Parents Say 14-Year-Old Son Is ‘Addicted’ To Video Games, Terrorizes House To Get What He Wants

Parents Say 14-Year-Old Son Is ‘Addicted’ To Video Games, Terrorizes House To Get What He Wants

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  1. You people let it get this bad

  2. To be honest his parents are to blame theirs a reason you don’t see this stuff happen to black folks nearly as much and don’t come in replies saying race don’t matter you know damn well it do


  4. This is how liberals and sjw’s are raised.

  5. Better then him going to do drugs or getting in trouble

  6. Found how Bernie bros are made.

  7. He would just come back from a bathroom break one day to find every single one of his game systems gone.

  8. The kid doesn’t even notice dr Phil cameras filming !!!$ zoned out

  9. If he was mine he’d get five from the sky. There’s no way I’d put up with that garbage.

  10. No wonder he has an xbox one . That said it all. Xbox player are spoil little kids. Lol men play on ps4 or pc


  12. I would get beat tf up

  13. If Dr. Phil blames the mom I'm gonna whoop his arse

  14. This is just every Xbox kid lmao

  15. Xbox player of course

  16. 5 hours is genorous mom barely gave me a hour if I’m lucky

  17. He should his parents are the ones in charge of the house, the spoiled needs to be discipline and needs to be grounded. They should call the police so he can go to a program for misbehaving juveniles. If his things get broken thats on him but if the things belong to his parents then he should get his lazy *ss to find a way to make money instead of playing video games.

  18. Nico could catch these mf hands

  19. This boy wants a good beat down….

  20. If that kid acted like that in an ASIAN home he would had been MURDERED.

  21. Who else thought it was a naked woman in the thumbnail?

  22. Advice to white people


  23. Heh this kid will not do this shi with me 😂

  24. He’s a softie he can’t survive real world

  25. He wants to be a youtuber?haha yeah right there not gonna want u


  27. no wonder why hes fat lol

  28. just take the game bruh

  29. I thought that was a chick before he spoke

  30. 17 hours a day? those are rookie numbers you need to pump those numbers up!

  31. She saying all this but she bought him that addiction 🤦🏼‍♂️

  32. Some kids deserve to be beaten within an inch of their lives.

  33. If Xbox live was a person

  34. He looking when blarny the dinosaur had a baby

  35. I don’t say this to be offensive, but I genuinely think he exhibits allot of symptoms that stem from autism.

  36. I would break all the TVs in the home, then all consoles, his phone and disconnect the wifi and put it in a safe. I would also like to contact all the platforms he was gaming on and make them delete his account. I'm a gamer my self, but if you don't have respect for the people and the environment around you, you ar worse than trash!

  37. I'm too alpha to let my son do that stuff he knows

  38. This is what xbox does to kids… 😂😂😂😂

  39. Lol give me like 5 minutes with him.

  40. He is demon possessed

  41. We all have heard a kid yelling at his mom over the headset while gaming at somepoint.

  42. Tell him "hey Niko, let's go bowling"

  43. Some of those dramatizations seem so scripted

  44. The parents are irresponsible idiots.

  45. The kid just feels bad about himself give him a break.

  46. Listen, I like videogames too, but I only play when I have time and I'm not at all mean when my family needs me to get off the game and focus on something else. I have a life and a boyfriend and a family and I'm in school. I thought videogames were meant to be enjoyed in your free time. Why are so many people acting crazy and giving up everything for a videogame? Is that how you're supposed to act to be considered a gamer and I'm the weird one or am I the normal one and you're not supposed to act this way?

  47. If only he could go onto Beyond Scared Straight bro 💀💀

  48. niko looks like a butch lesbian

  49. SEND HIM TO THE RANCH PHIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. He looks like he smells.

  51. True gamers play on a monitor this kid is wasting his time.

  52. Id beat him and throw his devices away until he learns respect

  53. Hilarious that when parents don't parent children from beginning, they complain about out of control kids when they're older. Set the rules and standards when they are young, stick to them giving consequences and stick to that. Not rocket science.

  54. Poor kid, he just wants to play video games and kill his parents. I don’t see the issue here.

  55. Im addicted to coochie lol

  56. Virgin for life lol

  57. The dads a gigasimp

  58. Is that kid on the spectrum?

  59. off to the ranch with him

  60. Smash the console 😂 simple

  61. Wow he wants to be a youtuber goodluck getting views

  62. 1940s parenting is needed.

  63. A 16 year old boy changed the wifi password so he can be the only one using it when he plays video games online without any lag. Well his older sister tried to stop him from fighting his mom about the internet but he ended up choking her to death.

  64. That poor lady… she needs to get away from her husband & her ungrateful child.

  65. Yeah he’s power df

  66. Bro get off the game it’s not healthy and your gaining weight bro and on top of that your hurting your disabled mother and breaking and destroying the house and your spoiled af this kid needs help

  67. His parents soft. Can’t Discipline him or take action on their child.

  68. Jake Paul is creating these kids.

  69. If this child ever gets on YouTube please no one support him. I doubt he’d make it big enough but he doesn’t deserve a cent this platform offers

  70. why does he remind me of nikocadoavocado

  71. LOL I wish this was my family member just because I would drag them out back and beat them to a bloody Polp that they would never lay their hands on their mother again

  72. When he's 18 boot him up,that will be a huge wake up call,running your house and hurting u is unacceptable

  73. It's ok to play video games I mean that's what I do but to act like this lol this is something else lol


  75. I could have no legs and that kid would have nothing to break…

    These shows with out of control kids always make me nuts. These parents did this to themselves. This kind of behavior started when that kid was a toddler.

  76. Those poor Parents and the poor Cat 😦 what a horrible rubbish Kid. Perfect example of this generation youth. Spoiled, dumb, completly unsocial. Wants to become a Youtuber? And then what? Yell at people to subscribe him?

  77. Niko more like breako

  78. I can't even imagine saying "wait!" to my African mum because I know I will get a whipping of a life time!!!🙃

  79. When you make spanking illegal

  80. The problem is the parenting. You need to be in control of your child you can force them to go to school, you can stop them playing video games 17 hours a day, you could have him go on a diet.

  81. If it was a black mom he wouldn’t be doing none of this

  82. I wish him the best becoming a youtuber. LOL

  83. This is one of those situations on dr. Phill where he shouldn’t be on the show, but in a children’s mental hospital. This is not just some dramatic teenager boy who likes video games. He clearly has anger issues and is very aggressive not just to others, but to himself. He needs therapy and at least a couple days in inpatient with doctors and in a safe environment, where there’s people who can work with him all day

  84. He has emotional and behavioral issues that are not being addressed…the video-games are just a symptom. How does his kid get out of going to school?!

  85. I'm sorry but I'd call the cops or put him in a room when he started acting that way

  86. Bruh my parents think I’m addicted, I play literally an hour a day

  87. A lack of discipline and structure from a young age, turns into this. I wouldn’t have dared to do this to my parents. Even now, I wouldn’t speak to my parents like this. This is honestly what it looks like to want to be your child’s friend and not their parent

  88. How about some actual punishment? He yells at you, you take that damn xbox until he can show you some respect. Simple as that, try it and you'll get results I was parented that way and the rest you could do whatever you wanted after that. As long as you try some extreme parenting.

  89. 1:46 Trevor from Gta 5?

  90. If I ever did this I would probably not be here….
    We arnt Mexican them White moms can do sh*t u know

  91. this aint a child. this is Andy Milonakis.

  92. I thought the thumbnail was a girl with her tits out

  93. This kid is going to the ranch

  94. i can’t imagine how a child can run a household

  95. He needs a fucken king hit

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