PAW Patrol: Mission PAW | Sweetie’s ‘The Girl w/ the Golden Throne’ Song | Nick Jr.

PAW Patrol: Mission PAW | Sweetie’s ‘The Girl w/ the Golden Throne’ Song | Nick Jr.

ANNOUNCER: Friday, May 26. SINGER: She’s the girl
with the golden throne. A heart cold as ice. She’s more naughty than nice. Excellent. SINGER: She doesn’t sit. After her. SINGER: She doesn’t stay. This pup’s got new tricks
and she’s getting away. She’s the girl with
the golden throne. The world’s in her paws alone. ANNOUNCER: Sweetie’s
back in a brand new Mission Paw adventure. Friday, May 26 on Nick. ANNOUNCER 2: You can
watch more Paw Patrol in the free Nick, Jr. app.

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  1. Sweetie is perfect to lola loud beacause they are both naughty and princesses and wear pink
    Thats why they are soo perfect.

  2. Coming Soon The PAW Patrol Special Will Be MISSION PAW!!!

  3. I seen it in paw patrol not lieing

  4. He's look like evil DanTDM

  5. James Bond 007 hmmmm?

  6. U meant the pup with the golden throne right?

  7. Sweetie? More like Salty!

  8. I was singing this and at the end I hit that high pitch!

  9. Lyrics: she's the girl with the golden throne. A heart cold as ice she's more naughty than nice. She doesn't sit.Ryder:after her! She doesn't stay. This pups got new tricks.Skye: whoa!and she's getting away. She's the girl with the golden throne. The worlds in her paws ALONE!!!

  10. I love viking dans Pat patrouille

  11. I love viki dans la Pat patrouille

  12. I dont wait for this!!

  13. 0:21 no, not Saudi Arabia…

  14. I cant find the full movie of this


  16. Paw patrol stopped sweetie and she said she will give up so sorry

  17. Sweetie and the magic scarf

  18. this pop’s up in my shine jr’s laws

  19. #goodsongNickelodeon

  20. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  21. GO SWEETIE! YOU BAD GIRL! (I like her,she's the only evil pup in the WHOLE series)

  22. 0:15 Skye deserves that

  23. I like paws on deck???

  24. Actually it’s mission paw is on a roll

  25. ????????????❤️❤️??????❤️??????????????

  26. I have see that movie its NOT Anything with jungle or snow!

  27. PP Mission Paw Pop! Level 25 Defeat Sweetie Music:

  28. The song makes me remember Wendy Koopa because sweetie is bad,but Wendy Is MORE BAD


  30. Sweetie s come back its minion rush

  31. okaaay…This is cool

  32. Mission PAW! Part III (I just call it that after back to the future. But it would be cool if universal would let spin-master use the theme from Back to the future for the episodes. Like…

    Mission PAW: Quest for the crown
    Back to the future.

    Mission PAW: Royaly spooked.
    Back to the future part II

    mission paw: Pups save the Royal throne.
    Back to the future part III.)

  33. That’s my bday

  34. Sweetie it is very very very evil but still sweet

  35. I know Sweetie's evil, but I like her! She's one of my favorite characters!

  36. I'm surprised that she's not considered a traitor to the royal family of Barkingburg and punished as such for her schemes.

  37. That sneaky Sweetie I seen every Paw Patrol Mission Paw episodes and she is always up to those evil ways I know who she is inside and out her cuteness never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever fool me

  38. Can you do 2 Sweetie's theme songs on PAW Patrol. On MLP??????????????

  39. Can you make both 2 sweetie's theme songs from PAW Patrol with The Cutie Map pt 1 and 2 with Starlight Glimmer?

  40. I like pinkamena diane pie and momo sweetie

  41. I love you Sweetie??????????

  42. Я люблю Свити

  43. I'm a huge fan of both the PAW Patrol and James Bond, these Mission PAW promos are so beautiful! Combining the PAW Patrol with a James Bond inspired theme for Sweetie, I can't get enough of it, I love it to pieces.

  44. Eu sou ela níqueis è ela sou eu a rainha ha ha ha foi eu que pequei a coroa do reino eu não quero que a que eles pes a patrulha canina chau ha ha ha

  45. 0:15 Skye had it coming!!

  46. My daughter says Sweetie is very very bad!

  47. Más pu#a hhhhhhaaaaaaassssss

  48. Sweetie will stop the paw patrol by having superpowers

  49. The girl with the golden throne. The seat of the imperium of dog. The empress protects.

  50. Hahahhahahahgh so weirded

  51. When will Everest and Tracker get there Mission Paw uniform

  52. I like chase mission paw

  53. =) it s so Very cute and elegance 7w7

  54. I love it when people don't know how much I love it HEHEHEHEHEHE

  55. You know what we need? We need a two hour special where Sweetie, Mayor and Harold Humdinger, the Kitty Katastrophe Crew, Sid Swashbuckle and Arrby team up and try to take down the PAW Patrol.

  56. I cannot decide who is cuter Skye or Sweetie?

  57. Sweetie is pretty much the only Paw Patrol villain who is actually menacing

  58. You know none of this would be a problem if the fbi existed in adventure bay. She would touch the throne and then instantly 1000 fbi agents with rocket launchers would brek in and decimate her.

  59. She's the girl with the golden throne. A heart cold as ice, she's​ more naughty than nice. She doesn't sit, she doesn't stay. This pup's got new tricks, and she's getting away. She's the girl with the golden throne. The world's in her paws alone and spin the world around

  60. Gidget vs sweetie

  61. Paw Patrol Mission Paws is awesome


  63. Ugh

    Oh man she’s oops

  64. Sweetie knows that the paw patrol can get you right silly

  65. Sweetie teams up with Mayor Humdinger and his Kitten Catastrophe Crew.

  66. May 26 2017 Sweetie Friday Paw Patrol

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