Perfect Low Serve, Tips and Tricks, Badminton

Perfect Low Serve, Tips and Tricks, Badminton

Welcome to this video We are gonna talk about the short service in the doubles. I´m gonna show you some really basic and easy steps On how to do the perfect and most consistent short service in the doubles. First thing we gonna talk about is the position of your body and our arms before we do the service. Our upper body has to be leaned a little bit forward so we are ready to move forward to the net after the shot. Our arms need to be in a neutral position, a little bit up and it has to like form a O like this It has to be… you have to be relaxed not to tighten up here with the shoulders and not to low Somewhere in the middle where you feel comfortable.. Next thing we wanna focus on is how to hold the shuttle in our fingers Many people hold it like this or with multiple fingers inside of the shuttle. I prefer to do it with the index finger and the thumb. Holding on 1 feather like this… And place it in front of you pointing down around your knees. That’s the best position to point it in. Next up is how we position the racket, compared to the shuttle. So you have the shuttle in front of you. You take the the racket and place your thumb on the edge of the racket like this. And the arms is like 1 big O and now you actually ready to do the stroke. So next thing now we wanna focus on is how to hit the shuttle with the racket. We place the shuttle in front of us and we take the racket up on the thumb And now we are ready to do the stroke. So what we need to do now is to slightly bend your elbow, and then stretch your elbow as you hit the shuttle. Its important that your grip has a bevel grip with your thumb. And you have to slightly bend your wrist as well. So the movement looks like this… Next thing now we are gonna focus on is the position of your serve. And how you hit the shuttle. Please avoid try hitting the shuttle on the feathers. When we hit it on the feathers its more tricky to control the position of our serve. So what we wanna do is to place the shuttle pointing the way we wanna serve. So if a wanna serve in the middle I do like this. And i do the movement like this… As you can see it goes straight like I wanted it to. Thanks for watching guys, good luck at practicing this shot on your own. If you have any questions or any comments, just leave them below, THANKS…

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  1. Thanks for your contribution team ?

  2. CAN you make a video on flick serve?

  3. Simple but very effective ?

  4. Very good as always!

  5. Please tell us about how to pronate, and powerful Racquet snaps…

  6. Wish where in the racket to connect was explained as well since hitting it in the sweet spot will make it difficult to control the serve.

  7. Like kevin sanjaya for low serve user

  8. Make sure you also hold the racquet at the very top of the grip. It gives more flick power and keeps ur serve consistent.

  9. Please could you make another video in how/when to move your head?

  10. It's called low serve. not short serve. if it's short it's out.

  11. is there a definite reason to hold the feathers and not the cork when you serve as i dint see many people do it?

  12. You don't actually "hit" the short serve, it's more pushing it forward. Therefore follow through after contact is important.

  13. Some thought this serve is illegal?

  14. Please make a video for exercise of wrist for a stronger and efficient movement of wrist. Whoever agrees like this comment.

  15. Can you teach two beats deception ?

  16. The spelling should be ELBOW not ALBOW

  17. how to do backhand flik serve without fault… please make a video

  18. when I try to slice the shuttle, the short serve will become too high above the net. how could I solve the problem??

  19. Cross net shot, backhand, please

  20. Can you please do singles backhand low serve please!!!

  21. do the kevin serve or sidek serve

  22. Very nice bro sure will do this serve??

  23. nice.. one suggestion… do show position of thumb also… like on camera

  24. Maybe another hint: Hit the shuttle a bit out of the sweetspot for better control.

  25. Nice simple points we'll explained.
    I gained alot of confidence and consistency with my serve by simply drawing a line on my wall a little over net height and repeat, repeat, repeat…….

  26. Could u make a video on a legal tumble serve ? Been trying it but could never get one out. Thanks guys!

  27. I think my problem is being consistent so the shuttle doesn't go higher.

  28. Which racquet do you have?

  29. Thanks a lot for making this video on short serve, would love a video on flick serve. Keep the good work going ?

  30. Will try, hope it works for me 🙂

  31. I see you have victor thruster f. What do you think about it? I’ve been thinking of getting one for ages

  32. Do you make contact with the shuttle somewhat on the side, or directly in front of your body? Would like to see another one on flick serve, and how you serve to the tram lines.

  33. Yet again another great video! I love the minimalism of your videos! A big THANK YOU! Some typos have crept in: "elbow" not "albow". ))

  34. 2:55 Sir, u mentioned bevel grip, just to confirm if that is what u meant rather than backhand thumb grip, please.

  35. You know Kevin Sanjaya??

  36. Great video! What are some serving strategies?

  37. Hey bro … is it right to cross front gallery line … ??

  38. ok coach
    i will do it

  39. I would love to hear about how to continue AFTER this low serve. It's not obvious to me, what is the proper movement, stance, and what to look for in the opponent to be able react quickly. In singles I often find myself stranded in mid court, and late figuring out to jump forward for a drop return, or turn back for a lift return to my backhand side, etc. There must be a way, the proper stance, diagonal split step, or something that enables the best reactionto whatever the returner is doing – can you do a video on this maybe? Because if I practice just what you show in this video, I will put the serve where I need to – but unfortunately this is TOO STATIONARY a practice, so it will not help reacting to a return. Thanks, and keep up the good work, I love all these tutorials 🙂

  40. Plzz make a video on bevel grip plzz

  41. Is it illegal to hit the feathers during serve?

  42. When to use it and how to properly hold the bevel grip plzz

  43. Pls tell best flexible badminton racket

  44. below waist my brother

  45. Which racket you use

  46. Thanks for your response

  47. Please make a video on single low service and high service

  48. Can you do a video for the Kevin tumble serve? 🙂

  49. This channel video quality is very well.please i want to need backhand net smash(net kill) video

  50. Would you say it’s more of a push forward by the elbow/arm or more of a rotation of the wrist, in hitting the shuttle? What throws me out is the slight bend of the wrist. What does that achieve and it seems to be that affects the way we hit the shuttle.

  51. From which part of badminton we should contact the birdie during serve, means upper or middle or from near the upper/ side frame?

  52. isnt there a rule where you cant serve above your hips?

  53. U r so professional player tell me pls about how to do perfect smash

  54. Hi guys, thanks for all the great vids! Really helpful. One question on the low serve: On one of ur vids you emphasize the importance of slicing the shuttle (you say that it goes downwards quicker). In this video you do not mention it (although you say something about slicing in the comments). Do you always slice when you serve low (or not) and if yes, how important is the slicing of the low serve? Thanks in advance…

  55. Hello, Thank you for the tips. Could you also re upload the video on the spin service of Kevin. Thank you

  56. Hello which racket are you using

  57. How to do a deep lofted serve using same action? Thanks for the tutorial.

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  59. Thanks for your time and explanation. However, how is your total experience in the Dura z strikes?

  60. Lol don't even spell family right

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  64. Sir isn't it a fault serve
    As your racket is above your waste!

  65. You look like the guy from MTBN

  66. You look like the guy from MTBN

  67. Its look like shuttle is being hit about waist which is not with the rule.

  68. What is rule behind the height from floor level for serve in connection with body level

  69. Sir, tell me which service is right and which is wrong???

  70. explain pls side gallary serve right or wrong i am a biggner

  71. Faul if upr waist line ????????

  72. Thanks coach for teaching the way how to serve before I was not able to short serve like that

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