Personal Game Plan Creation And Mentoring | Dallin

Personal Game Plan Creation And Mentoring | Dallin

How can a college kid invest in real
estate? Well, take it from one that bought 25 homes back when I was in college. More
importantly, today I’m going to introduce you to a young man named Dallin who
really doesn’t have a job. He’s in college. He’s in the middle of his
program. But his real passion is for real estate and he wants to know how to get
started. I’m going to create a custom game plan for him and I’m gonna show him
exactly how I did it and exactly how he can do it too. I’m going to be sharing four
different ways that he can do it. Hopefully it will help you on your
journey as well. So, I am sitting here with Dallin in
college right now. What’s up bro, how you doing? -Great, how are you? -Good. And so,
Dallin, you’ve been watching the channel for a while. How long now? -Ooh!
Couple of years. -Couple years. Getting some of the knowledge. And you told me
that you have a ton of passion for the game of real estate. -Yeah. -And I want to
really kind of find out what would his game plan look like it down actually
wanted to get in the game of real estate. Because right now, he’s really committed
to being a student. You work just a little bit 10 hours a week on the side,
bringing a little bit of money. You can get a little bit of student loan debt.
But you got a three year journey ahead of you in an accounting program. -Yeah. -So,
what do you do when you’re committed to your program in college and don’t really
have time for a full-time job on the side. Maybe work a little bit in the
summers. We’re going to break it all down and find out really the plan that makes
the most sense. And see if any of it resonates with you. -Let’s do it. -You ready?
-Yep. Let’s go. -Awesome Dallin. So, listen. First of all, you said you have some
passion for real estate. Where does that come from? Honestly, I’m not sure. I’ve
just always felt it inside .I think just the freedom that can come from investing
and using your money correctly. I think is super powerful. -Awesome. So, in school,
masters a program at a prestigious university to be an accountant. But at
the same time, you’re also freelance for software development, right? -Mm-hmm.
That’s correct. -And so, quite eclectic. I’m just telling you you definitely have an
entrepreneurial bone and those that get an education accounting definitely helps
on the side of how to run a business super competently and smart. There’s lot of
people mess up the accounting side. -Awesome. -Good background for you. Alright. Dude, let’s
dive in. So, a couple of things I need to know. Other than working 10 hours a week,
don’t really have a job right now? -Yeah. -But you have been with them for the last
3 years? -Mmm. -You are planning on working during the summers? -Mm-hmm. Yes,
that’s correct. -This is good. Alright. So, other than that credit, have you
developed that? -A little bit. Not a whole lot. -How many credit cards do you have? -I’m
signing up for one tonight. -Okay, you’re going to want to get a total of 3. -Three. -Most banks
want to maybe 3 lines of credit. And I don’t really want you to use them and
rack-them-up. I just wanted you use them, pay off. Use of them, pay off. The same thing you
would use a debit account for like buy gas. -Mm-hmm. -Just actually use the credit
card then pay off. -Okay. -What it does is it we’re trying to develop a history
with the credit bureaus that basically say, “Hey, I’m financially responsible.”
My FICO score matches my accounting degrees. Here are some of the
options that I’m seeing right now that I want to create some where it’s on. The
first one that I want to show is that in the summer, when you go full-time,
you can leverage the last 3 years of history and the banks will say, “That’s
uninterrupted work history.” And they want 2 years. You’re past that mark. And
when you go to full-time. What the banks will do is they’ll actually balance that
up. Whatever you’re claiming income right then is what they’ll
use for the last 2 years. -Oh. Interesting.
-Yeah. It’s a little cute. -Okay. -And I’ve exploited before. And what that
means is you can be student, students, student working 10-20
hours a week on the side. And then all the sudden, in the summer, you pop up the
full-time. And you wait near at the end of the summer. And the bank says, “Wow! Your
pay stubs are showing strong. And based on that, we’re going to qualify you to buy a
house because you have a 2-year history.” -Okay. -That make sense? -Yeah. -So,
what would you do you would focus on buying a what we call a primary
residence? Now, the downside of this is you got to probably save up 4 to 5
thousand dollars to basically put what’s called a 3% down payment on a home. Now,
the good news is when you buy this house… You’re not married, right? -No. -So, you get
3 roommates and you actually charge your roommates rent. And guess what
they’re doing? -They’re paying the mortgage. -They’re paying the mortgage down. There
covering the rent and there’s actually usually, in this area, there’s
positive cash flow. So, there’s room for you depending on whether your
zone for 4 or 6 students. If you would focus on something more like 6
get something in the area, give someone private room, share rooms all of that
kind of action. My guess is you’re probably going to be 3 to 5
hundred dollars a month positive cash flow. And that just means that you can
get in the game of real estate but you don’t need a whole lot of money to do it.
-Mm-hmm. -A second option would actually be co-signing. Co-signing basically says,
“I’ve got a parent, friend a relative, somebody that, “Listen, I’m only working
10 hours a week, dude. I’m working on my college thing.” That is a usable asset. But
it’s not going to be enough for someone to loan your house. So, you say, “I’m
going to combine it with someone else situation. I’m going to cosign.” By co-signing,
you can also get in the game of real estate. You can buy a house. It could be a
primary residence or it could be an investment property. P, for primary. I for
investment property. And so, when you take a look at that, that’s just another way
of getting in the game, I’d probably go primary small amount of money. You can
even split it with them going 50/50. -Yeah. -And actually have a joint
ownership on the house. Does that make sense? -Yeah. -So, that one
doesn’t require bumping up in summer a full-time even if you are doing that
anyway. This is something that you have to wait for. This is something you can do
immediately. Like there’s no stopping me from that. -Yeah.
-The third option that we have here is I have a program all about lease options.
What I do is I actually show people how to purchase homes without banks. It’s a
form of seller financing. One of these game plans that I’m sharing with you
right now, they’re actually built on working around the bank’s rules. At some
point, you just say, “Screw it. I don’t wanna play with the bank’s rules anymore.
I actually want to invent my own rules.” And I design an entire program showing
people how to invent their own contracts. They’re fully legal and legitimate and
then you can use for actually transacting real estate. So, lease options
would be literally, I’ll just give you an example. It would be finding a landlord
that is renting a house that doesn’t want to be a landlord. Many landlords are
accidental landlords. Meaning, I inherited this house or it’s my brothers problem
and I’m just trying to help them out with it. Or I thought I wanted to be in
real estate but then when I started landlording, I decided I hated it. And so,
you get a lot of people that are “Dont-wanters”. -Mm-hmm. -And so, I
basically teach you how to find the dont-wanters
and be their solution. -So cool. -Listen, I’ll take over the home. I’ll assume it. And
I’ll be responsible. Now, what they don’t know is instead of being a landlord, they
hate it. You say, “I got it.” -I’m not asking you to be a landlord. You’re
actually going to find a family to put in the home that will take care of it.
And it’s like a landlord list version of renting. But they pay a
premium on rent which means a higher cash flow so there’s something for the
original buyer. And there’s something in the middle for you. It’s called a
sandwich lease. What’s cool about this one is that this game of real estate to
get involved, you can literally do anywhere from no money down deals up to
some deals that take maybe like 5 grand. But from zero to five grand, that’s
really the financial commitment that it takes to actually learn and how to
leverage that system. This takes some hustle. This isn’t really a hustle
system. This isn’t a hustle system. This is a little side hustle. This could be
like, “Hey, I’m going to spend 5-6 hours a week coming through watching the
market and finding the things that meet the requirements that Kris says. I’ll
look into them and I the house said I’m going to do. -Cool. -So
I’ve done a lot of houses like this –take no money no credit or very little money.
live very little credit. Actually in this situation, these ones
don’t require any credit at all. Because someone else, the mortgage is staying in
their name. They’re the bank. -Yeah. -They’re not making you qualify the way a bank
would. That make sense? -Mmm. -That make sense you, Dallin? -Yeah. Make sense for sure.
-That’s a third option. And today, I have a fourth option for you.
-Great. -I’m almost happy if I can have at least 4 options. I’ll give you a
horrible fifth option. I’ll blow it. I won’t even write it up because I hate it. But
it’s called wait-till-you-graduate. And then you can get a job and jumping in a
real estate will be easy. -Yeah. -I don’t like that option because I hate it. -I don’t like it
either. -I’m not even going to write it down. -Yeah.
-So, this fourth option right here, Dallin, this is what I call partnering. I’ve got
a program right now that’s called maverick. -Mm-hmm. -And the way the Maverick
program works is I basically say, “Hey, as you’re out there in the game with money
and wealth and finance, if you meet people that like what I do, like my
channel, like my 4,000 on track record and want to partner with me.
Because you sent them my way, I’m doing this as a way to get you in the game.
I’ll take my ownership you can cut it in half and I’ll split it equally with you.”
For the referral, you don’t have to put any money in. You don’t have to put any
credit in. You’re actually buying real estate. -Wow. -It’s a new development. I put
that together because I’ve just had all these wonderful YouTube friends
clamoring over and over and over again. “Kris, help me, help me.” I’m like, “Geez! I
can’t make it any easier than that.” So, that’s why I launched that one.
Partnering, it could be even as something as simple as going to a parent. “Hey, I’ve
got a passion. I’m going as a county degree. My mind is wired this way. I’ve
been going to these events and learning. And I really feel like we can do
something here together.” And you show them the track record and you say, “Come
in with me. I’ll let’s put up the money and let’s do this.” -Yeah. Now, they’re bringing
the money in the credit. And you’re bringing some of the side work. I bought
25 homes on those in college. -Yeah. -I’m telling you, you can do your masters in
accounting program and have this side hustle going. It’s totally flexible. No
one’s telling you when to work it. And the realities that didn’t take a whole
lot of work. As far as time is concerned, that make sense? -Mm-hmm. -Absolutely. Really,
we’ve got 4 options. One is wait for summer and actually leverage what you
got when you go full-time. Another one says cosign and actually just get in the
game now. Another one says to learn how to do the options that don’t involve
banks. And so that I can just invest on my own terms. And then the last one is
also very much along those lines, who are the people I know or don’t know
yet that could be resources that if we teamed up, I’ll put in some of the sweat,
they put in the money and together we can make deals happen. -Yeah. -That make
sense? -Mmm. Absolutely. -My whole goal, Dallin and for you listening is always
the same. How do we help you get a home? If you get one and it works, you
can turn into 2. -Absolutely. -You got strong ROI 2 becomes 4, 4 to 8. 8 becomes a
million bucks. This is fun for me because you don’t really have really
a job right now and you’re focusing just on that but you have this passion for
real estate. Any of these options would be I think a great outlet to being able
to release that creativity, the passion and getting the game and start
building wealth. -Yeah. -What are your thoughts on these? -I think for me I’d
like the third and fourth option. -Awesome. -Tells me a lot. Dude, I like
that. That’s awesome. Well, listen. We’ll get you some more information on that.
We’re going to go deeper on that. -Awesome. For those of you that are sitting here
thinking, “Man, I wonder what my game plan would be. I’ve created thousands of game
plans. They’re all unique. They’re all different. And there’s a link below where
you can access one of my 12 trained staff that will hop on the phone and
actually just give you a free complimentary game plan.” We do it because
we believe that knowledge is power. And most people walk away from that saying, “I
didn’t know that I could do that.” Or you expose some options. Did we expose some
options today that you didn’t know we’re available? -Absolutely. -And right there, if
you can act on that, you’ll look back and say, “Wow! Figuring that information not
really made the difference.” And that’s why we make that available to
everybody. -Awesome. So, Dallin, congratulations
brother. Thank you. So, excited for you. The rest you make sure that you are a
subscriber. And please smash the like button. Tells YouTube to share this with
other people. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you on tomorrow’s video.

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