(Part 1) The SECRET to Winning an Online Poker Tournament!

(Part 1) The SECRET to Winning an Online Poker Tournament!

ten five suited $33 get this money what’s up guys Jeff Boski here today
i’m gonna be going over a tournament i played online it’s a $33 $12,000
guaranteed tournament on ACR i did live streaming on twitch so that’s where we
really get the footage from at certain points I’ll be going hand for hand where
every hand is revealed but to start off we’re just going to go over the key
hands to show you the journey that it takes to go from in-the-money
hopefully to the final table and maybe even to the ultimate goal winning the
poker tournament come with me guys and experience what it takes to win an
online poker tournament sign up on ACR today using bonus code Boesky if you
haven’t already now is the time 100% deposit bonus they got the OSS series
going on now tons of great events everyday overlays big guarantees come
get some of that action if I can win there
so can you I’ll see you guys at the tables I play as Dee Bost key Oh baby you know how I feel about aces
the Ace King suited is right up there we got him covered we’re going all-in he’s
playing very aggressive when this range is wide let’s hold big pot big pot here
oh yeah oh oh I’m dead ten five suited $33 where they get this money and we
gonna flat this Queen Jack on the button I would be in this spot but it is what
it wasn’t that says old anyone’s good in Reba
we actually make it look like Asus into Queens same spot Queen 10 here in the
state just open a three-putt tactics wide button range and take it down he’s
gonna go for it again and you might tilt the jam on you guys he might give it to
tilt Jim bring the ball marks a jam we’re gonna put the call you got these
two as a premium game foil all right gotta stick with the plan
ace Jack let’s win okay reasonable hands from to have won some nine hits the
river cooler cooler we got lucky we are now
second in ships it’s going to go hole position to take just baby down very
loose open there’s a big one is sitting out we got to attack that shit I’m just a kind of you see no reason to
do anything else nice admit 6,000 when I was thinking of the turn that’s
the turn of stinking sort of pole guys are bet here big box eyes betuca pop all
in snap call got him to do not choose two barrels flush draw like you’re out
whoo what a great run damn ice cream supposed to put me on a 10x that he
thought I could call it is not the case confirm the nap ha
pulled out all the Broadway’s jacked em in green at seven halogen is about three people howlite leaves that Jam to get through
is the question but the balance our sizing and timings I
give away any reasons this headboard does favor array we have put in a small
seed bag and continue to Barrel on a new Broadway part or diamond table we can
even barrel five or three there’s our Broadway card we’re going to go in very large here you
want to hold then we want to make it look like you’re setting up a really Jam
you wanted to pull this jack X combos maybe even a weak ace
so we’re betting pot let’s get it fold gotta have some pressure Kings love
Kings thank you tiny three fiber gonna raise it up stay aggressive alright good there is almost any part with these
taxes yeah I might be honest instead of dressing these guys might be picking up on me
raising every hand may have to make some adjustments with the big blind sitting
out the opener has 22 blinds the other two players behind me have just over 30
blinds with pocket sevens this should be an easy Jam considering we have
everybody covered they put in the standard call with ace queen and we get
counterfeited easy to defend here three ways
completing the action with eight six suited a very interesting turn card we now have
a straight but it’s definitely not the nut straight it’s the third nut straight
they can definitely have all the king axes in their range
not to mention Ace King which we cannot have so based on this I think our best
play is to check fold especially with the presence of the flush draw available
for the river after calling my raise preflop we
definitely up the range advantage on the King a Jack Jack board so we put in the
seabed he calls we can put his calling range at something like Queen ten King
ax and Jack X when the turn comes we want to fire again to get rid of all of
his Queen ten and King X’s he does not comply when the river bricks off he then
leads out this is indicative of usually a Jack X type hand possibly the rare
queen nine where he just doesn’t want me to check back and he wants to get value
so we’re just gonna fold the small blind completes and we have a pocket pair in
the big blind in twenty four blinds short-handed easy jam if he’s got a
bigger pair good luck to him were all in and they fold George’s dad has proven to be a bit of a
banana player so we don’t give too much credit to his hijack raise ace 10 with
24 blinds short-handed good spot to shove all in and play to win and we take
it down facing a cut-off raise with ace Queen
suited in the big blind 28 blinds pretty standard Jam short-handed stacks are
pretty even so he’s going to have a very tight calling range and we have a
premium his face well there it is
check jamming in his face you did not bet he’s got a lot of ace high Taipans
it’s we’re gonna go bet bet if he calls once hopefully folds here and forehand Nine’s was reading all night all right stick it in in there guys 24
wines from five lines is money they raise five handed pocket knives
easy Jim Gilmore house all right there’s this Claire
the excise questions do that for like to be on a jam your hand is a little bit
too strong too full sometimes you just gotta man up and stick it in there you
have relevant blockers we have a bulk of our range hand rolling King Jack let’s
get a fold no snap that’s good that’s good he’s good these are the moments
that define your tournament god he was making a move folks we defend versus the men raised in the
big blind with Jack nine off the check into the razor of course is gonna put in
a C bet with homelessness whole range this flop does favor our defending range
so let’s let him know that and put in a check raise the Cantor inequity with a
straight draw flush draw or a top pair but luckily folks seven handed at the final table the
button opens for the minimum folds dust in the big blind there are no
significant short stacks in play we have just under 30 blinds pocket threes is a
great candidate to reach up jam and we’re all in and he folds
ace king off and the small blind facing a raise it’s fine to three-bed about a
30 or stack or shove all-in in this situation we go for the three bet induce
but they fold part two will be uploaded shortly make
sure you hit the alerts and subscribe button to be notified when it does go

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  1. I tend to do really, really well in live tournaments. I've cashed in the last 4 I've played. Online? Not so much. I know this will sound a little "conspiracy"-ish, but my frequency of getting sucked out on online seems to be WAY WAY higher. So much so that I've started taking notes on it and I have an 80% suckout rate over the last 2 months. Meaning I'll have pocket aces for example, I'll call an all in pre-flop, and I'll lose. Not just pocket aces though, but any hand where I'm ahead. This is 80% over 800 all-in hands. Still seem like a conspiracy? You tell me.

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  42. How did you lose the hand where you had pocket sevens, other player had Ace Queen, and the board played out pair of jacks pair of nines.? The other player only had high card so the two high pair on the board should have went to you, due to holding a pair. The opponents high card plus two pair on the board does not beat your pair in hand and those same two pair on the board. That's straight highway robbery!! Or am I just missing something here?

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