I will be receiving my withdrawal — 0.0072 BTC. Hello, everyone! Welcome back to my channel. Are you looking for an online income? Stable job, home-based jobs, extra income? Click the subscribe button and hit the notification bell To keep you notified on my new uploads On how to earn money online. I share videos on how to earn using our cellphones, laptop, and computer. This is the website reviewed last December. Let’s check if they still pay. This website is I will put the link in my description box if you want to try this website. Please take note that this is HYIP, So, invest at your own risk. And, invest what you can afford to lose Now, we’ll review again this site and check if it’s still legit. Here in Roboton, you can earn up to 8% per day. And, you can get refferal rewards up to 10% for inviting partners. I invested here before. I tried two different plans. I already had my ROI. This is their investment plan.. As of now, they have 2 investment plans only. Which are Medic and Scientist. For Medic: Earn 1% daily for 11 business days. When we say, business days, weekends and holidays are excluded. Minimum investment here is $10. You can withdraw your funds from Monday to Friday. Another plan is Scientist which has higher profit. You can earn 4-8% daily for 20 business days. You just have to wait longer and minimum investment here is higher which is $50. Why is it 4% – 8%? Because it varies daily. You will see here. Every day percentage of accruals vary. So, don’t get confused if your profit varies everyday. It doesn’t have accruals on Saturdays and Sundays. Here in Roboton, they are always on business days only. So, last December, it took too long for my investments gain its accruals because of too many holidays. But, it’s okay, because they resumed immediately. This is their Roboton Coin Team. You can check it out here. Roboton is already 60 days online. They already have 16,893 total investors. They have already paid USD 132,312. Okay so now, I will show you my account here in Roboton. This is my dashboard. As you can see I already invested here a total of 0.135 BTC In peso, it’s more or less PHP 50,000 I will show you which plans I tried here. As of now I have 3 active investments here. I have 2 Scientist and 1 Medic This is my on going investment. And then, these were my previous investments which I made a review last December. so, what I did was, I just reinvested here in Roboton. I currently have 0.02 BTC in Medic. In Scientist, 0.015 and 0.025 BTC Both Scientist because it has higher profit/accruals. That’s why I made 2 investments in Scientist. But I am not telling you to duplicate this. Because this is what I can invest here. So, if you want to try this, just invest what you can afford to lose. because I can not tell how long this will last. Better if you’ll just start with the minimum required Now, let’s go to my account. Here are my earnings. Do not get confused by these tabs. Because when you open this, you will see your balance in USD, BTC, ETH, LTC and Dogecoin. For example, you have invested using USD, you will tap this USD. You will not see anything, if you didn’t invest. As you can see, it’s zero because what I used was BTC. So, just tap BTC to show all your transactions. So, I have 0.0072 BTC for withdrawal. That is my total earnings. I haven’t made any withdrawal yet because I’ll show you a live withdrawal today. And if it will be received in my wallet. My total earnings here is 0.0412 BTC I have already withdrawn 0.034325. All my withdrawals here were successful and were received in my Bitcoin wallet. Now, I will show you how to make a deposit here in If you want to deposit, just tap this ‘Make deposit’. Actually, this website is easy to use, not so complicated. First, you have to select the currency. Don’t forget to choose a currency. If you want USD, BTC, ETH, LTC and Dogecoin. After selecting your currency, for example, I selected Bitcoin. Then select the payment method. If you will use Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin. You can use, Coinbase, Payeer or any crypto wallet that you have. Next is, select the investment plan. There are 4 options but only 2 of these are available as of now. Now, you can select between Medic or Scientist. For example, you want Scientist. Just tap it like this. Then enter your preferred amount to deposit. For example, if you’re not familiar with Bitcoin conversion, You can convert it in or search it on Google. For example $100 0.01 I think it’s just around PHP 4,000 in today’s Bitcoin rate. After that, you have to select here below, If deposit will be ‘from the payment system’ or ‘from the balance’. If you have balance here in Roboton, it will be a reinvestment. You may reinvest your balance here in Roboton. But if you don’t have balance yet and you just started, Select ‘from the payment system’ There it is. After that, tap ‘Invest’ Then copy the address or scan the QR code in your Bitcoin wallet. And send the amount to this given wallet address. Now, let’s do the live withdrawal. I will withdraw my balance— 0.0072 BTC Tap this, ‘withdraw’ Then, select the payment system. I will select ‘Bitcoin’ Because my current balance is in Bitcoin and this is the currency I used here. After that, enter the amount you want to withdraw. So now, I will cash out my balance—0.0072 There. Then, tap ‘Withdraw profit’. ‘Processing application for withdrawal is carried out within 48hrs. from Monday to Friday.’ So, it’s not instant withdrawal. You must double check the information here, especially the bitcoin wallet address. If done, you have to ‘confirm’ request. It’s already completed. I will just wait for it to receive my in my wallet.

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