Paralympic Sports A-Z: Table Tennis

Paralympic Sports A-Z: Table Tennis

Table tennis has been part of the
Paralympics since the first game in 1960. A point is scored when
your opponent fails to return the ball, let the ball bounce twice, hits the return into the net or if the return fails to hit the table on your side of the net. Play
begins with the serve which must first bounce on your side of the net clear the net and then bounce on the
opponent’s court. In the rally the players use two principal types of shots: the forehand and the backhand. Attacking shots include the flip and the smash. For
these the top spin is generally used, causing the ball to dip and then bounce sharply. It’s achieved by hitting the ball with
an up and forward stroke. Defensive shots including log – one of the most impressive
moves. Players tend to use back spin, they propel the ball in the air only to land on the table with great
amount of spin and as close to the net as possible. In Paralympic table tennis
athletes compete in 11 classes. Classes 1 to 5 are for athletes to compete sitting and are sub divided according to sitting balance and hand function. Classes six to 10 are for the players who can compete standing and are sub divided according standing balance. The lower the number
the greater the impact that the impairment on the sport. Class 11 is for
athletes with an intellectual impairment. Each match is the best of five games and in each of those games is first to 11 but you have to win by 2 clear points. There are both singles and team events. In the singles there’s a round-robin group stage
followed by knockout rounds. The team event is straight knockout tournament. Long rallies a common in this explosive game and the ability to read the spin of
the ball is crucial.

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