Pakistan bike racing سباق الدرجات في الباكستان

Pakistan bike racing سباق الدرجات في الباكستان

1 2 3 4 heads in 1 motorbike I saw 2 in bike and 3 and 4 in 1 bike but today I saw 5 in one bike 2 2 2 2 Then here you have 3 and here 4 and you’ll see 5 these are 6 watch 6 in one bike here they car race all the cars This bike is very hard I tried to drive and it was not easy The one before was easier Now they are gathering to start the race Motorbikes I did not know Pakistan they have motorbike race but they are scared of the police so they do it at night Let’s see now if they come The sound The sound The sound is very strong very very strong ok now I will try switching on this bike I will not drive it because I tried and it did not work with me I will just do vroom vroom ok I don’t want to drive I just want to do vroom vroom I will not drive Let’s do it / Let’s go The time has come to do vroom vroom That’s it Ragdah became a pro in motorbikes I will not drive i will make someone drive for me I am taking a photo for them so Selfie and the bikes are behind me The sound to be honest it was a nice experience a wonderful experience The sound came in my ears The car and the motorbike are talking they have a meeting in the street They did not find a place other than this to conduct their meeting Those are the kids of the guy helping in Pakistan and bringing us cars Mohammad is a bit shy but Erfa is not because she is social

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