Pakistan No Match for India | Pak V Ind | Asia Cup 2018 | Sep 24

Pakistan No Match for India | Pak V Ind | Asia Cup 2018 | Sep 24

Once again today Pakistan got thrashed. But credit has to be given to India. Because point is! That mentally both teams are always ready! And very well prepared Because winning against each other is very important But the story is about skills On skill level, India seems to be far ahead of Pakistan Be it bowling yorkers, Be it hitting sixes ,playing spin, fielding efforts saving runs or when it comes to strategy They are coming out as skilful Which team to play, they have brought their spinners, their combination is good. Pakistan on the other hand are deflated losing, getting beaten Will they get up or not? Because they have to get up and learn from these mistakes and increase their skills There is still time for Pakistan to stabilise It will be a difficult task because the next match is against Bangladesh Bangladesh is not an easy team to face And it will be a do or die situation If Pakistan win, only then they will be able to qualify to face India again And anything can happen in the final Maybe it is an off day for India and Pakistan would hope that India has a bad day So that they can again Refocus, regather reassess their combination and move forward Now Pakistan must take this game out of their systems and if i was playing and Mickey Arthur comes to me in the dressing room and questions my shotmaking or Sarfaraz says I played badly Then i will collapse mentally So the tournament has not finished for Pakistan and they must wake up and learn from India because sometimes you can learn a lot from your competitor for example how to bat patiently , rotation of strike Pakistan’s rotation of strike was non-existent Partnerships and then aggression in the bowling department and Sarfaraz has to bring some aggression and set fields accordingly but overall on technical level, India was far ahead Pakistan made alot of errors in fielding and batting Sarfaraz and Shoaib Malik threw their wickets if they hadnt then maybe this total would have reached 250-270 Overall, Pakistan has to wake up and live and survive and they have to breathe

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  1. Hi guys, I will give a special shout out to the person who adds best subtitles in English for this video. Just press settings icon on your Youtube video player and add subtitles.

  2. This field is home ground of pakistan.

  3. Every think is over Bangladesh in final.This Asia cup no chance Pakistan Better Luck next time.Achey sey Homework karkey ana..?

  4. Love you sirji but not your country.

  5. Experienced players aap ke TV shows me baite he. Under 19 team ko khelne bheja he…

  6. Final match India or Pakistan ka hona tha or India final jeeta toh or Maza aa jaata last Final ka badla le leta

  7. ​i am gonna go watch champion trophy highlights

  8. Rameez ko koch banoooo

  9. Congratulations!!!! India won the asia cup 2018?? it's okay Pakistan ye khel hi khuchh aisa hai ki koi predict nhi kr skta hai ki age kya hone wala hai see you in 2019 WC

  10. Chikka marna ho? Murjhaye hue hain.. theres something about pakistani mindset and psychology that one would never associate things like knowledge, being sober, modesty, talk sense..alag hi fitoor me rehte hain log yahan pe.. arab se ghode pe chadhke aye hain kyuki

  11. Love u Ramiz Sir…Ur viewalways honest about Game….Love from India

  12. Chod diya Pakistan ko

  13. Fakar zaman nahi he is FUCKER zaman????

  14. enki Bhan or chod do

  15. Jai hind jai bharat…improving in all fields…?

  16. Bharat as a country be 100 years agai hai porkistaan se

  17. Sorry Mr Raza, Pakistan "Utha" nahi "uth" gaya. Better luck in next tournament.

  18. India is very good team.i m surprised how pak beat india in champion trophy final.kismat kharab thii us din

  19. Ramiz sirji. Pak lost to Bangla also.
    I dont agree with you that Pak players were mentally prepared and not up to the mark when comes to skills. It is the other way around.
    Pak players having skills but mentally they we're under pressure
    Ind vs Pak is not a joke game. It's a highest voltage game where even a common person is under pressure that his country team doesn't lose.
    Pak players we're mentally not prepared to handle the enormous pressure.
    Also I would like to add. This was the worst ever Pakistan bowling lineup I have ever seen in last 20 years. Body building karke kisko batani hai. Muh dikhane layak nahi choda Usman ko Amir ko.
    Also why would you need players who's name just rhym so well with the great past Pak players.
    Just get rid of them and get in some real skills and temperament.
    Worst captain ever for Pak in Asia cup 2018. change the captain. I believe Shoiabh Malik was the best fit.
    Before tournament started Pak team bragged that they are so used to UAE pitches just like home and they will make things difficult for India.
    To early judgement !!!
    This is no Sarjha matches where LBW shouts appealed on every 2nd ball.

  20. Ramiz bhai Pakistan team ki tarah aap ka standard bhi down hote jaa raha hai. Itna bada commentator hoke kaha yeh youtube pe chote chote videos bana rahe ho.
    Paiso ki tangi chal rahi hay kya ramiz bhai hehehehe

  21. Free Baluchistan ~ Insha Allah ~

    From porkie opression ~

  22. Ramiz bhai , saw your preview video of the first India-Pak and then the two post-match analyses of the 19th and the 24th. Pakistan needs to have a strategy and not just rely on flash-in-the-pan performances to decide your playing XI for a game.


  24. Ye sab mamle mematpado jo bhi comments kareaheho

  25. Pakistani cricketer and people main problem is that they always want to stay in past in there old dreams that they had defeated India in champion trophy but they don't think that it was just an off day for India but after that India have improved there skills and strength my suggestion to porky team is in future if there will be any match in ICC tournament so avoid that other wise ur fake dream will break that porky team is an average team

  26. Pakistani cricketer and people main problem is that they always want to stay in past in there old dreams that they had defeated India in champion trophy but they don't think that it was just an off day for India but after that India have improved there skills and strength my suggestion to porky team is in future if there will be any match in ICC tournament so avoid that other wise ur fake dream will break that porky team is an average team

  27. From pak but india played good ?? well plyed

  28. Bht achha bolte ho bhai

  29. baap kaun hai pata chal gya???

  30. Bak madhar chod na jitbe tu

  31. Aaj fir bahut dhunai hui Pakistan team ki ????????????

  32. Overconfidence ache achon ki maar deti hai ?. India champions trophy final mai overconfident tha aur Pakistan Asia Cup mai. Jeetega wohi Jo patience ke saath khelega.

  33. Paakistan nahi utha…..aur na hi uth paayega…kyonki pakistan me sachche logo ki kami hai …ek aap kl chhodkar …aur vaseem bhai ko chhodkar sab chaploos hain

  34. Bhag terrorist pig yaha se .

  35. chhikkha maarna ho. 🙂

  36. Inshallah Pakistan will win against Zimbabwe ?

  37. V won champions trophy ?

  38. Jitna baar kheloge utni baar haraunga

  39. mujhe cricket ka buhut shauq hai rameez bhai aur me kilna chahta hoon Pakistan k taraf se

  40. Ramiz the country gave you the name and fame, and for some $$ thru youtube u critizing your own country..shame on you
    Mr. Rambo… y dont u join Sami and beg for their citizenship.
    Your brother the great Wasim Raja was a dyamic person, and u
    Sorry I dont want to use bad words.

  41. rameez bhai hasan ali ko bagha border bhejo
    mai ushe goli marunga

  42. hitman to hitman he hy

  43. ramiz sir aap pakistan ke coach banjaie.

  44. What do you call a little whiney bitch with a 3" penis? An indian……!

  45. Pakistan team me talent kam hai. Ye bat maan lo Ramiz

  46. ramij raja i respect you sir


  48. Hr bar tuka Ni chlta Bhau

  49. Jab tak aisy loochy phoochy players khialo gy wo runs ni kr skty.. Mentally set hona bahut zarori hy jo keh sharjil Khan and Muhammad Asif ki sorat me hy imran nazir pr mehnat kro.. Kahan sy kachra players utha kr laty ho.. Akh thoo

  50. I have question why you not talking about another country why only India Pakistan I think your Indian samca

  51. bharat ki to maaa austrilaa wale choude ge ap sabar karo poore 20 saal ka badla le ge hum aus wale

  52. Ye vedio mein to 100 baar dkh Chuka… Sun k maza aata h ??

  53. Ye India se off day mein hi Jeet skte h??? aukkad hi ni h.

  54. this man should be coach of pakistan.

    well said mr rameej.

  55. skill bhi nahi hai tum atankiyo ko apni aukat dekho aur choti choti teamo ke saath hi khelo ??

  56. Congrats Indian Team……….From Pakistan.

  57. Pakistan should learn from India

  58. 1 run bhe rehta tho india Apna best dikhata but pak tho 100 run ho tho bhe haar maan lata h

  59. Rohit is the great pleyar of india team

  60. Pakistan has lot of talent. In terrorism career.

  61. baccho papa se sikho

  62. Naya kuch bolo na kyu karta hai

  63. Touu Sala 1 number ka bagahrat Ha

  64. Pakistan khala Ga toh apnaa leyia…India khala Ga toh apnaa leyia…huma kisI sa koi matlab nahii…Ap logouu ko publicity mel jayia..bakii ap kii life setel Ha…Hum gareebouu ko struggle karnii Ha…apnaa feature k leyia…woh bii din Raat…

  65. Tum log kabhi nahi sambhal sakte chutiyo ???

  66. it's not how hard u hit ,its how hard u get hit and keep moving forward

  67. Bharat se q sikhna he
    Coach nai He kya tumhare paas ??

  68. Go and watch the highlight of Champion trophy final till 2050 ?? u porkistani u lose?

  69. We expect tough competition in World Cup final between Pakistan and India in 2019 good luck to both teams.

  70. India ki bt krty ho champion trophy yaad h na yeh bhool gy ho. I think bacha bacha janta h bap kon h india k.??

  71. kote to Pakistan ke Sid he ya ind

  72. I like the title also add no match for Bangladesh

  73. Ramiz sir har din champions trophy ka final nahi hota ha

  74. IndIA?????????????

  75. Yes lndian so Nice ? ok
    I am Gril Pakistan ?? Kohli g I iove u

  76. Indian very Good ?

  77. What a fall , even PSL being played in UAE!,,,,

  78. Pakistan sirif harhe kun na jayay but i love pakistan sooo much and hate india always

  79. CT ke khwabo s India n Bahar nikaal hi diya, badi maar pads porkis ko.

  80. tumhara baap hai india…mullo…. tumhe tumhari aukat dikhayi jaayegi…….kal ho hamla hua hai uska v badla liya jaayega….suwar ki aulad ho tum pakistani..india me aakr dikhao..tumhari ammi chudi jaayegi…koi v pakistani….kisi v profession kaho..indiame aate hi goli maar do saalo ko

  81. madharchodooo pakisthani tumhari gand maarege dekhna bc

  82. ramij raja bc hai saare ke saare pakisthan ke

  83. sun lo atankwadiyo pakistani baap he tere hindustani

  84. Sucide blast kr lo??

  85. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  86. India sy seko warna 1 dan 1 position t20 10 nember py jayga inshaAllah

  87. India tumhaara Baap hain aane wale 1000 saal tak champions trophy 2017 ki baat karte rehnge

  88. Ramiz bhaiii urdo me maj kia kro kisi ko parh nhi ata ho to psy samjh kesy lagi gi bhaoi

  89. Good speaks Ramiz bhaiiiii

  90. i. love you Pakistan zindabad haa zindabad raha gaya

  91. Pakistan jeetaa gaya inshallah

  92. This is emerging India…

  93. Salam Karen lazim

  94. I don't know y you're comparing Pakistan with India… India is top level team icc odi rank 2

  95. Watching this video again on wc2019 29/06/2019 & no surprise, Pakistan team's position is same as Asia games ?

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