-(parent) Now, now, don’t forget to eat all your vegetables. -(Ian) Shut up! -That’s it, Mom! I’m moving out! -Me too! Love you, Mom. -The greatest thing ever just happened to me You see Take that, Mom, you can’t tell me how to be I’m livin’ on my own and I’ve got no rules Yeah, I rule my own house and I’ll tell you what I’ll do -(all) Ha! -First I’ll grab some milk; drink it straight from the jug Then grab a sandwich; eat it butt naked on the rug All these whack fruit snacks with only five in a pack -Only eat one -F–k that! I’ll snack till I yack [vomits] No more parents No more rules -Yeah, nice try, Mom, but I ain’t no fool -No more bath time No more hugs -And if I feel like it I will crap on the rug -No more Mommy No more Dad -Livin’ on my own; most fun I’ve ever had I’m eatin’ cookies for breakfast ‘Cause I don’t give a f–k I shoot your squirties in the air and scream -(all) Parents suck! -My parents ain’t around to tell me what I can’t say So I yell F–k, s–t, and darn every day -My parents ain’t around to tell me what to do So I leave the door open while I take a big poo -My parents ain’t around to make me mow the lawn Instead I’ll watch dirty vids with the volume on -My parents ain’t around to say I can’t watch certain flicks They won’t let me watch Bambi [gasps] What a bunch of dicks -No more parents No more rules -Yeah, nice try, Mom, but I ain’t no fool -No more bath time No more hugs -And if we feel like it we will crap on the rug -No more Mommy No more Dad -Finally I can wear my skanky top that I had I’m eatin’ shards of glass ‘Cause I don’t give a f–k I shoot your squirties in the air and scream -(all) Parents suck! -No one to make me clean my room each day of the week -No one to read me bedtime stories and kiss me on my cheek -No one to zip my jacket when it’s cold outside -No one to tell me to take my insulin when I’m about to die -No one to do my laundry when it stinks up the house -No one to cuddle at night when I’m scared of a mouse -No one to tell me not to take candy from strangers -No one to tell me not to show my peepee to strangers -Hey, Mom. -Hi, son. -Do you think I could move back in? -F–k, no! [dial tone] -(Ian) No, not my wiener! [groaning] To see behind-the-scenes footage and bloopers, click the link in the description below! [makes weird noises] Then get the song on iTunes, and if your parents aren’t around, you can get the uncensored version. Click the subscribe button if you eat cookies for breakfast ‘Cause you don’t give a f–k [Captioned by SpongeSebastian]

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    Young Ian: So you have chosen, death.

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