PANG Qing & TONG Jian Playing Badminton [English Caption]

PANG Qing & TONG Jian Playing Badminton [English Caption]

TONG: So why are we in Qingdao?
>>PANG: You can explain, no need to be courteous. TONG: First of all sight-seeing,
to see Qingdao’s scenery in May. But more importantly, to provide up-to-date
badminton news just before competition on condition and status of athletes,
for all badminton fans.>>PANG: Since everyone gets nervous
before a competition, they don’t want distraction from too many people,
which will break their concentration.>>TONG: If they are in a good mood after
practice, we’ll ask one or two questions. Otherwise we’ll quickly back off. It’s 10 days away from competition. We are at a badminton complex,
as crossover newbies for today. A competitive and team oriented
badminton championship will be held here. We’ll have a look at what everyone’s up to.
>>PANG: Let’s go. NARR: Unexpectedly no sound of smashing birdies
in the gym, but crowded with cameras and equipment.>>TONG: She’s a singles player, doing an interview. So we need to keep our voices down. Every athlete I see doing an interview,
aren’t super confident like when they are competing. They seem more at ease.>>PANG: I heard this is her first time
competing at the Asian Games. Might be a little nervous. NARR: Today is a media session for the team,
which consists of 20 players entered for the games. Current No.1 Ranked Player in the World
-Shixian WANG- I could feel letting the team down,
since they are all depending on me.>>TONG: Give it your best.
WANG: Okay TONG: Rackets weigh differently?
GIRL: Yeah mine’s kind of heavy.>>TONG: This will be useful in the match. Let’s swap sports, you guys play badminton. You’ll do fine in badminton.
>>TONG: No way no way. But if we try figure skating,
we’ll screw up those flips on ice. We felt a bit chilly while waiting around. So we did some basic lifts in the
interview and photography room.>>TONG: We knew CAI Yun and FU Haifeng will be here. So we are ready to PK them.
“Penalty Kick” (challenge) We are very confident. I’ve seen you guys on TV.>>TONG: I’ve known about you for a long time.
Saw you back in 2007 training. Do you guys have more free time now?
>>PANG: Yea we just finished our season, which opened up our schedule, and
we were in the area.>>TONG: How’s your condition now?
CAI/FU: Quite good. Nervous? Quite nervous too. Of course I get nervous. You don’t get
nervous at a big competition? I don’t believe you.>>TONG: If you are kind of relaxed,
let us PK (challenge) you. CAI/FU: Hey I don’t know how to skate. PANG: There’s a badminton court on
the floor above our training facilities. CAI/FU: You guys play?
>>TONG: I do, she doesn’t.>>CAI/FU: Is that so?
We’ll play you on one foot, while hopping. Come visit our club when you have time.>>TONG: Have you practiced this way?
CAI/FU: Nope. To prevent CAI/FU from injury before competition.
Playing on one leg will have to wait till next time. Men’s doubles will be a highly competitive discipline.
CAI & FU will be facing many tough challengers. CAI/FU: As expected from an athlete, you are quite gifted. CAI/FU: I get nervous around girls.
It’s all your fault TONG, you’ve got it easy.>>TONG: No way, she’s my skating partner. TONG: I invite you to the ice rink.
CAI/FU: Alright I’ll bring rackets & birdie. CAI/FU: There’s an ice rink next door,
I’ll go play you 1 on 1.>>TONG: This was a rewarding trip.
PANG: We didn’t know how they’d respond to us. Once we got to know them, they were very
easy going. And worked well with our reporting. So MISSION SUCCESS!>>TONG: Only pity was we didn’t get to meet LIN Dan.
Maybe his training schedule is too busy. We did get to play against national team members. During our chats and observation, we learned our
men’s double team is under tremendous pressure. But we know they’ll do great,
since we were no match for them. I also invited them to experience
our daily training routine on the ice. We wish all members of
China’s Badminton Team will give their best performance at
this upcoming competition. And achieve their desired results and victories.

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