Personal Game Plan Creation And Mentoring | Ryan

Personal Game Plan Creation And Mentoring | Ryan

Can you purchase real estate even if
you’re in college? There’s a lot of people that don’t know you can actually
buy real estate as a college kid. I know because I developed my financial freedom
from real estate investing when I was in college. Today, we’re going to be sitting
down with a young man named Ryan. And he’s an Exercise Science sophomore and
basically saying, “Kris, I’ve been watching your channel. I want to invest in
real estate. But what can I do. I don’t have a job. I don’t have credit.” And I’m
going to break down for him 3 juicy options on how he can make it. Maybe you
too. What’s up YouTube? Kris Krohn here. And as
promised, I’m actually sitting here with Ryan. College kid trying to figure out
how to become real estate investor extraordinaire. -Yes. -That right? -Yes, it is.
-Dude, awesome. So, Ryan. How long you’ve been checking out the channel? -On and off,
for about a year. -Okay. -And why is it… What is about real estate that the intrigues
you? -It’s just the financial freedom. It’s an opportunity to live life how you
want to. To travel. Just enjoy the things that you enjoy doing. -Nice. Well,
what I’m going to be doing today with you is called a game plan. And it’s like
one of my favorite games. I’m going to basically slip myself in your shoes and
say, “If I woke up today as Ryan going to college doing my thing. How would I
become financially free? And what would be my fastest path?” That makes sense? -Yeah,
for sure. -Okay, man. We’re going to dive right on in. So, I just gotta ask you a couple
of questions first. By the way, for those of you they’re like, “Man,
could I get a private game plan with Kris?” I’ll tell you right now that
there’s a link below. And if you want to get a private game plan with a member of
my team, they’ve all been trained and certified by me. And they’re brilliant at
showing you your options. So, let’s see how it looks like for Ryan. And if you
want yours it’s in the link below. So, Ryan. Right now, where are you at in
college? -I am a sophomore in college. -Okay. -I am at BYU studying Exercise Science.
-Okay. You excited about it? -Yeah, for sure. -Nice. And what is it about real estate
that you really just fires you up? -Like I said, it’s the financial
freedom. I love to travel. I love to be outdoors, adventure. That’s what I
love to do. -Perfect, awesome. Hence, the exercise science. -Yeah. -Get out
there see the world, right? -Yeah. Exactly. -Okay. Do you work right now? -I do.
-What do you do? -I work part-time. I kind of work for myself and for my uncle. He owns
a drywall company. And so I do jobs for him now and then. And then I paint on the
side as well. S-o, some painting, some drywall. Do gigs when you can. -Yeah. It’s even really classified probably as full-time or part-time. Right?
-No, not really. Just a job here and a job there? -Yeah. -And you have any student loan
debt? -I do not. -Okay. So, the goal is get through college without any debt. -It is.
-That’s admirable. I like that goal. So, let’s see if we can do that. And on top
of that, start buying some real estate. -Yeah, definitely. Now, in Ryan’s situation,
he doesn’t have a job. And and he’s really focusing on school
as his path right now. When I work with someone in college who’s also going to
school and working full-time, it’s easier to start buying real estate. But even for
Ryan situation, there’s 100% options on what you can do. So, that’s really what I
want to exploit today and kind of show you what that looks like. -Sweet. -By the way,
have you started establishing your credit? -I have. -Good. Credit card? -Yes, I
have one credit card. -Awesome. Get 2 more. -Sweet. -Alright. So, here’s what
we’re going to do. 3 options in today’s game plan that I’m feeling strongly
about. First one is cosign. Cosign basically says I’ve got a parent, friend,
a sibling. Somebody who’s actually in a position to do real estate and qualify
with the bank when I can. And I can team up my credit with theirs and then the
bank will add me to the loan and all by it and I’ll be responsible and I’ll make
sure they get some benefit out of the deal.
-Sweet. -So, if you cosign and find a way to do that and get yourself into a house,
the benefit is you pick yourself up 3, 4, 5 roommates and guess what
they’re doing now? -Paying the rent. -They’re paying the rent. Plus guess what? There’s usually
3, 4, 5 hundred bucks left over. So, you can actually have them help pay
for your college experience which I always thought is kind of cool. -Yeah, for sure.
-When you’re out of college, you just can put a lease option family in there. Sell
it to them. And generally on the house like that you can make some pretty banger
money. It’s awesome. So, that’s one of the first things is you can cosign. Which
means someone else has to credit the money. On a deal like this for primary
residence, 3% down, you’re probably going to need around 4 to
5 thousand dollars set aside. -Okay. -So, you got to get creative. But now good
news is for college kid, if I said, “You need 40 grand”, it’s like, “How am I going to
do that?” But you know what? 4, 5 grand, guess what? You can get creative to kind
of figure that out, right? If you’ve done some side hustles, if you’ve done some
painting jobs, you’re thinking, “Well, this next semester, if I can pick up every
weekend a job from my uncle… You know and pocket that money, I can put 4-5 grand”,
right? -Yeah, definitely. -So, it’s possible. So, co-signing is… That’s a
fast path possibility. The good news about it is that you can be sitting on
that positive cash flow 3-5 hundred dollars a month.
Okay. Option number 2, how much do you buy real estate without using your own
money and credit to qualify? I in college use a system called lease option. Lease
option is where you specialize in finding landlords that don’t want their
homes anymore. -Okay. Many landlords Ryan are Don’t-Wanters,
They either thought that they would love real estate. Became a landlord they’re
like, “This sucks.” When we don’t even want to do rentals
with them anyway. You’ve got people in inherited property. They’re just… People
come by homes and then they get stuck doing something they don’t want to do.
Landlording is not most people’s favorite job or profession. So, there’s a lot of
dont-wanters out there. So, you call them up and you basically, it’s simple. It’s
just like, “Hey, looks like you’re renting your house. I would like to actually buy
it from you over the next few years.” You open to that. You’re like, “Take this home
off of my hands.” And they get kind of skeptical you’re like, “Yeah. I’ll take
care of it. I’ll do all the repairs of maintenance. I won’t call you about
anything.” Now, they want to meet. They’re like, “What is this deal?” -Yeah. -Basically
you negotiate to say “You be the bank, I’ll take care of it.” And then you sublet
it out to somebody else. And instead of a rental, you do a lease option. They put
money down. They pay a premium cash flow to for the option to buy it. You’re the
man in the middle. It’s called a sandwich lease. And you get to make that money.
-That sounds awesome. -Okay? Lease option. I love teaching my
students how to do that. So, that’s something very viable that you may want
to consider. Other than that, the third option that I wanted to roll with today
is what I call partnering. Now, in the past partnering meant go find someone
with 40 or 50 thousand dollars. Convince them that this real estate is the thing
to do and then partner up. And where you get stuck as a lot of people like, “Dude,
you don’t have experience. You’ve never done this before. Why would I want to
like throw so much money in at your inexperience level?” So, I created a
program called maverick. And it’s a specific type of partnering program. And
the way it works is you introduce people not to you as the expert to me because I am
the expert. -Yeah. -They look at my track record, they look at my last several
thousand homes. They watch my YouTube channel. They look at my track record and
reputation. They say, “Wow! You’re right. Ryan, this guy knows what he’s doing.” And
if they decide to partner with me because you refer to my way. Then
I take my ownership and I split it in half down the middle of share with you.
Just for knowing people all of a sudden, you’re now doing real estate but you’re
doing it with no money and you’re doing it with no credit. That makes sense? -Yeah.
-This right here is like the creme de la creme of how do you actually get in the
game and freaking crush it. And so, I wanted to share that. In fact, all 3
of these… If you look at them, for the most part, they required little or no
money. -Yeah. -And they don’t require credit because you haven’t built it enough yet.
You got a one credit card. You need to get a couple more. And I would say, if you
were working part-time or full-time, that we would then focus on qualifying with
the bank. And you wouldn’t need these people. But what these all share in
common is that real estate is not so much about properties as it is about
people. -Yeah. This is a person going in with you on the deal. This is a landlord
that says, “I no longer want the deal. But you’ve got youth and energy and you have
a plan.” And this is someone that says, “Well, I got some resources. But I don’t
want to put in the sweat.” -Mm-hmm. -And now, you’ve got a little something that you
can do on the side. That’s why I did this during college because it doesn’t take a lot of time. That make sense?
-Yeah, for sure. So, these are the 3 options that I’m seeing for you. And
I love all of them. Do you have any questions about any of this? -No, I don’t
think so. -What’s it like though knowing that even
in your situation where you’re at, focusing on college. No steady career at
this point. Doing a couple of side jobs, what’s it like knowing you have 3
options? -It’s awesome. I mean, it gives me a lot of confidence going
forward and makes me think that I really can do this. -Yeah. Well, Ryan. There’s a lot
more for us to discuss after this. But for you, you can get your own custom
game plan in the link below. Smash the like button on this video if you did like it
so YouTube knows to share it with others. Thank you so much for watching it. And dude,
Ryan. Dude, I’m pumped for you, brother. -Thank you. -Awesome. Guys, we’ll catch you
in tomorrow’s video.

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