Philip Island Surfing, Koalas, Penguins & More, Overland Australia Series, Episode 184

In this overland Australia adventure we continue exploring Philip Island. Enough big waves. Cristina wants to try bird watching. Lets try some different birds. Are penguins birds? He loves penguins. So what are we doing here, in this crowd? We have a meeting with a penguin. At dusk the penguins come ashore for the night. What are you eating? Salt & Vinegar chips is dinner? Unfortunately, due to the no artificial light policy at Penguin World I wasn’t able to film the exodus. However, penguins do the same thing every evening at the Melbourne pier. And it’s free and unstructured. That I was able to film. Time for a walk after a boat ride. I’m exhausted. Beach! What beach? Is that a one-pack?

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