Parents Explain Online Privacy | Cut

Parents Explain Online Privacy | Cut

– Odin, do you know that your
device has parental controls? – Uh, yeah. – Do you know how to turn them off? – Yes. – Yes?! – Yes. (classical music) – I’m Katie, Jack’s my son. – I’m Salaja, this is my mom. – [Interviewer] What devices do you have? – My phone, and the TV at home. – I have my Wii, my Gizmo, my Kindle, my iPad, and my phone. – I have a phone, my laptop. – I have a computer. – [Interviewer] How come she
has a cell phone and you don’t? – In middle school, unless
you have straight A’s, you don’t get a cell phone. – We’re gonna talk about online privacy. Do you know what that means? – No idea. (laughs)
– There you go! – [Interviewer] What’s online privacy? – Um, online privacy is… I don’t know how to explain it, except… If you’re just… – It’s protecting yourself from the, from the internet, and online people, things, I don’t know if I have a good explanation of online privacy. – There’s a lot of information out there that’s really exciting to do, but there’s also information
that’s being taken from you, when you use your phones,
and I need you to be sophisticated and savvy enough to know that you’re getting something and you’re giving something in return to get that information. – You know how I made you delete YouTube? And I don’t want you to
play games like Fortnite? – Yeah.
– Shouldn’t hear “yeah”. So the reason is, because there’s a lot of
things on the internet where you can communicate
with other people, we have no idea who those people are, that you’re talking to, right? And sometimes adults don’t
have good intentions, and they’re trying to get
information out of you. – People might wanna show
you inappropriate things, who might wanna teach
you inappropriate things. – Like what? Like what? – Things that your little
brain couldn’t even handle or imagine.
– Tell me now! Tell me now! – I’m trying to protect
you from these things. – Tell me now.
– I don’t wanna tell you. – I mean, maybe some hard core
porn (mumbles) to show you. I mean whatever you do in your
private time’s your business, but… – [Interviewer] Vanessa, do
you have any restrictions with your phone? – No, except that they track me. – And there is a provision
that if you erase anything, if your memory has strange gaps,
it’s gonna be an assumption that you’re maybe looking at stuff we don’t want you to look at, and there’ll be consequences for that. – Yeah. Do you trust us to be responsible? Like, not to do anything wrong? – No! – I think you guys should trust me, not to go through my phone, though. – Well, it’s not about
that we don’t trust you, it’s that we don’t trust
other people out there. – It’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s others. So I have to protect you, and I have to look through your phone in order to protect you. Or, okay, I could trust you, too– – Yeah.
– But I mean, it kinda keeps me hip, too,
if I look at a few things. – I trust you as much as I
should trust a thirteen-year-old. You’re supposed to make mistakes. But I wanna kinda be there, so that your mistakes aren’t major. – What social media apps do you have? – Snapchat, Instagram,
YouTube, and TikTok. I turned off everything being private. – You turned off everything being private? So, everything’s public? Why would you do that? – ‘Cause I can tell the
bad people from the good. – I want your accounts to
stay private, I want you to– – This one isn’t private. – I would like for you to
have your accounts private. – Yeah, I know, I mean I don’t care about turning it on private. – Well, then, why was it not on private? – ‘Cause I didn’t care to– (sighs) – I’m gonna check it in a
week, and make sure that that stayed on private. – [Interviewer] Does he have
any social media accounts? – Yes, but he doesn’t actually use them. – I have Twitter, and… I do! – You have Twitter?
– I’ll show you. – Odin, do you know that your
device has parental controls? – Uh, yeah. – Do you know how to turn them off? – Yes.
– Yes?! – Here’s Twitter. – How often do you do this
without my permission? – Often. – That’s me and Tiffany. – Are you guys in the bathroom? – Yes, we are.
– At school? – Yes, we are.
It was before class. – So, can anybody online see that? – Only the people that follow me. – But you said you have everything public. – Yeah, but not a lot
of people go to my page. – You don’t know that.
– I do know that. It gives you notifications. – I want your friends to
know that your creepy dad is on your social media, so
they’re gonna be more careful, because you guys are also responsible for what your friends say. – That’s great.
– Hmph. – Are you upset at me?
– No, well, I feel like– – You can be upset at me.
– I feel like a few of the things you’re saying,
it’s not realistic. Most of the people I know aren’t gonna change how they do things, just ’cause a parent is concerned about it. – What’s the worst thing
you have ever posted? – I don’t know!
I don’t post that much, I can’t think of anything
I’ve ever regretted. – Then, why do you have an account? – Just for, like, to see other people. – So you’re just nosy?
– (sigh) No! – [Interviewer] Ask your
daughter if she has a “finsta”. – Ask her if she has a what? – [Interviewer] A “finsta”. – Do you have a “finsta”?
– I do not. – What’s a…
– A “finsta,” it’s like a, like a fake Instagram kids
don’t want their parents to see, keeping it a little
more private from them. – Would you do that to me? You wouldn’t do that, you
would just talk to me, right? Oh! Oh!
(laughs) – Now, what would happen to
you guys if I found a “finsta”? – They have a wine closet, and
he has a key to that closet. And he will take all of the electronics, and he will put them in the
closet, and he will lock it up. – I am a horrible person. – Why can’t I post things to Instagram? – Because even in the
short time that you’ve had an Instagram account, there’ve been a couple of odd messages I’ve received from people that I don’t know.
– Like what? – Someone was like, “where are you?” Or something. That’s not a question I
want you to be answering. – What would you do, if
you were on your tablet, and a stranger messaged you?
– I’ll delete it. – What if they’re like,
“click here for $1 million”? – I would still delete it.
– Oh. – If someone said, “Come with me,” I’d say, “Shut the bleep up!” – Well, that’s good to know, I suppose. – Do you flirt with strangers online? – No. – Has anybody flirted with you online? – No. – Just a random person
that worked name and said, “hey, what’s your name?” – Like, online, no.
– Now, ooh! – No, I– (laughs) – Have you ever received
any, like, naked pictures? Do your friends send those pictures? – Hm-mm. I’ve heard people
at school send stuff, but my friends haven’t sent any. – What do you say to ’em when you find out that they sent that stuff? – I don’t say anything about
them, it’s not my business. It gets leaked, it gets
leaked. It’s your fault! – You should tell them that! That stuff can follow you,
employers look at that stuff, moms look at that stuff. (laughs) – If you had somebody
take an image of you, maybe in a little compromising situation, and it spread, what would you do? – Probably… I would… – Would you come to me? – Maybe? – Do you think I wouldn’t get it? ‘Cause I get you. – [Interviewer] Do you feel like you’re overprotective of him?
– Yes. I mean, and when you’re older,
there will be a time where I’m going to have to let
you kind of explore it all for yourself, and it does concern me. – Your dad and I always talk to you about looking out for yourself, because if we’re not
around to protect you, you need to have some sort
of sense of what’s going on. And online, there’s no guarantee. – I don’t care if you’re missing out, when you’re nineteen-year-olds
and in college, you can do whatever you want. But when you’re living in with us, we have expectations, to help you develop into
the best person you can be. – Okay, I agree with that.
Tommy? – Yeah.
– What do you think? – I don’t know.
I mean, you’d think you’d have a little
more trust in us, but– – I’ll be your parent now;
I’ll be your friend later. – Between school and activities,
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  2. >Video about being safe online

    >Promotes service that stores all your passwords ?

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  4. That boy in the middle next to his dad and his sister is a real one, he know his dad doesn’t know what he is talking about so he is trying to get through this. Lol.

  5. Talbot and Vanessa and incredibly sweet and intelligent children and I guess I didn't think that they're dad would be so…overbearing to put it nicely. Blatantly telling your teenager that you don't trust them is about the fastest way to ensure that they don't ever come to you with problems even if they are in serious trouble because you made them feel like their lives have to be hidden from you to avoid ridicule. Its sad seeing the twins so happy and curious and smart in other videos and then in this one they just look so defeated and on edge with their dad there.

  6. I believe you talk to your kids, let them know what’s out there!… And have a healthy relationship with your kids, it’s not gonna be all good times but embrace. Just how I’m going about raising my daughter. I just want her to be adjusted to the world. There’s sex, drugs, etc…. I watch any content she watches

  7. Sorry to break to you parents but kids aren't themselves with you. They're mostly themselves with kids their age when there's no adults around.

  8. If I had that dad I would literally fake an accident or pretend to get stranded somewhere for hours just to say “I couldn’t call you cause I don’t have a phone”. Not having a phone is so dangerous especially for middle/high school age kids. And the grades thing is ridiculous. Not everyone can get straight As. Those kids are gonna seriously act out in college and maybe drop out since they weren’t able to experience anything or be children 🙁

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  10. please don't promote dashlane in the sake of online security, why would you buy or use an app that stores all your passwords together and makes them up for you, pretty redundant,

  11. This makes me question whether having kids is a good idea. Online privacy is just an illusion, anyway. Every time you get online every single thing you do gets tapped and permanently saved onto an interface, especially by the government and corporations.

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  13. I think the way that parents and kids (teenagers especially) use social media is so different. I think younger people use social media for memes and to express themselves. And if they have a finsta it is private, largely satirical, and they cherrypick who sees what. Parents are the ones who are constantly posting about what they (and their families) are up to and sharing personal stuff on. And i have definitely seen parents post very personal things about their kids so its funny to me that they would worry about their kids over sharing . So I understand why the parents are concerned but they need to realize that their children dont use social media the way that they do.

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  17. Growing up, by the time I was 6 Msp (MovieStarPlanet) was the best and my mum finally let me use the computer to play it. So I did. Until one day a girl said to me let’s swap accounts, I’ll give you my skype and we will go from there. So I did.. The “girl” ended up taking my account that I had worked on so hard for and I cried for very long. Now as I am older my mum doesn’t check my phone she knows I’m responsible and that I’ve learnt. This has resulted to me telling her everything!!

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  21. I think it might be good to do a spin-off episode of this with a media literacy expert. I work in the field of media studies, with a primary focus on media literacy and the aim to educate parents, teachers, schools, students etc. on how to approach social media, online video-games, online interactions, reading the news etc. for younger kids.

    One of the things that worries me within this episode is that parents believe they know more about new media than their kids – thousands of research papers actually prove it to be the other way around. Younger people adapt to technological innovations much quicker and know how to hide things from their parents. That's one of the main reasons communication and trust is a better way of handling this than supervision. Some of the parents within this episode seem not to know enough about online privacy, so it might be useful for them (and the viewers) to have a talk with someone who works in the field of media literacy – and it's a fun video idea to see the parents here try to learn more about online privacy and then discuss did their opinions and approaches change.

  22. I'm a twin myself and knowing that her brother didn't have a phone scared me. Middle school was terrible. Phones are a matter of safety, not just for entertainment. Plus he has to depend on his sister or other friends…which is just depreciative. Middle school should be a time of learning oneself, so by highschool it's not /so/ much of a shock. "Good" grades or not (c'mon, straight A's is too much to ask of a kid. If he's not failing, he's good.) He should have a phone to be safe. Even if it's a flip.

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  59. some of them are very very toxic – all about control only. yet, if you have adult kids one thing is clear as light: the more you try to control the more you upset your teen kids and the more likely it is they do shit or are actively looking for trouble. Today it's all about being a role model (non verbally) and talk openly with your kids – that's all a good parent can and should do.

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    Also internet on this video: The dad is the [email protected][email protected]@@@[email protected]

    I guess he has his unique ways of handling their device usage and control over their freedom online, but I'm sure that doesn't surmount him to being so heavily penalized just from this video. Cut this guy some slack lol

  61. What a shame to have children as switched-on as those twins but not listen to a single word they say…

  62. My parents were very lenient from the start with my siblings and I. I loved the relationship I formed with both of my parents. Never once have I felt like I needed to go behind their back and do things without their consent. I’m proud enough to say that both of my parents are my best friend’s.

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    Moral of the story: If you don’t allow kids to experience real life situations now, they will be more likely to rebel once they finally get that taste of freedom. You’re trying to protect them but going too far to make yourself feel better. Loosen up a little and give them room to GROW

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