Passive Voice Exercises – English Practice

Passive Voice Exercises – English Practice

Welcome back to part 2 of this lesson on the Passive Voice. In this part, you are going to practise what you have learnt in part 1. So, if you haven’t seen that part yet, I suggest you do that first. I’m going to give you 25 Active sentences to change into Passive sentences. In order to make it a little challenging for you, I have also included some questions and some negative sentences. So, from time to time, you may want to stop the video and think about your answer. However, your ultimate goal is to be able to produce your Passive sentence in the silent pause that I will leave between each two sentences. I suggest that you do this exercise several times until you’re able to produce your Passive sentence fluently and without hesitation in the pause that I give you. Also, remember to repeat the correct answer each time to practise your pronunciation as well. Right then, when you’re ready, we can begin the exercise.

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  1. You are so well done. Thank you for your efforts, girl )))

  2. Can anyone help me with Interrogative sentences it's too confusing for me

  3. I love you, that's all what i'm going to say ❤.. And God bless you

  4. Change the voice of the following sentences.
    1. We wanted to climb over the wall without being seen.
    2. I wish the rich would help the poor.
    3. Is he loved by all?
    4. Am I catching the thief?
    5. This notice must have been altered.
    6. It's being said that too little money was being spent by the government on the roads.
    7. The development of technology has made a lot of labours redundant .
    8. Do you like people asking you silly questions?
    9. You won't have to climb up all these stairs.
    10. This scientific theory provided many patients new information about debits.

  5. I need passive voice of one sentence. Could anyone help on this? The sentence is "I need to do this work".

  6. I found these exercises very useful and challenging. Hope to learn more from you, Ma'am. =)

  7. It could be better if both the sentencees were in one page. We could take screenshots.

  8. Mam, no.12. Can it be written this way " I was told nothing"?

  9. thanks alot for that video, i have learn alot from you .

  10. Very useful indeed.

  11. Your passive grammar that you taught, it's incomplete to answer these question.

  12. Also, the correct answer on 24th question is: These rules always aren´t followed, isn´t it? 🙂

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  14. Hi Anglo i found your lessons very useful . Thank you so much!

  15. A very nice exercise it was! ?

  16. Thanks!
    It helped me a lot

  17. I couldnt find some of the answers. It was ok.
    Ifind it so useful. could you please make more videos based on exercises of passive voice?

  18. This helped me soo much
    Today there was my test and i brougt full marks
    Thank u soo much ???

  19. Thank you for all grammar videos . You made the grammar more easy to me. I am from Egypt . And l need to speak English with native speaker how l can do that

  20. In 15, there should be wasn't not didn't

  21. another video on passive question should be made

  22. could we use in the 11 exerice ; when a meeting could be scheduled ?

  23. OMG I got every single question correct. I am so happy, You are a great teacher. Thank you so much. I first watched part 1 of passive voice . I understood everything and then decided to test myself by watching this video. I answered them all correct. Thank you again for making such helpful videos for students like me.

  24. Please give me your number

  25. Am in 8th class . our teacher has not explained in this manner our teacher told us to use by also like – Has a contract been signed by them . But in exercise is not like that .

  26. Many agents in sentences are not used

  27. Mam, Please explain 13 no: Do I have to do this assignment today ?
    Its auxiliary verb is "do" – so we'll change it as; Is this assignment has to be done today ? Is this solve this way or as you have solve. Please elaborate it. Thanks..


  29. Why in number 9 you used "is" instead of "are"? ~A new series~ is not in plural?

  30. 12) nothing was told to me {is this also right}
    13) does this assignment has/have to be done today? please clear the doubt… assignment has. not 'have' i guess

  31. why are we not using 14) by doctor 16) by flood is it wrong if i use it

  32. 20) you have changed did to … was … but in 15 you kept did in passive voice.. please tell the difference

  33. Excercice Number 7, I think the first answer is correct and the preposition goes to the end, is not it?

  34. sorry miss but in myschool use like "by " before subject
    that's wrong ?

  35. please teach us Reported Speech

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    I thought that I have mastered it but….
    I came to know after solving these questions


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  43. Now I can understand passive voice

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  45. This all answer I give on time but some difficult question but very good on active to passive voice

  46. 12 out of. 25 where correct… good start :….)

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  48. Number 15 doesn't make sense

  49. I enjoyed the video it was fun

  50. No,13. Does this assignment "has" or have ma'm !

  51. Numbers 13 and 15 are very confusing

  52. plz jaldi s batye y question sheetal makes quite good food

  53. this was very helpful!

  54. It was very useful

  55. In 15 question why did'nt is changed in waswere according to voice table

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  57. The exam could be passed by this video

  58. wow a nice teacher keep your tutorials

  59. Change to active :they found him guilty of murder.

  60. This is making me smarter

  61. I have a doubt. I think we should use 'has' instead of 'have' in the answer of 13th question, i.e. "Does this assignment has to be done today ?". Is this correct ?

  62. Hi, teachers can you tell me the passive of the following sentence:"he spoke harshly to me"

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  65. Your 12,20,23 answers are absolutely wrong.

  66. I got everything right accept for:
    1) and 8)

  67. Your answers are absolutely wrong.

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  71. Thank you, But I'm not sure about number 7. Seems incorrect to me. Either that or it's just incredibly uncommon.

  72. I only managed to get 15 out of 25 but it was a really good exercise though

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  76. It was much harder, especially because there is no-one example about interrogative forms on the last video and in the exercises has a lot sentences about.
    But anyways I liked it and I managed almost 18.

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