P.E. Games – Castleball

P.E. Games – Castleball

This is ‘Castle Ball’ and you will need dodge balls and hula hoops. In this game you will create two teams. Before the game actually starts, you will have students work together to create some castles
using hula hoops. It’s a bit tricky but they will figure it out. They can use one for a base, four for the sides, and one to top it off to
hold it together. Once they have figured that out and they have
had some practice building them, then you can start the game. Throw a bunch of dodge
balls in. Now the goal of the game is to knock over the other team’s castles, and every time a
team can do that, they get a point. So if the blue team here as we see has thrown the ball and knocked over a castle, then blue team
gets a point. The orange players can go and rebuild that castle. While they are rebuilding the castle, the blue team is not able to throw at the castle being built. They can continue throwing it at the other castle. Players can go around and bock their own castles but
if they knock it over on their own then it’s down and the will have to rebuild it. It’s also not a dodge ball game, so they are not throwing at the players, but just at the castles. And that’s it
for this game!

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  1. Your channel is awesome! So useful! 

  2. Any ideas for alternatives for castles so younger students can play as well?  I think if there is something easier than hula hoops then this is suitable for K-3 as well.  Maybe a stack of polyspots or mats with a bowling pin on top. I'll test it out soon!

  3. This is a good one… been playing this game since forever but call it 'Last Castle'… Modifications we use… 1 – If you get hit by a ball by chance or you are defending and block a ball with hand or body you must leave the play area and do 10 sandbell slams… Mod 2 – Have them choose one of the castles to be the KINGS CASTLE if the KINGS CASTLE goes down the round goes to the other team. We put 4 castles out and we let them put the castles where they think would be the best strategic positions…

  4. i played this in school

  5. well when we played it you could still hit re-building towers and slow down their work while others attack the other one. we also made 3 towers.

  6. We play this in P.E. class. It's my favorite game. My friend and I pretend it's a Medieval War. People who guard the castles are called Knights. And people who throw balls are called Wizards.

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