apart?

  80. Worst interpretation ever….nominating for Oscar award

  81. It’s obvious the lions weren’t hungry and thought “goosy” would make a good toy!

  82. Speed of the mongoose!

  83. A lion fighting a buffalo is more like a feminist fighting facts. There is only one winner in the end.

  84. That little mongoose has some big brass ones!?⚾️??⚽️???????

  85. You should start a facebook news page….haha

  86. Fuck knuckle is one of my favorite insults since 1995 when I was a junior in high school and made a new friend and he said it about someone once.
    It was awesome.
    Not as awesome as twat waffle, but still decent.

  87. SHITCUNTSSSSSS , amazing words

  88. Although there are exceptions like starvation, or a mother lioness bring a small animal to her very young cubs for teaching hunting. As a rule lions do not hurt small animals that are not their natural enemies and domestic dogs. However, a playful lion may hurt unwillingly a small animal. On the video, at that age young lions all ready killed animals bigger than themselves. Here is a lion cub around the same age attacking an hyena. A hyena is way bigger and dangerous than a mongoose isn't it?.

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