Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen’s Latest Gameplay Update!

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen’s Latest Gameplay Update!

Almost any time I watch a Pantheon: Rise
of the Fallen stream on Twitch, one of the frequent comments I see from
newcomers is about how the combat looks a little boring. And for years the
developers have said that this is just the foundation of the system and once
that’s solid and balanced, they’ll be adding more layers of mechanics to make it more
engaging and dynamic. Well in their most recent stream with CohhCarnage, it seems
like they’ve finally gotten to a point where they can start doing just that. So
let’s take a look. This is BazgrimTV. Learn. Laugh. Level Up. If you want to always stay up-to-date with the development of
Pantheon, hit the subscribe button now if you haven’t already because this channel
is completely dedicated to that. I’m not one of the developers – I’m just a guy who
spends a lot of time gathering information from the Visionary Realms
team so that I can pass it along to you in a way that’s just quicker and easier
for you to understand. So with that in mind, let’s get right into it. This time
the devs brought CohhCarnage along for an adventure in the zone of Amberfaet, and
that’s really interesting because the first time the team ever did a stream
with him was almost exactly three years ago and that was also the first and only
time that Amberfaet has been shown. And since then of course there’s been quite
a few improvements to the zone, which is significant because it’s proof that
Project Faerthale is not just about Faerthale as a single zone. The
improvements that are included in the overall Project Faerthale milestone
really affect the whole game. And you can see that here. And if you haven’t heard
about Project Faerthale before and you want to learn more, I’ll include a link to it.
But today i’m just going to summarize what’s new – what we learned and what’s
never been seen before. So if you’re brand new to Pantheon, I’d really
encourage you to check out this introductory playlist I made to get you
up to speed so that you have a better context of what’s going on, but for now,
let’s jump right into the updates. Within just the first minute of the stream, Cohh
stumbled upon the new and improved perception system, which is very
appropriate because that’s the system that allows players to discover the lore
of the world organically without hand-holding. A few weeks ago, the
developers gave a preview of an update they’d been working on for
the perception system, but now we actually got to see it in-game. Here Cohh
noticed this orb just in the environment that was interactable and when he
clicked on it, it gave this little teaser if you will. And similarly, when he
approached this other orb laying on the ground, it automatically gave this pop-up
which gave an additional hint about what was going on. These things were triggered
by the investigate and insight skills respectively – investigate being a skill
that you activate and insight being a passive skill. And as you can see, through
the perception system, he felt compelled to explore and find out more about what
these orbs were. Maybe it would lead to a quest – maybe it was just for flavor.
Either way, it was almost like the world itself was the dungeon master of a
tabletop session just giving you clues about what it was going on around. The
next big improvement we saw was the climbing system. Now Amberfaet is an
extremely vertical zone, and while climbing will be an important aspect of
exploring in almost any zone, Amberfaet was perfect for showing it
off. In fact, back in that 2016 stream, we first saw a very early version
of the climbing system. And then in 2018, they gave a brief demo of how it was
being updated as part of Project Faerthale. But again this is the first time
that we saw it in game. These are all new animations made in-house by Ross
Armstrong. And even though it’s still a work in progress, you can see it’s come a
long way. The devs talked about how most surfaces
in the game will be climbable if your climbing skill is high enough. They want
you to be able to feel like you can explore almost anywhere that you can see.
And climbing will even sometimes play a part in combat. And speaking of combat,
that was really the thing that everybody wanted to see. And the devs said that they
want to make a point of just showing how fun it can be to simply go on an
adventure with a group. And I think they accomplished that. Right off the bat, you
can see that a lot of the animations have improved, which is another one of
those things that they’ve always said was coming for sure. But it’s really
always good to see that progress in-game. The group they had was level 40 and the
composition had Kyle Olson the lead programmer
making his Twitch stream debut as an ogre shaman, joined by Joppa the human
rogue, Roenick the human wizard, Brasse the dwarf cleric, Machail the dwarf paladin,
and CohCarnage playing a human warrior. In a recent video newsletter,
the devs first unveiled the new class resource system, which are the unique
resources that some classes have in addition to the typical health, endurance,
etc that they need to manage to perform their more powerful abilities. And
actually seeing this in action from the warrior’s perspective was really the
centerpiece of this stream. The warrior actually has two unique resources and
I’ll just select Creative Director Chris “Joppa” Perkins explain how they
work: “You see the row of shields, this is the Battle Point system for Warriors.
It’s a very simple build and spend mechanic there. You’re gonna build battle
points by using certain abilities and then you have other abilities you can
spend battle points on. But on the right hand side, you see the resilience and
this is really purely a mitigation based resource where your overall armor class,
which includes your worn items, any buffs you have on at the time – those are going
to play into the amount of resilience that you have. And every time you take
damage, it’s going to go through that resilience layer. And however much
resilience you have, it’s going to determine how much damage is absorbed
before it actually hits the rest of your mitigation.o Nw the cool thing about
it is as you are fighting and tanking, your shield block ability actually is
going to help you generate resilience. So that’s kind of the way you heal your own
resilience in battle is by using shield block and timing your shield block to
where it’s going to maximize how much damage you take. So that not only are you
reducing the amount of damage through the shield itself, but then it’s gonna help
you generate that much more resilience.” “Okay so my shield blocks is only an
instant cast – so I’m clicking that and then any
attacks that hit me for two seconds will then generate more hate on that target.”
“It will generate more hate, it’s going to reduce the damage by 60% while shield
block is active, and then a percentage of the damage you absorb is going to directly
regenerate your resilience pool. And the more resilience you have, the more damage you’re going to absorb. So you’re
trying to time that shield block to make sure that you’re using it when the
highest amount of damage is coming in.” Again the idea here is to make combat
more dynamic and engaging and I think the warrior is a perfect example of this.
Because in most MMOs, warriors are pretty straightforward – you
hit taunt and then you try to absorb as much damage as you can. And that’s fine
but sometimes that can get pretty boring after a while. So now with Pantheon it’s
more exciting because you have more to do, more options to consider, and it
really allows the skilled players to shine – it’s a more tactical style of
combat rather than totally auto attack based or totally reaction based. And in
combat, our group of fearless heroes encountered some enemies with
dispositions, which is the system that causes some NPCs to randomly spawn with
certain traits, behavior patterns, and personalities that just shake things up
and require you to figure out what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and
then how you can counter it. There are dozens of different dispositions that
could spawn, so each time you go into a dungeon, your experience is going to be a
little more unpredictable. Now for example, this time the group happened to
run into some mobs with the bloodthirsty disposition, which has a chance to cause
bleeding with every attack it does. And if it’s successful, it gains a buff
called blood frenzy, which then allows it to deal even more damage. So when this
sort of thing happens, you’re probably gonna have to adjust your strategies
accordingly. And then lastly I just wanted to point out this little part of
their adventure. These aren’t quest NPCs or anything – it
may not seem like much at first, but these simple safe spaces built into
massive dungeons are one little example of the many ways that
they’re working to make it so that you don’t need to dedicate four, five, six
plus hours to be able to accomplish something meaningful in an open-world
MMO. This way, you and your group have a place where you can just log out for the
night and then pick it up another time. So that way, session by session, even if
you only play for a couple hours, you can still make your way through this dungeon
if that’s how you prefer to play. And there’ll be other systems in place to
help with this too, but that’s another video for another day. So with that, you
should be all caught up on the news from the latest Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen
gameplay stream. If this has gotten you excited and you want to watch the whole
stream, the link is in the description. I for one am going to keep re-watching it
and breaking it down even more so that I can share my findings with you. So I’ll
see you in the next video.

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