Physed Games – Keeper of the Castle

Physed Games – Keeper of the Castle

This game is called ‘Keeper of the Castle’. The center circle in the gym represents the castle. Inside the
castle is a pile of treasure (little pieces of equipment like bean bags, tennis balls, frisbees, that kind of thing). In the corners create 4 bases and at each base, create different teams.
Finally, place a keeper of the castle who will protect all the
treasure inside. Perhaps have a few keepers to protect all of the treasure in the middle. Teams will try to steal or capture the pieces of equipment for the middle without getting tagged by the keepers. If they can successfully bring a piece of equipment back, then that’s one extra for their team. In another example, we see a player has
been tagged on the way. That player must then go back to his
base and touch the hula hoop then he’s back in the game. If a player has gone to the middle, captured a treasure, and then gets tagged, he must first return the equipment to the castle, and then go back to their hula hoop. Play until all the treasure has been captured!

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  1. Are they going one at a time or all at once? Maybe I missed it.

  2. Will defiantly try this tomorrow! Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. Do the players on each team go one at a time to try getting a piece of treasure or can multiple players on each team go at the same time? How did you play this? Thanks for your help

  4. Oh nevermind, I see that it was already asked and explained by another poster

  5. Did something similar with a St. Patty's activity and one relating to Food Groups called Escape the Chef. Love this stuff! Keep it up!

  6. I tried this game and it was very chaotic, kids going all at one time, it was hard to keep track of all the kids. I'm not sure how to make it fluid or structured

  7. Hello there, Just wondering what program / software / app did you use to create this animation?

  8. I think if modified to one person from each team try to steal something it wouldn't be so chaotic. Everyone at once seems like it would get out of control. Especially if you have a big class. It could work if the classes were smaller though.

  9. We have an assignment at school where we are the P.E. teacher for the day and I was so lost. I found your channel on YouTube and I found some really helpful stuff to get my brain going in the right direction. thank you so much and keep it up:)

  10. I like this game idea. I am thinking about also adding that kids can steal treasure from each other's hula hoops…And also create defined team boundaries, so you can tag and send people back to their side if they get tagged.

  11. your the best
    your the best

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