PAPA JAKE HAS BEEN CAPTURED!! He Won’t Escape The Hacker

PAPA JAKE HAS BEEN CAPTURED!! He Won’t Escape The Hacker

hey yo what’s going on guys it’s Papa
Jake here and as you know we are currently on the run from what we
believe are either hackers spies or potentially worse we were able to make
it back to our house after the last video we had to escape the haunted woods
at 3 a.m. we used camera setup in those woods to track the movements of these
creepers and were able to escape just in time we’re now back home but we are
still on the run from them we don’t know who they are or what they want but guys
get this we were able to find one of their iPhones that’s right this fell out
of one of their pockets after they tripped and we’re gonna be using this
today to hack into it and try and get some more information on who is
following us as of right now all we know is that they’re coming after youtubers
and they have a list of youtubers including me
the sheriff family Chad wild play and a bunch of other youtubers we don’t know
why they want us and we don’t know how dangerous these guys are right now I’m
feeling pretty safe as you can see we’re back home after spending the last almost
week in the woods it’s nice to be back here but look and I was just pulling
them in on everything we’re still definitely not out of the clear no these
cats could be anywhere I think our first priority today is gonna be hacking into
this phone and figure out as much information as we can on these guys
anything we can get from them it’s gonna be extremely important but guys one of
the most important things is all of your support through this you guys have been
amazing all these comments all of your likes sharing the videos getting the
word out there and most importantly alerting other youtubers of the
information we’re finding we’re putting together a case using all of your guys
information and you’re helping us solve this mystery together so yeah guys as of
right now there’s a few different theories but it goes from anywhere to
this being the government to being someone trying to get rid of YouTube
vloggers which is why they haven’t been attacking gamers I mean all the way to
this being some sort of evil corporation trying to stop youtubers as you can see
everyone’s helping out but we need your help as well wait guys I think I hear
something downstairs I heard that too this house is so big
there’s no way we’re gonna cover every entrance check the back check back something there look gia that it’s a
security alarm one of the doors is opening let’s read
answers quickly great if you think we’ve gone in the basement it’s the only door
we didn’t check it’s closed to be in any Spock’s words there’s no way we’re gonna
check all of this yeah check in here no the windows are open Shh you guys have
to get here something in the front window come on Logan come on this way
oh this isn’t good guys you seen this one in the window
Lupe’s right there is the door I saw behind the door it’s one behind the door
look he’s right there he’s right there guys this isn’t good when you hacked
into this phone and figure it out they must know we have their phone that’s why
they’re coming after us at our house look and what are we gonna do we have to
get out of here man they’re literally surrounding the house get out of here we
have to go down all right guys I’m ideal let’s grab my
car and head out the garage because it’s Cape with the car and find a place to
hack into this phone I’ve got my keys on me let’s go let’s go head to the cross
come on guys we got to go we gotta get out of here and find a place where we
can hack into this phone Hey look and get in get in
look at this one coming get it get it get it really quickly let’s go let’s go
let’s go she’s coming he’s coming
get this out of you man we’re getting out of here all right let’s get out of
here Logan we gotta get out of here and fast Jake where are we gonna go
all right have an idea guys if we’re gonna hide out somewhere I think we can
go to our old fort if you guys remember our previous box for video we made an
awesome fallout shelter I think we head back there there’s no way we’ll find us
there it’s a little bit of a drive but once we get there we should be able to
get inside and use it as a base of operations the definitely be on our
trail to Logan hi I’ve got an idea I’m gonna put the car in launch control and
send this out it’s just really fast once we’re around the corner
I’ll put it into electric mode and we’ll cruise around that way they won’t be
able to hear us and we’ll be able to escape back to the fort
once we’re there we can hack into the phone all right putting in wash control
all right ready guys cheek that was so fast all right we got
around the corner quickly by putting into electric mode now there’s no way
they can be able to hear us hi this is perfect let’s head back to
the Ford and a key to this phone shouldn’t be too far of a drive but
we’ll keep an eye out and see if they’re following us
come on guys – should be out this way oh wow guys the fort what is Roy I don’t
think I’ve ever seen this happen to a box store this thing has been rushed
supposed to been from all the storms we had lately guys wow the entire canopy
that we had above it securing it from the water just fell on it well this this
part of the floor it still looks good yeah the back looks like it’s an
operation oh yeah do the lights are still on
I should be able to pull off the back door here seems perfect for us to hide
out and there’s no way they’re gonna look here so who’s going first in case there’s
raccoons all right looks like Logan’s gonna go first hopefully there’s no
animals in here let me get it set up whoa god this is crazy the whole four
days like collapse dude check this out
you can literally see like the line where the fort just collapsed this is
raisi I mean at least we did a really good job
on this side this part held up very well but yeah it looks like we’re not getting
any farther than that way is there even a way through that look no this is this
is a dead end to the fort all right well we can use the second story of the four
to set up shop and hack into the cycle okay guys let’s do this and see we can
find on this phone I’m gonna plug it in here there we go and see if we can hack
into it first things first if we can get past the phone’s password hi hold on you
in it Jake are you sure we’re even safe here
they were just on our tail I mean it’s the least likely place for them to look
we’d see enough time to get in your figure out what’s going on okay hold on
a monster just around the program here basically brute-forcing the password
dude I got it we’re in all perfect okay here we go downloading the data see what we have no
although again what looks like they remotely cleared the phone they like the
phone you try to remove all the data from it no no no no no mostly
everything’s missing hold on cheek what does that mean I’m easily deleted
everything off the phone once they knew we had it I’m gonna try and run a
recovery software see what I can get from it
look and check this out what is it look it’s some sort of map that they have on
here so must be how they’re tracking us youtubers check out
hold on I’m pulling some other stuff the recovery software is gonna try and pull
everything off of this phone and put it into one folder so we can look what was
on it and should be almost done I’ve got
access to the files in the iPhone whoa guys it’s a text message someone owns
the leader he says is the job done person’s phone that we took says yes
well Papa Jake has escaped but we are tracking him guys it’s definitely make
sense this is from the tracker this is who was tracking us your replies find
him and what about the other sets that must be the other youtubers the other
youtubers are slowly being captured soon our plan will be complete
like great one nice is go forth Logan whoever this phone is texting they have
a leader it doesn’t mean that these people are random there there’s some
sort of organization I mean this could be an organization a spy to be an
organization of hackers beep we just don’t know pray let’s see what else we
got on here that’s the sharers house they have a satellite image of the
Sherry’s house Logan guys this isn’t good they’re slowly using some some way
to track it I don’t know what it could be
however they’re doing it they’re tracking us and they have imagery of
Carters house oh no this isn’t good this is good let’s do it officers dude what
is this that it’s like a compound of some sort looks almost like a prison
looks like it’s in the mists being built it’s just a wider view of the shop Oh
what bad dude I have no idea it’s like graffiti or something yeah
this is weird guys let me know in the comments if you have any idea what that
could be all right looks like there’s two more
files on here it’s a smaller weight Jake that’s the
school that’s the Chad was in guys this means that that we are correct this this
means that this is linked to Chad wild clay
this means that whoever is doing this they’re all linked together maybe you
can help us to KO some the information here maybe you can use what you’ve seen
here to give us some more information : there’s one more file here let me bring
it up seems like it’s a video Gus I know what this is from I can hear Carter
share is voicing this look and you were there this is from Carter shares fourth
of July party guys that means whoever this phone belonged to was that Carter
share his house on the fourth of July that means that this could be narrowed
down to as small as 50 to 60 people more importantly guys Carter’s in trouble I
need to call him right now I’m gonna grab my phone call Carter Carter is that
you can you hear me guys I need to warn you okay I don’t know if you know what’s
going on right now but there is someone after us they’ve been tracking us down I
don’t know if they’re hackers or spies or something were some sort of
organization but we’ve already had multiple men show up at our house
there’s been someone tracking us even so far as the forest I’ve been on the run
for the pain I don’t know I don’t know how dangerous they are but I don’t know
right now guys we’re hiding out in a box port but there’s something I need to
tell you something extremely important you need to know about them you can’t
trust anyone not even any of the other youtubers you can’t trust anyone
Carter we found a video on the phone we can what I think someone’s here what if
would it what do you mean we’re gonna just cut up the screen smoking look
what’s going on it’s getting smoking when you smoke coming from is there fire
near everyone ladies Ygritte there whoa whoa yeah watch out watch out thirty
thirty we gotta go we gotta go now guys if you see this tell Carter share what
we know give him the infrared Logan what is that
there’s a crow we’re gonna cool abort okay

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